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The SKX isn't that big, though if you are pinching the inches then SKX013, a 420 cased Amphibia or a Citizen NY0040 which is very comfy tier.

Bear in mind i haven't had a 007 in ages, instead i got a SRP773, NY0040, SRP307 and the blue Amphibia is a 120 case now.

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Seiko 5206-6080 LM special, it has an English/Japanese Date wheel.

Seiko 5 famalam, plenty of various models. Vostok Amphibia is another option, along with Orients sub 100$ lineup.

Buy new unless you've properly researched. And whatever you do don't order from India.

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> it tends to be a bit overpriced these days due to the rumours that it's been discontinued

They did reduce the volume of production drastically, and introduced the Turtle re-issue. Though you can still get them brand new for 185~

I sold mine (again), as it was a bit too bland.

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I usually post it once every other thread or so, never quite got to spamming it.

I partially agree with you.

As a person who lives in a very humid and hot country, and serves in a place that is higher than the national average on humidity i obviously sweat quite a bit while working in the sun and have to constantly wash&clean my hands from grime, dirt, grease, oil and a shitload of dust before working on electronics and after working on anything mechanical that requires grease/oil.

And yes, cheap natos really carry a god damn scent and are terrible to wear in the long run. However good to great nato/zulu straps and perlon straps often to do not, and even if they do are rather easy to wash off. I've used a few 2$ natos, that despite being rather comfy for the price, reeked after a month (seams also started fucking about). While the really good zulu strap and Eulit palma on my Monster haven't after 3 months of work.

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My issue is that where i work/serve there is a very high humidity (65~90%), so anything that doesn't have above average water resistance will deteriorate very quickly.

The aesthetics of tool watch and the technology behind them are certainly a factor, but i require a watch that does just that and isn't a bulky resin brick.

Divers answer my need in terms of durability, and look splendid.

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I'd love to meet one too.

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>tfw when wondering if i should get a SRP777 or a Khaki mechanical first

SKX was sold for the purpose of clearing a spot for the SRP.


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He'd have to as big of a jew as me at least, and i even i'd have issue doing that.

This is getting too tempting.

It's either the NY0040 or the neo-turtle to get first.

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Vostok movements are very low beat rate, does wonders for reliability, but has relatively bad accuracy.

19800 bph isn't that low and or bad. Nor is it exactly that great as far as reliability goes, i've got 40 year old Seiko hi-beats that are working just fine and dandy and 50 year old 18000bph's Seiko's that are also working perfectly.

Though, i've had 7S26's that had really bad temper and were running very irregularly.

>Even if you regulate it to perfect time, it'll eventually drift off

So will all mechanical watches over time, and they will be out of adjustment from both wear and shock.

>That being said they can usually be within +- 20s a day if you regulate them well and have a timegrapher.

Depends, i've owned two Vostoks in the past and one now. All 3 were regulated to do +5 to +8 secs per day, and were used for over two years as such. All three were regulated via phone apps, and one was tested on a timegrapther to see if i'm not just doing stupid shit.

Watch keeps time well enough, that all being said, if you avoid QC issues.

quads of quad.


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The SKX has the same movement as the Seiko 5's, so about equally robust.

Amphibia's are a real gem as even if you hit it with enough force to snap the fucking rotor (highly unlikely) off it'll likely keep working as the base mechanism is basically a Soviet workhouse movement produced nowdays on old Soviet tooling.

Plus, with proper regulation they can easily do +5/-5 secs per day since they are somewhat unaffected by different positions, a trait that both ChChz and 1MWF watches share.

That being said under the assumption you didn't get one that missed Dimity and Ivan's drunken QC process.

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