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Yeah but who seems more likely to be the poisoner?

This scruffy looking cunt over here of no worth?
Or this guy who has been creating amazing inventions for Queen and country?
You best believe Scruffy is going to do the headless chicken.

>wires in motors need to be insulted
What retardshit am I reading?
I've literally never seen a motor that isn't copper wire windings around a magnet and 2 brushes at one end of the rod.
Or some other metal wire.

A huge metal rod hammered and rolled until wire will work just as well if it is made in the 1500s or 2010s. Physics hasn't changed since then. Nor has chemistry. It is the exact same process sped up via machines.
Sure there will probably be more resistance in the wire due to impurities, but that isn't the issue.

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