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I'm studying CS and am kind of proeficient with Linux. Can I land a job as a sysadmin for my university/library/ etc without a cert? If so what networking books/courses should I read? I've started watching the cybrary network+ videos and they seem good enough.

Also where can I find good labs for gns3 or otherwise? And how big/complex can I expect networks to be in non-it related organizations?

It's just that everywhere I go looking for info on how to learn networks and stuff is like "YOU HAVE TO DO CCNA, RHCE, CCNP, BUY 5000 BUCKS WORTH OF EQUIPMENT AND APPLY FOR THE HARDEST JOB EVER" and that doesn't really click with me. I like learning at my pace and learning what interests me.

Plus I know there are a lot of sysadmins working for schools, museums and what have you wich haven't got any certs at all.

To be honest I'm more interested in security but there aren't a lot of jobs on that field in my country anyways.

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Why do cert exams ask the most absurd questions?

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Guys, I am deciding on which switch to get but i am not sure which of the following switches support BGP Session with 4-byte ASN.


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subnetting lets us carve out networks
your local network is a private address established in RFC1918 and is therefore (by definition) not routed on the public internet. you can be 192.168.x.x as much as you want in your own house
the netmask tells your router what the network bits are (what network youre on, in a home this wont change) and what the host bits are (the bits that describe individual hosts

so two networks:
everyone in can talk to each other
everyone in can talk to each other
but to talk between the networks they need to be routed

so theres also security behind it too, i guess, maybe, or something

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Are we really on the precipice of an infinite number of new devices and systems with internet connectivity?
Or is Cisco just trying to cover their ass for making routers with a shitty amount of memory?


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Does anybody have a service contract login for the cisco website?
I need some software for the unified communications series?

(I need firmware for a 7940 IP Phone and Cisco Unified Communications Manager)

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hey /g/ents,

Hopefully one of you more learned individuals can answer a question for me...

The MAC address table; why bother to have one if a switch is just going to forward packets to every port anyway?

For simplicity's sake, let's forget about vLANs and such.

The real point to a switch is that unlike a hub, each point is it's own collision domain. Makes sense, not need for a hold-off timer saves a lot of time in the long run.

So, in the old days, in a hub environment, a node would send an Ethernet frame down the line, which would be received by every NIC. The NIC would check the destination MAC for this frame against its own MAC; if this frame was intended for this node, great, de-encapsulate the frame and send it up the TCP/IP stack. If it wasn't and the frame wasn't a broadcast from, the NIC just drops the frame; why waste resources on a frame that isn't even intended for you?

But because of the possibility that two nodes could send at the same time, causing collisions, we went to a switch; one mode, one port, one collision domain, no collisions. Great!

With this, came the MAC address table; a node sends a frame, intended for another node on the same subnet. The frame reaches the switch, reads the destination MAC, and because of the MAC address table, the switch knows on exactly which port the intended node is connected. I would think that the switch then just forwards that frame to the port and ONLY that port; why bother sending it to any others since the frame isn't intended for any other node.

So why is it that in the middle of a packet capture, your NIC ends up getting frames that were intended for other nodes? Essentially, the switch forwarded that frame to all other ports, right? Must be, because otherwise you wouldn't see any data that wasn't intended for your specific node (or all nodes if it's a broadcast destination MAC; i.e. FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF).

Why? Why does the switch do this? Or I'm I completely wrong about all of this?

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What is /g/ feelings on Cisco? Probably gonna make a career here. AMA

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Hey /g/, what can I do once I have CCNA, CCNP, CCDE, Cisco IP Security (or was it something else I forgot)
I'm a 3rd year BSCS student.

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Hey /g/, what do you think about company certificates? Summer is coming and I think it's a good way to take advantage of it. Is there any other things a computer science student may do to improve?

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I have recently moved back in with the parents (sucks) after attempting to start my own business and failed after 4 years. Back to the 9-5..

Currently self studying CCNA and the material is not new to me. Thinking of also getting my CCNP while I am living rent free to get my shit together.

