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This is why the anon who is making the iOS image board browser is charging for it and keeping it closed source. You fuckwads are cancer.

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>headphones while exercising

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>if __name__ == "__main__":

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Why are DDR4 Rams so fucking expensive?

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> About to punch out for day in IT job
> 300K a year btw
> Unplug dick from phoneline, flesh panel recedes into wall
> Dick is throbbing from hard work
> Can't get it back into Operating Pants
> Indian coworker, who's still docked, checks out cock
> Nervous.dll
> Indian man rips his dick out of socket and crawls into urethrae port
> Indian man inside tiny penile module
> StackOverflow
Does anybody else have any issues with Indian workers? I'm really thinking about deleting him tomorrow

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> not using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with your phone

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At least I contributed to each thread with something helpful. Introducing Nim is just an extra.

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What the fuck

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>dev makes breaking changes
>you are assigned to fix it

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>no 3.5mm jack

guess I'm getting a note 8

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SERIOUSLY, why EVER use Go/Python/C#/D/Rust/Java over modern C++?

Also, what's a good functional language that mixes well with C++? Something like Haskell or OCaml?

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Xfce works good and simple, but I can't fix the screen tearing. It tears on small videos. It tears too much on full screen videos. It still uses GTK2 when GTK3 is superior.

I'm going back to KDE.

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>laying in bed
>phone alarm goes off on a weekend

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