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Lobbying is not enough. Fines are not enough. Prison time is not enough. This ends when the state is pressured into executing them.

Call up your representatives. Tell them you're as mad as the French in 1789 and you want Tim Cocksucker to get the fucking chair.

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real chads use rutracker
>inb4 private trackers
PTs can fuck off with their cults

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I'll keep using mpv till it turns to shit too, or just keep using an older version as long as it works

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>that hacker didn't use modern fast slick js frameworks such as Angular, Vue, Reactjs, Svelete etc

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Where are the bots?
i thought you were cool hackers /b/

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Phone cases are an accessibility option for the disabled. If you have a phone case and are not disabled, you're just a clumsy fuck and should git gud. There is almost no excuse for an able bodied person to use a phone case (almost being, for example, construction workers, who can expect a phone to get beat to shit in the course of their job).

Are you a construction worker?
Are you disabled?
No? No?
Take that fucking case off you stupid nigger.

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amdgpu is the newer amd driver.
radeon is older and opensource too
modprobe is usually how you blacklist drivers

don't scroll on the tabs?

bill murray

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Are there anti malware programs for Linux, (Xubuntu in my case)? Or should I just fresh install?

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>tfw want to get the non XL pixel 4 when it comes out
>don't want dogshit battery life

Google pajeets better make dark mode a thing in Q

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Hi this is a really stupid question. If I have a i3blocks script for battery with an interval of 1(meaning it will run every second), will that take some of the computing resources? Will it be enough to slow down my computer a little?

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>hating god for the wrong reasons

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>C is awful to program

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Why because it's a meme?

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Nvm lads ill just uh have a big think about it. yeah ok

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>Schiller did go on to explain what the letters meant to him, commenting that “I love cars and things that go fast, and R and S are both letters used to denote sport cars that are really extra special.” (Porsche is fond of appending the letters on its models, and Mercedes Benz has both its R- and S-Class vehicles, for example.)

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>dont want to buy overpriced samsung or apple phone
>want good quality camera but dont want to be the 'camera guy' with his expensive canon dangling loosely around his neck
Whats the cheapest phone with the bestest camera?

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>all know is my IP
>doesnt know what ssh is

I'm guessing anon knows the ip address for his comcast router or ran ipconfig /all once and knows his local ip. Also I'd bet bucks that he hasn't set up a static ip or ever even done any sort of remote desktop desu

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