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when the FUCK is leopold reloading their topre boards

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Reminder that topre is the best of both worlds.
>amazing build quality, heavy and doesn't shit out and start feeling awful and mushy within a few months like a regular rubber dome would
>the keycaps are pbt
>not cheaply manufactured like most rubber dome keyboards, not built like wet cardboard and doesn't flex
>actually feels nice to type on and you can go hours typing on it without fatigue
>all of this and has no gimmicks, light up shit, gaymer fonts, any of that bullshit
If they go in stock, get the leopold fc980c 45g. It is the best topre keyboard I've typed on and has a really useful layout. If they don't go back in stock, get one of the realforce R2 keyboards.
Stay away from the HHKB and 60% boards.

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>Leopold FC980C White Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard
Best keyboard I've ever had. I bought two so I can have one at the office and one at my desktop at home. The capacitive switches feel cash af.

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I have both, and 100% go with the leopold.
The HHKB has really underwhelming build quality especially in comparison with the fc660c and the only reason I could see someone getting it is the layout and the aesthetics.
Also, I'd recommend the leopold fc980c 45g over the fc660c if it wasn't out of stock everywhere in white. But if you're fine with black on black lettering, definitely go with the fc980c.
It has the functionality of a full size but the layout makes it way smaller and saves a ton of space. Also, it sounds better.

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evening cunce, i really want to own the Leopold FC980C AECX01 but i live in AUS so it comes to about ~$350AUD, and im a bit brok after coming back from a holiday.
i dont start work for about another week but have about $1k, but i also dont have a desktop computer rn and am just using my uni laptop until i can afford to buy and build my own pc.
should i get it the leopold now? its literally my grail mech and idk if its gonna go onsale again without having to massdrop it or buy it direct from korea which costs about $500 and shipping
furthermore, do they work with macbooks after using a usb to usb-c converter.
thanks for reading my blogpost

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But there is a Topre variant, and the keycaps are good enought to not want to replace them anyway

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fc980c coming in the mail, selling my 87u back to amazon

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I understand where you're coming from, but I couldn't do programming or form entry nearly as fast without a numpad now. I admittedly don't use the function keys a whole lot, but I find them useful for some games.
I've grown too used to it to let go, I'm just glad they make keyboards for autists like me.

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someone posted this and its gone now. Can anyone tell me what brand/model this is?

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What's currently the best Topre keyboard?

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Using an HHKB but because I'm a gaymer I would prefer one of these.
It's hard to hit some keys that require 2 fingers and the 1800 layout seems like the smallest acceptable without losing any functionality.

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so where can i get this that doesn't have topre switches, has cherry clears, andhas the same color scheme and isn't $260 dollars

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Sometimes I wish I had a numpad but what I miss most going to the HHKB Pro 2 from the HHKB Pro JP is the arrow keys.

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Yes, but why wouldn't you want the superior layout?

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The lightest you will get is with gateron clears.

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I wish Topre would make a board with that layout. Or better, Leopold.
They could add some separation between the F keys and arrow keys to make it easier to find those clusters without looking down.

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Pretty sure there's only one of that specific keyboard.
As in he contacted the chink who made a truly custom keyboard.

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Lubing Topre:
Is it safe to use Finish Line Extreme Fluro on the sliders or should I go with something less viscous?
I'm not interested in trying Krytox because it separates.
Ducky Pocket

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got you covered

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Are these switches good for gaming?

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How to make the best HHKB Pro 3
>still no arrow keys because it would no longer be HHKB without them
for arrow keys I would love one of pic related
>2 USB 3.0 ports, because of the power
>micro USB or what ever port can take a lot of cycles
>MX sliders
>Korean Custom features like fully-programmable, 1k Hz polling rate, et.
>drop DIP switches because of this
>PBT spacebar
anything else?

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Even if it doesn't include 1.5mm PBT, it's so sexy.

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