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sysvinit user here.
Mind educating me a bit about systemd as initsystem?

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How can I run my CRT monitor on full resolution (1600x1200 pixels) on Windows 7.

I swear I've been looking for an answer. Here's what I'll tried so far:

- Change drivers from generic to generic super VGA
- Use the monitor drivers (Sylvania F96)
- Click 'List not recommended resolutions' (or something like that) and the only listed not supported options are variants of 1080p

And nothing works. AND WHAT'S MORE, this fucking retarded thing that happens from time to time without warning: The monitor changes (or rather, starts up) as 1600x1200, BUT when I go into resolution options the fucking thing changes itself back to 1280x1024 (which is what it recognizes as max). Ha, ha. What the fuck. I swear I'm not crazy, fucking thing sees me taking a look at it and suddenly remembers it has to shit on me as a ritual.

Linux has no problems with this, btw.

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Is AliExpress the only place to find these now?

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