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How is the market for pentesting? I'm a freshman in cs and know little programming as of yet, but the security area interests me deeply. It seems that aside from niche jobs such as working in government, security jobs are mostly stuff like pentesting.

I also don't understand how people aren't repulsed by the thought of working in stuff like data science and helping companies data mine people.

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>Which GNU/Linux distro do you use?
>Are you a virgin?
>How tech savvy are you?

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i've been trying to get my hand in to coding and hacking, but most forums post scripts with no injector, and all the injectors i find are cancer malware that crash my vm. that said, anyone got any?

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just installed kali linux sirs

see you virgins later

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>[email protected]

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I am by no means a hacker, but I thought I'd just rant because I felt like it.

What do you guys think about modern hacker culture?

>Anonymous is dead
>everyone now is a onions gurgling basedboy cuck who wants to "take the word 'hacker' back from the big, bad blackhats" all the while sucking corporate dick at the same time which will inevitably spiral into the world of tomorrow being one in which all corporations are almost impenetrable to hackers and will end up controlling the world even more than they do now all the while we struggle to fight back at all because of the "white hats" who souped up their security for years for "the good of the people"
>activism against mass surveillance and basically hacktivism in general is fucking dead, anyone remember Edward fucking Snowden?
>No one wants to learn lower level shit/why the fuck are all the schools teaching Python before teaching kids what the fuck a computer is on the inside? These days if you look up "how to be a hacker", you don't find a forum site with people telling you shit you can learn a mindset/culture from, you just find videos online by some pajeet who's showing you what premade tools to use in Kali if you want to "hack like mr robot".
No one cares about cultivating the mindset for finding/making exploits/your own tools, it's all "how can I use what other people have made to do exactly what they did"

The next generation of "hackers" are just going to be a bunch of skids and y'all are just gonna call me a skid because "it's ok to use kali, it doesn't make you a skid".
>using kali doesn't make you a skid. Being raised with the mindset of "all you have to do is just use these premade tools and you're a hacker" is being a skid tho

shit makes me sick, there isn't any goddamn integrity anymore.

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Just learned how to write out, "Hello, World!" in C++

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/g/ can you hook me up with a good free VPN that won’t sell my info, or do they not exist?

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spotted a hacklet

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what tools i need(ides, compilers language i.e) in order to make malware for IoT
i really want to spoil someone's breakfast

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