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Is this RegOP tripfag getting paid to make these threads or is he just autistic?

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It's been overcharged, not because you did something wrong. It will explode soon.

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I love this jif.

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It's literally a part of a botnet.


Avout Chinese and USA brands at all costs.

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Check btrfs's irc channel before jumping in the sinking ship.

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I've been usinig btrfs for years on multiple boxes but I've just got my btrfs laptop shit itself. People in #btrfs said that is looks like a bitflip on memory or some memory leak to btrfs. And guess where the bitflip was in?

Metadata, and half of my shit got corrupted. Be fucking careful with btrfs.

ext4 is life, ext4 is love.

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Let's talk about automatic caliber.
Seiko NH35A or 9015 Miyota ?

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Common sense 2017 Zeus edition
Threat fire + MSE + malwarebite free

This may save your life.

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It's also remove windows 10 bullshits files(GWX).

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>be poor
>buy $1k phone
>be even more poor

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Never updating again is the stupidest solution ever. I mean really, you're simply waiting to have your box get exploited. http://www.cvedetails.com/product/3264/Mozilla-Firefox.html?vendor_id=452

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for the ones not getting the reserve icon.

>Open Task Scheduler
>Expand on the left "Task Scheduler Library" >Expand Microsoft Expand Windows Scroll down and Expand Setup Click the folder "GWXTriggers"
>On the far right is a bunch of options Click "Run"

it may take a few moments before the icon shows up on your taskbar

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>prerelease software
>there are bugs

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Will the NSA module come pre-built in the spine ? :^)

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New thread:


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I was about to get one of these, coming from an n5. I decided to wait and get the z3 compact instead. I loath company's who brand through exclusivity. Fuck the excuse of market demands and bullshit.
>pic related, its how I feel about one plus ones corporate future.

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>he has files on his desktop

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Well time to destroy the CP

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Plus it's time to learn what the different types of RAID are.
Next time they'll pay for a Microsoft Azure subscription instead of asking for an intern to do their job.

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>litecoin about to fall below 20

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>mfw fast-pool cant fix their fucked up stats
>mfw mining for hours with 5mh/s (as their stats claim) only getting 2000doges unconfirmed since then
>mfw 150% done
fuck this shit, going back to suchcoins com

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I don't have any sort of messenger program, thats important info

my computer just made a "DingDong" style doorbell sound


pic related, will my shit blow up?

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>Fixing errors
>"An Unspecified error has occured"
It's time to get a new DiskDrive OP.

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