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>At supercold temperatures, hydrogen molecules first condense into a liquid, then a solid with the molecules intact. When squeezed together, the molecules stack up into a solid form. More than 80 years ago, the physicists Eugene Wigner and Hillard Bell Huntington predicted that hydrogen, under high enough pressures, would turn metallic, with the hydrogen molecules broken apart and the electrons squeezed loose.

>Scientists have momentarily transformed hydrogen into a liquid metallic state with violent shock wave experiments. Planetary scientists are convinced metallic must exist inside Jupiter, to generate that planet’s powerful magnetic fields.

>But so far, no one has convincingly demonstrated the solid metallic hydrogen state predicted by Wigner and Huntington. In the Harvard experiment, a small amount of hydrogen was placed between two diamond tips about one 850th of an inch in diameter and cooled to -433 degrees Fahrenheit. Initially transparent, the hydrogen became dark as it was squeezed. Then, at nearly 72 million pounds per square inch, the hydrogen became shiny, reflecting 90 percent of light shining on it, the scientists reported.

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