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I think my next board is going to be either a drevo gramr with max keys ninja or a plum nano 75 in black with the dolche max key set.

Anyone else love white boards but hate that they match exactly nothing else on your desk?

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nth for 75%
(even tho im using the memeforce rn)
(cus u no outemu blacks are fukkkkkin JOOOCE)

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It's only $60 right now, I'm actually ordering one in black tomorrow i think.
I use the Noppoo because I believe it's objectively the best layout. it lets me keep my f1-f12 keys while also having them extremely easy to reach. This is completely ideal for games with a ton of keybinds, I cannot play my primary game on other keyboards.
Hit two buttons on the keyboard and control and capslock swap. This enhances the previous point because now you can access the control+ layer for double the keybinds very easy. It's way easier to hit capslock+d vs ctrl+d.
Now that ctrl is capsllock you can bind it to your push to talk and you can toggle push to talk with out actually moving your fingers at all because your palm willl be hovering over the bottom left control anyway so simply lower your palm and your mic goes live.
POM keycaps are incredible. They feel so good under your fingers with the light clicky blue switches.
The media keys are actually sweet, I use them to control my music constantly.
I don't see how it's even a debate, the pok3r is just a maggic force with out the pg up/down cluster and the magicforce can be had for like $40 if you want that layout.
Pic related. Black switches on the maggicforce, blues on the noppoo. I switch back and fourth all the time.
Horrible quality assurance. Tons of reports of keys and LEDs dying with in a key months.

I love how I used to post "nth for 75%" in every thread and now 75% is popular

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