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Wait, I'm supposed to be tasteful? Well, shit, I think I found the problem.

>Implying I wasn't around to shill for HHKB during that time frame
I was much, much more active here then. I know I was involved during that memeing.

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So I got those Tai Hao Miami keycaps for my Filco the other day and it seems that the right shift key is fucked. I can press it down but it won't pop back up, so I guess I should contact Tai Hao about it? Also, it came with a weird, rubberized F key for some reason.

omg dude shutup I need the colors to keep track of my hotkeys for LoL and HoN and any other trashy MOBA game that I play with my shitty Razer keyboard with shitty knockoff #gayming "optimized" switches!

I have both, and I say the HHKB. The Filco is nice, but coming with ABS caps is pretty crap.

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Jesus Christ that fucking font, and that board, and those caps, what the fuck?

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>Having a dedicated Reddit key
The color is nice, but everything else is terrible.

Sounds like UPS.

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Think about it: unless you've tried a Razer keyboard, how could you possibly know they're shit? Always something more to try.

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My God that's a terrible photo. Definitely not something a photo worthy of the good feeling of oneness with cup rubber.

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All artisan keycaps look awful.

To be fair I completely agree with him. That keyboard is p. cute, but if you're only going to focus on a few millimeters of cable then none of us get to see the overall cuteness.

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>Nobody replied to you because they're tired of your shit
>Nobody replied to you
>He says, in reply

>Why would I want to slam my thumb into a jagged edge when I could just not do that instead?
How the fuck do you slam your thumb into a jagged edge? Seriously, I don't understand.

Wow, they actually do make mechanical keyboards with keys that low in profile? When I was first getting into mechanical keyboards somebody told me that keyboards like that didn't exist, and by now I'm too used to typing on normal keyboards to go back to low profile caps like that.

Looks really nice. Wonder if it would've looked any better with a white board, though.

Christ, what's the point of that?

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Not a huge fan of the board or the backing. Would've been nicer in white in my opinion. Also, I really hate that backslash is blue rather than pink; totally ruins the flow.

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