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Have sex, Incel.

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yep, this exactly. everything mounts in cost because everything needs another component to go along with it, no more comfy pushing 1080p for 8 years like 2010-2012 days where you could get by on a $200 GPU upgrade every couple years and maybe the same fro a nicer monitor. now nicer monitors are $400+, GPUs that can handle them are $700-1200 new, the motherboards are $200+ (I ran my 2500k for 7 years OC on a ~$50 mobo), and the ram is $150. the CPUs, even the better zen ones, are $300-500 or even 750 for the really kick as ones.

sure this kind of build will likely last many years, so if you waited that long it's worth it I guess. but the days of "high end" builds for ~$1000 are dead. $1000 or even $2000 is mid-range now.

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What are some good, but cheap sex toys on AliExpress for a femanon?

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>hunt and pecking
>not having your hand adjusted to typing from the WASD default
even more degenerate
>not having your hand default at WASD
absolutely lost

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>taking things said on a Cantonese throat singing BBS literally

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Basically some Boomers started this hate campaign against the younger generations specifically Millennials for being unable to meet success equal to their own or trying to shift American culture. Some Millenials eventually got pissy about it and started throwing flak back at Boomers for ruining everything before the Millenials came around.

It's pretty retarded because the definitions of a Baby Boomer/Millenial equates to "any person born within this 20-30 year timespan."

A Baby Boomer could be anyone born During WW2, After WW2, lived through The Assassination of Kennedy, The Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, The Cold War, The Moon Landing, The First Nuclear Power Plant, The invention of Coast to Coast Telephones, Creation of the H Bomb, the Vaccination of Polio, etc etc.

How could you expect people born inbetween those events to share the exact same values and characteristics, it's utter nonsense

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Should I buy W10 license for 10 bucks on my new rig or fuck it and just pirate it?

How is the botnet and upgrades when comparing the two? Can Microsoft even detect that I am using the cracked version?

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>not being on the official /g/ irc channel
irc.installgentoo.com #installgentoo

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>>Instead, Jobs was going to focus his energy on one very specific, secret project!

Yeah curing totally curable Cancer with oogabooga medicine and dying because he failed.

Ahahahahha what a fuckign retard. I mean this is like hilarious.

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It's funny whore you know why? Because I watch Tek Syndicate because of Wendel not Faggot Logan.

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