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>want to debotnet myself
>going to use firefox as main browser
>suddenly mem allocation is 2 GB on average
>chrome rarely exceeded 400 mb
>chromium is literal shit

what do?

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Occasionally when I click to put a Firefox window in focus, Firefox will think I'm in the middle of a drag-select even if I'm not holding down the mouse. I have to click again to cancel this drag-select. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm on Windows 10.

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Is it just me or has firefox become the new IE unless it is forked? It's quite sad. Opera, Brave, and Palemoon are the way to go.

>tfw when doing an online proctor test and they say you must use firefox or chrome.

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How to change text style on this piece of shit? I'm on mobile version and the text looks thin and retarded, how do I choose system font?

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What Firefox extensions are you using /g/?

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How come 4chan X doesn't work with the latest version of FireFox? Hasn't been working ever since Quantum came out. None of the updates from firefox, greasemonkey, 4chanx have fixed it. It doesn't work at all. After installing greasemonkey and 4chanx, it doesn't even show up when I click greasemonkey.

Is 4chanx broken for everyone using firefox quantum, or is it just me? Also, how can I fix this? Thank you.

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What went wrong?

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Can someone who has both Waterfox and Firefox (Quantum) do a quick side by side benchmark and post results?

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Why is Firefox so fast on the desktop and so slow on Android? Don't they use the same engine for both?

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>blocks your path

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“Firefox worked with the Mr. Robot team to create a custom experience that would surprise and delight fans of the show and our users. It’s especially important to call out that this collaboration does not compromise our principles or values regarding privacy. The experience does not collect or share any data,” Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, chief marketing officer of Mozilla, said in a statement to Gizmodo. “The experience was kept under wraps to be introduced at the conclusion of the season of Mr. Robot. We gave Mr. Robot fans a unique mystery to solve to deepen their connection and engagement with the show and is only available in Firefox.”

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Ok, I'm going to make the switch. Is there anything I need to know before I install? What extensions are "necessities"?

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Well guys, I'm back to using Firefox again. I stopped for a long time and jumped ship to Chrome because Firefox was getting slow, wasn't multiprocess or broke addon compatibility, wasn't reliably multiplatform, etc. I just swapped back to Firefox the other day now that Quantum is out/stable. It looks like they've improved a lot. It's fast and doesn't suck up huge amounts of my memory (Chrome is fast but shits all over my RAM), and while multi-process and other updates broke addon compatibility they moved to WebExtension standards so the extensions I used on Chrome work here too, and the mobile app actually works well now. On top of that, it supports WebVR for devices besides Android Daydream/Cardboard and it isn't run by an advertising company so I think I might stick with Firefox again.

Has anyone else jumped back and forth between browsers? What do you guys think?

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