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And by "my startup" I mean the startup I was working at making $50 an hour basically being a consultant and leading a team because I actually knew how to use git/knew the language.

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Come oon we all know that you're going to say.
>..oh yeah.. an one more thing.
And then release the 16 core monster.
It's like Dumbledore at the end of Harry Potter movies with his
We all know it's coming.
Just skip the bullshit and show us the super CPU.

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Wouldn't rule that possibility out. After all they're working with Sony on PS5 and they also have Navi to launch, so that might as well be the case.
I admit CPU launch at e3 does sound a bit weird and I'm not sure if it has even been done before.
Unless of course they have some ungodly gaming monster chip that's going to rape the competition effortlessly and win over the gaming market in one swoop but I doubt that.
If it's not e3 then it's at Hot Chips during August 18-20 and that would mean a god damn September launch at best.
The waitâ„¢ never ends.

I really hope that we get a paper launch today and proper launch at 7.7 or we're in for few more months of extra waiting.

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they're in bed after a long day of whipping up this april fools joke.
we'll always have the archive I guess

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You know what. I'm done,man. I can't do this anymore.

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the SE really is dead
i was going to buy one for my mom

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The battery life on my HTC 10 is atrocious and I want to replace the battery. The problem is the internals on this thing are absolutely awful from what I've seen in teardown videos. The only experience I have working on phones is from replacing the screen on my mom's Samsung s4 and I somehow broke capacitive buttons because they never worked afterward. This is my only phone and I can't afford a replacement so I don't want to fuck it up. Should I try anyways or take it somewhere and pay out the ass for someone else to fuck it up?

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>your country will never have cheap pod hotels for people stuck on the Universal Basic Income because most jobs have been phased out

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Is 4GB of RAM enough for a laptop that I'll be using everyday for pretty basic ass stuff like streaming tv/films and web browsing (not much more than 4chan, youtube, forums, simple shit like that)?

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welp. I guess it's time to make a dedicated cats/sadcats folder.

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Please don't be rusing.

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np boys proud of you for learnin' and stuff

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>tfw fell for the mechanical keyboard meme

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