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I usually find myself recording when I'm away from my computer. recording instruments and vocals. Most recently I got a Zoom h4n pro portable recorder and I must say its fantastic. extremely low noise, and I think the built in stereo mics sound incredible. The thing oddly enough doesn't fit on a mic stand without extra hardware but does accept a camera tripod screw mount.

I use a suction cup mount from a gopro kit to stick the mic on the under side of my grand piano lid while its raised all the way.

The thing has two extra xlr/trs inputs which record into a second stereo track. so 4 tracks total. really nice for a keyboard player like me

you're supposed to be able to plug it in via usb to a computer and use it as an audio interface, with built in stereo mics and two xlr inputs, but I haven't gotten that bit to work yet. my only mini usb cable is kind of wonky, might be the problem

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