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I have news for you, NIGGER.

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He is right you are super fucking retarded and care way too much about your own shit opinions.

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What a great idea, emulate my analog hardware in digital. Why didn't I think it of it sooner.

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I know. I made a road trip to them and saw that they had a MacBook Pro 13". All I said was how do you like it and are you careful with the keyboard because they have problems. Turned out they've had it since 2016 and were like, want us to get you one? Your laptop looks pretty old. How am I supposed to say no to that?

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It isn't systemd.

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>calls someone a mutt while posting a literal hairlip

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git clone --depth 1


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google music doesn't have this problem.

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FreeBSD isn't UNIX though, which btw doesn't exist anymore litigation erased it from the planet because it wasn't protected by the GPL.

SCO bought the original UNIX and the trademark was sold to an unrelated group of people who now make money licensing Apple the trademark so hipsters like you can enjoy the UNIXtm experience.

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im on windows 7 and i use paint.net :)

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Please list, I want something better.

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Are you colorblind? Just use your eyes.

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Good they deserved it.

Press S to spit on bitchute's grave.

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Not a tech support thread, already figured everything out and fixed my problems. Whenever I contact support for anything, I get the most useless, inexperienced retards to cockblock me and make me give up after wasting my time. Most interactions go like this:

Hi fakename27!

Oh, we're sorry that you're having this issue.

Let's help you fix it!

Have you tried this pointless attempt that you already did 3 times?

Get back to us!


-Eric, community leader

Ya how about fuck you Eric, you mindless drone. Why the fuck your boss pays you I don't know. Might as well just have a bot to give me your canned responses, or are indians literally cheaper than servers with bot programs? The only reason I doubt you're a bot is because I can't imagine why a programmer would make the bot as passive-aggressive as possible, that can only rile up the already frustrated user. Whenever there is a big with some piece of hardware, the goto response for them is to buy the newest piece of hardware that doesn't have the bug. Yeah no, fuck you faggot, I'm not buying your new $300 piece of shit that won't work in a year.

Your support forum also sucks, you send me through multiple endless loops of trying to register and create a thread, that has to reload the page every goddam time I try to add something. Most responses act like I've never touched a computer before, despite me clearly explaining all the troubleshooting I already went through. Oh you've never had the problem I'm encountering? Then why the fuck did you respond, nigger? Just to gaslight me into thinking I'm going crazy?

How do I get your job? Working hard sucks, must be easy to get paid $50,000 just to waste people's time. I guess giving up dignity is what makes the job a hardsell. If you're in techsupport, do the world a favor and kill yourself.

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