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>short travel switches

Go to a physical store that has these keyboards on display and try them out.

I can tell you that I personally find it way too easy to mistype on those switches. It think it has as much to do with the low key-press resistance as it has to do with the short travel distance. I just can't use those keyboards. Perhaps I could use boards like that just for gaming if I got used to them?

The real question is what you will like and find comfortable and nobody on the Internet can tell you. This is why I recommend that you go to an actual physical store (or someone you know who has these) and try them out. There really is no other way to determine what you will enjoy.

silly man-let keyboard

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Why did they give you two? Unfair, I only have one.

After using mine a while I can honestly say it's a great keyboard and excellent value for the price.

But there's one minor thing that is really annoying. It's got 5 custom RGB layout presets. (FN+Home/PageUp/Delete/End/PageDown). When you press FN+Insert to edit a preset it starts out blank. If you have a nice layout and want to change the color of 6 keys or something you can't, you have to start over. This is very annoying. It's not like I change the color layout presets all day long but it would be much better to not reset the layout every time.

I also noticed something funny the other day. It actually says "water drain holes on bottom" on the box. There's no holes on the bottom of keyboard. :)

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>flat keys

I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I'm seriously asking: What exactly do you mean by "flat" keys?

Like scissor switches on a laptop? I think I have seen some keyboards like that not on a laptop but I don't really know what I would recommend.

If it's shorter key travel you're after then you could just go for a mechanical keyboard with switches that don't need to travel very far down to the actuation point. Like browns, you barely have to touch them to get the key registered. There's also some "gaming" switches you barely have to touch to get the keystroke registered but none of those are tactile so they are a no-go for me.

Try a few switches out if you haven't, it may be that you just think you need a flat keyboard because you've just tried those silly membrane keyboards that require you to bottom out the key to get the keystroke registered. You don't have to bottom out any of the mechanical switches but how far you have to press down to the actuation point varies.

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