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>it wasn't a shit ton of money for me, sorry. the PC, I traded for, so technically free.
>I know there's a superior race of trolls on /g/, but, I know some of you actually know a bit about my decision.
your decision was stupid

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Hello /g/, I am in dire need of assistance. I'm attempting my first pc build and have gotten everything mounted/set/cabled appropriately yet when I hit the power switch my PSU lights and spins for a millisecond then stops. I just bought a new 600w PSU so I know it's powerful enough, what could I possibly be doing wrong?

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Guess what? Banding exists in both images, just the bands in the first image are half the width of the ones in the second image. Whether you or I or anyone can see them or not is irrelevant; your monitor is displaying them. Don't believe me? Use photoshop. Or take a picture of your monitor and photoshop the picture. use the magic wand, set it to 0 tolerance, continuous.

There is banding. It's only 256 shades of red. There's 256 bands. There has to be.

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>hasn't taken the time to do research and compare
>ignoring the competition
>hasn't looked beyond bias reviews
do i have to write this out for you?
>Some day, if you get a chance, try using iOS for a week at least. Almost no one goes back to android after that.
I tried both, they were both useless and archaic.

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>brilliant shit
brilliant no... shit by all means. when you're starting from rock bottom with garbage parts you can only go up.

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Well I finally got a virus, I used da bantu for 4 years, switched to win7. I was groggy the other night and clicked a fake link thinking someone was going to knock over a fucking card rack.

Saw a java thing popup, clicked yes, and I realized what I did.

I can't do shit in the reg edit, I'm okay at terminal and cmd prompt, but this is my weakness and my only chance to get it off.

Its a bot for sure, I haven't logged in to anything and my cache was cleared imminently, but I know the second I do log in to anything somewhat important that datas is gone.

winlogonexe, vbcexe, csrssexe(maybe idk), are the running key loggers, and every time I start up a botexe runs in the command line and closes.

Help me O/g/i Wan Kenobi, your my only hope.

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>Yes, and you're contributing a lot by saying that. Thank you for that, the board and hence the world are better for knowing your presence.
yarr yarr heard this all before, you're only retort is to regurgitate the same garbage over and over again.. when you can have an adult discussion and you can stop using ad hominems let me know.

>If I'm being honest, I just use a Mac because I like using a Mac.
because steve jobs told me too

>There's nothing wrong with enjoying your shit, /g/. You're all so miserable sometimes.
the way you post you seem miserable sometimes

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Dont get it, OP spent 250 dollars for dinner with a girl? After spending that amount of money you should have DEMANDED sex with her.

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theres somebodys email i want to access but i cant figure out their "secret answer" so i was wondering some alternitaves, prefferibly for windows live and yahoo emails

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macfaggot detected

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disregard this bad advice

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>/g/ is not tech support
>try google
is there anything more that needs to be said?
is that not clear enough?

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no let it die

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you have no idea what your talking about do you

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gay niggers? what has the world come to

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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What the fuck am I reading?

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>not chrome

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>5 billion dollars on a paypal account.

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