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Nato's are objectively the best watch strap you can have.

Prove me wrong

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>you share this board with people who have been here for less than a year

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>tfw card so old ASIC reading is not supported

Its okay 6870, I still love you

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Shit, I've been using a v300 for almost 2 years now.

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> hinges break after a few months of use

Literally the only reason I won't buy it. Shame, it's a really nice laptop.

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This is mostly it. The first two semesters will be crowded and you will see a surprising ratio of women and metrosexual fuccbois. Especially in your Intro to CS. In about the 3rd semester, after you have Dicrete Math, Linear Algebra, Calculus I and II, Algorithms etc. under your belt, you will actually start meeting people who are interested in the field and will most likely graduate. To no surprise, it's mostly gonna be the stereotypical "computer guys" from high school. At the same time, your classes will get a bit more specified and a bit less theoretical.

Overall, the 1st year kinda sucks. Also, a personal advice, it helps if you already know the language you will be programming in in the 1st year because then you have time to focus on math or craft cleverer algorithms, rather than just fight with the compiler every week. This could be C (Harvard uses that) or Python. Look up the sylabus.

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Come on fa/g/s I need some advice

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> all these linux shills

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>scrolling through this thread
>step away from desk
>desk is a fucking nightmare


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You seem to know at least some things and you are able to form coherent sentences... Why do you clean public transit vehicles?

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Heres my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LFBpYJ
I built it myself today following youtube videos and I thought everything went fairly well although it wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done. Now that its built when I plug it in and turn on the power supply, the Power LED is glowing but I hear nothing from the computer when I press the button. No fans no beep no nothing. Any ideas?

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Same as Arizona.
I hate it..

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For the past days I've been having some really odd issue with video playback on my computer. Sometimes when opening a video file or streaming from youtube (HTML5), no sound will play until I fiddle a bit with the time bar, as in, I click back and forth on it, after some attempts sound will start to play normally.

I've had this issue before and decided to reinstall my motherboard sound drivers, it came back, so I'm looking for a permanent solution.

I guess it's related to video codecs, but I'm kind of lost.

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>posting weebshit outside /a/

Please don't do this.

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dude why not just save a bit more money? Buy it next month or something, it is worth it to go bigger, it's not like you will be replacing it anytime soon

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>DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24
>DDR3-1600 11-11-11-29

Assume they're both the same price, you cannot overclock/overvolt them or modify in any way. Which of the two is better?

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I cheaped out on RAM for my first computer back in ~2007 and wanted to OC on it. Yop...

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> 16:10 screen

What is your problem with it anyway, I've seen this referenced around here but I don't get it. I've had 16:10 desktop since 2006/7 and I love the extra pixels. Supposedly there are games that cannot deal with it and give you black bars but I have done my share of gaming and I've never seen that.

The only problem might be that you get used to it and 16:9 seems way too "thin",

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Fixed gear is essential and turns a bike into more of an extension of you and less of a vehicle like this bullshit does

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So, I came to the conclusion that I'm not even playing gaymes anymore so my AMD housefire pc is useless for me. I want to sell it, and buy something that will allow me to play indie games and less demanding titles from time to time. Primarly will be used for web browsing and music and movies. SSD and 8gb of ram is must, but i don't think i want to use laptop. I was thinking about AIO or m-itx build. My rig that i've got now is:
1tb wd blue, samsung ssd evo 840, thermaltake smart se 630 bronze, asrock z87 extreme4, 8gb crucial ram 1666, i5 4670k with evo 212, and r9 290 tri-x. This build is 1,5 year old, still on warranty for about 6 months. How much can i get for this, and what should i buy after?

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>python in charge of being a sane language and not just javascript/PHP for a new generation

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>thought programming video games would be just behaviours and events
>it actually more involves a fuckload of creativity, because art, music, design, mechanics, balance

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funny man

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1.) What is the pinnacle position someone without a degree can achieve in web dev?

2.) What's the next step people usually take without a degree when they are tired of web dev?

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