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After two years developing it my image viewer is finally finished. It's actually a multipurpose image viewer (has zoom, crop, resize, plays webm/mp4, etc), but one of its main goals is too make easier to fap to doujins while on my laptop through the use of smart zoom.

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Kill brown ppl

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Multiple monitors is a slippery slope.
>Dual monitors is great!
>Oh wow how can I live without three monitors
>m-maybe I should get a fourth one?
Seriously, where does it end.

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How are you going to get past HR when they see that you don't have a degree

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If I'm a retarded deaf loser who only loves niggerbass and is in every word an ignorant shithead that only listens with beets, what kind of headphones/setup would produce the same kind of bass as a beets headphone without having to overpay for a more expensive beats headphone?

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not bad

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Thread hidden.

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I miss Tari Tari, gonna have to rewatch it soon.

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It isn't, you can bypass the Metro faggotry entirely and just use the good old desktop, then it's a faster more optimized Windows 8.

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by your definition every thing is technology
especially lolis

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daily go away
we still don't want to be part of your botnet

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>be at college parking lot
>see people waiting in the parking lot for a parking space
>get into car and start it up
>lady and old guy fighting for who gets my parking spot
>lady gets in front of my car and refuses to leave till old guy backs down
>just sit their watching like a beta

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>Loli is against /g/'s rules
Nope. That's incorrect. Loli != porn.

>Why are you a pedo, anyway? You make me upset
Why does my sexual preference upset you?

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Not technology related and no one cares
Once again OP proves himself to be a faggot

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How does this make you feel, bui?

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>caring about tablets
>buying any apple product post ppc
>buying any microsoft product ever made other than the intellimouse explorer 3.0
You're all shit at techloligy.

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