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Whats in your opinion best watch for survival?

Casio PRG 270 (protrek):
>Barometer for dat weather warnings
>altimeter so you dont go to far as even possible
>compass so you can check these
>solar for INFINITE POWER!
>casio durability, 100m waterproof


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Yeah, there are some models that are specified to last better against mud or low temperatures but as far as shock resistance etc goes, they're mostly equal. Indeed, its a digital watch with a thick-ass resin case; there isn't much to improve. The analog digital models might be less reliable due to having moving parts and shit.

The Pro Trek PRG-270 would be a fair bit cheaper and it has the exact same v3 sensor system for the ABC (alti, baro, compass) functions. Mentioning 'cause I happen to own it. It lacks atomic time tho.

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