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Honestly? Fuck phones. Imagine a small USB connector (like the ones for wireless mice) with a nanoSIM slot you can just plug into a laptop.

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>it's just a 20 LOC shitty hack in a single file!
>muh assembly
You would have loved pre-77 Fortran, where all memory is allocated on a single common block and then accessed by boundary violations.

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G15fag here, I'd really like a keyboard with more programmable keys than the G15 which are less separated from the rest of the keyboard (like a natural extension column for modifier keys)

Like, a 120%-150% keyboard, something like a modernized customizable spacecadet. Should I just give up and make my own keyboard? Can one even make ones with custom layout that easily?

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I checked. In the basic term emulators like Gnome shell and Konsole it works trivially, but less does not scroll because the scrolling down action does not emulate a down key press. Can you do me a solid and check whether it works in your less?

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same but reversed. I love the !bang-syntax too much. And if there is ever something I don't find I just !iq or !sp it

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I won't try to be exhaustive but in general it plays out like
>it's not a ricer OS
>people don't THINK of it as a ricer OS around here (which is not the same thing by a long shot)
>people are still mad about yum (deprecated)
>people care about systemd
>people complain about GNOME being the default
>people complain about nonfree repos having always played second fiddle
>people complain about RH's decision to make it easier to integrate nonfree repos
>people complain about RH, an American company, being involved. On an American website. Most likely using countless America-hosted services on a daily basis.
>people don't like it's short release cycle

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You know, I'm starting to think webdev was a mistake altogether. I mean, just look at what Firefox AddOns are written in:
JavaScript (fucking cancer),
HTML and CSS (write-only cluttered formats that embody the brilliant compromise of being equally unreadable to human and computer)
On top of that, why do webbrowsers even have any rights on modern machines? Why would you even want to give them the execution power they have? How come browser's are not sandboxed by default?
How come that every web technology is just a hotfix on top of another hotfix in order not to abolish the design decisions people made over 20 goddamn years ago now?

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