Does anyone here have jobs in the networking field? What do you make annually, and do you enjoy your work? What's your day like - deal with a lot of dumb-asses?

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Anyone here that works/has worked for Cisco?

I have to go to an Assessment Centre in four days and I'm nervous as hell, because the interview process seems to be one of the most difficult around.

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'Sup /g/

I made a post about the other day about buying a study guide for the Routing and Switching Exam. I asked what book to buy - one is by Todd Lammel and the other is by Wendel Odom and is endorsed by Cisco (http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-111878958X.html and http://www.ciscopress.com/store/cisco-ccna-routing-and-switching-200-120-official-cert-9781587204661 respectively).

Still not sure what one to buy. A guy in the thread I made said Lammle is crap - but didn't say why. I have to ask, isn't the 200-120 exam just ICND 1 and 2 rolled into one? Or have I missed something? I used Cisco switched and routers two years ago for the IT Essentials II exam - some people say it is necessary to make use of them for the actual exam - is this really necessary? I remember some of the IOS commands and know how to cable up and shit.

Really all I want to do is absorb the material and take and pass the exam. To anyone who has used a study guide to do this - how long did it take you until you felt confident? The thing I struggle most with is subnetting - any god guides on it?


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'Sup /g/

You might have seen this thread countless times - but there may be other /g/entomen in my situation.

I intend to buy a study guide for the Routing and Switching certification. There are two worthwhile ones out there, but I am unsure of what one to buy. The first one is not endorsed by Cisco, but the second one is.

Todd Lammle's CCNA Routing and Switching Certification Kit
Exams 100-101, 200-201, 200-120 covers both ICND1 and ICND2 as well as the 200-120 composite CCNA Exam. It also comes with Virtual Lab Titanium Edition 4.0. I have to ask, isn't the 200-120 exam just ICND 1 and 2 rolled into one? Or have I missed something? This book apparently (says Amazon) 8 hours of CBT Nugget videos. It has 'over' 150 labs. Info here - http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-111878958X.html

Then there is Wendell Odom's Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Official Cert Guide and Simulator Library. This covers ICND 1 and ICND 2 and also has a 200-120 Network Simulator (Cisco's 'official' one I guess?). Yet the book does not seem to cover the 200-120 syllabus which Todd's book does - this leads to the book's title being misleading. This book 'only' has 2.5 hours of videos on it. It has 400 labs. Info here - http://www.ciscopress.com/store/cisco-ccna-routing-and-switching-200-120-official-cert-9781587204661

Both guides have 'hundreds' of practice questions. I guess it boils down to the Simulator each guide uses and clearing up my confusion over the exams. Maybe someone on here has experience of how both authors write or something. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I jumped on google to find you a website that helps explain how to cascade routers. :) Enjoy!



Let me know if you need more help understanding the technical talk.

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Serious question and I am looking to get information from /g/ rather than some shitty blog. Cisco Certification, better, worse, or equal to college? In what ways?

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Does anyone have access to Cisco's Output Interpreter? I really need to use it, I will appreciate it a lot.

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What's it like having a job as a network admin?

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Hey, can someone point me in the correct direction for creating a ACL on cisco switch to block syn but allow ack (thus allowing connections to the subnet but not out of the subnet).


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Does anyone have a link to the ebook routing protocols and concepts ccna exploration companion guide?
Can't find it.

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this has actually been a good networking thread. i've been here the whole time and have been posting frequently. so thanks to everyone who contributed, i figured it would just turn into a battlestation thread or something like usual

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Have a job interview on Monday for a Sysadmin Trainee position. I have my CCNA certs, but I got them 7 years ago and I hardly remember anything. The guy said he would bring out a laptop during the interview to make sure I know my way around a computer.
What could this mean? Any specifics I should brush up on before I go in? Any quick reads that could help?

TL;DR Need a crash course on networking.

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ITT: we post our current job, education, certifications, location and general yearly income.

Network Technician
G.E.D with Some college
New York City
$42,500 per year

>pic related

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