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nice bait thread
I bought a cheap aliexpress one
if I leave it loose, it doesn't do anything, if I tighten it up, I just end up dragging it across the desk. Pony up for a knockoff ZOWIE one that's heavy bcuz it's filled with recycled chinese rubble, otherwise it's not gonna have the weight it needs(or make your own)

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Node is only good for SPAs, it cant handle heavy duty crud apps. Using callbacks on an event loop is just not scalable concurrency

PHP is already dead, the PHPzombies just use legacy PHP apps and WordPress as part of their marketshare statistics.

Ruby/Rails is a one trick pony for crud apps, it will remain popular but simply is too opinionated to handle microservices, SPAs or anything new

Elixir/Erlang will go well for anything having to do with streaming and web sockets or anything else that needs to maintain a constant socket connection. Also good for distributed server architecture.

Python/Django is simple to use and doesnt use *magic* under the hood like Rails, everything is direct and straight forward. So it will continue to get use in crud apps

Go is going to win big, you dont even need frameworks for Go, it can handle anything well, any kind of server/framework architecture you can think of. Nice concurrency for when you need it. Its going to bridge the gap between web apps and server architecture.

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Ironically this when it comes to technology journalism! If you want to know what is going on in the industry go to a dedicated tech media outlet, which are usually shit, or pony up the cash to access scientific journal or industry trade publications.

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Well, we don't really know what the numbers on RMAs are, as Nvidia and the AIB vendors sure as fuck won't tell us, but it's obviously enough to raise an eye brow from some of the more creditable media outlets.
Regardless this hasn't really got much to do with the supply issue of 2080tis which are often limited to 1 per customer when ever they are available, where as the 2070s and 2080s have no such buying restrictions. I'm pretty convinced prices were intentional to make Pascals more attractive and for market research (how many retards will actually pony up the dough?)
.tl,dr; everyone need not be too concerned, as the majority of the market has pretty well rejected this generation.

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>That'd be amazing, but I don't know where i could get samples for free.. maybe by offering a "send it and get a free xray image" service to tech websites?
Ebay very old CPU's or something.
Not the guy you replied to, but also interested in seeing this.

How did you manage to pony up 80k? Or is it for your work?

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I want the pocophone armored edition but it's chinked up and the camera sucks, guess I'll pony up for a non chink phone.

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>pony toy
C-Can I get one girls happy meal pls

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It's only a $20 difference, pony up.

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this cute little lesbian wrote some websites for anime virgins, weebos, my little pony fans, autistic retards

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>these are better hostnames than your greek or pony shit

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Setting up a DNS server is simple with Bind9. I'd caution over having too many things run on the Pi though, if you can get multiple Pi's to act as multiple servers that'd be ideal. One serving DNS, one VPN, one webserver, etc. You can try to run it all at once but with the Pi's specs you'll likely crash and burn.

And just an FYI, unless you pony up to a registrar you'll still only have your domain locally. Doing anything remotely will require you to use your public IP and port forwarding to the relevant devices.

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pony furry shit
that's all what you need to know

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I'm considering going full stack for real.
Or UI design. I'm too brainlet and I don't have hair tied into pony to code and not insane enough to do art exclusively, so that seems like a good middle ground.

What if I'm?

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It's been bouncing around /g/ for years. I won't dox him but he's got a website.
Search "my little pony resume"

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I've been having tons of trouble with coupon rain lately. It's like there's super high latency or something. Are there any aliexpress coupon from the site this time? I might just have to pony up 1000 coins for that $10 coupon.

Any fountain pen recommendation? Thinking of getting a bunch of pens (and shark plush) as stocking stuffers. If they arrive in time.

I got this last time and it's nice. Not sure i like the finger groove though. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lot-Fountain-pen-0-5-mm-fine-Iraurita-head-Resin-body-pens-Jinhao-599-Stationery-Office/32850083907.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.71004c4dfBbiZN

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Cheap samsung is the worst hell. Just get the iPhone or pony up a bit for an s8.

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>closed source
>donating to pony faggot

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>implicitly insults for still watching this one trick pony circlejerk
Unironically Sargon's followers.

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Pony or loli papes on an i3 desktop were never efficient and never will be. So if you dont piss on or rape your ssd, it should be fine. I work in repair and Ive seen ssds slow down because of food crumbs. Cleaned it off with 99 and it worked just fine. Ive seen countless hdds die out of fucking nowhere.

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>Imagine having nothing better to do with your time than watching cartoons for children and acting like a schizo online
Just post a pony already and mods will solve your problem. I know you want.

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Does this thread count as pony content outside /mlp/?

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pinkie pie is best pony

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Read post, obviously we're different people. Ive never had anyone give a substantiated argument that wasn't an assblasted recipient of my filter.... Which btw is updated to

> sticker desktop keyboard desktops iPhone* ifthreadripper macos games videogames night bendy poor theme gaming macfag* winfag* headset* gayforce nvidia *captcha hello Terry bulldozer ptg listening humanity gaybook elon girlfriend wife *nono* npcdroid mactoddlers ijustine ijewstine itoddler capitalistag* homo* keyboard* spg inhales apple amd intel leather homescreen iPad bst battles* grow ryzen i9 communist socialist GTX RTX discord mac *ahahahah* geekbench *ahahh* gf pony fetch women qt geentext greentext macbook lagdroid kanye smarty

Just trying to be civil anon, golden rule etc

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>Cute little pony mares
Based and redpilled

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