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What kind of websites does /g/ make?

Anyone here freelance?

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oh no my usb keyboard with no leds or special features not again aaahhhh

inb4 macsbtfo faggot anime garbagbe giff

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It's just Unix. You can do everything you would on any Unix system.

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> don't know how
tax havens.

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oh really is that right thank you poindexter mcpoop

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lol nice what a shitty fucking meme

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Macs come with a special patented button that saves battery when the device is not in use called a power button.

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Where can I find good programming tutorials for someone who already gets the basics of programming and wants to get in to an advanced level? Any on C++, Java, or Python would be appreciated.

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Learn Lisp.

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consume tutorials abouts things you don't know already, god do i really have to say that

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Tutorials are bullshit. Try solving a problem for a change. Implement a fucking JSON parser yourself, you will spend several months reinventing the wheel but would get some experience out of it.

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Where can I get a .markets domain?

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do you have a plastic cover for your couch? no? then you shouldn't have a case for your phone

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Speak for yourself

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> then you shouldn't have a case for your phone

Don't tell me what to do stupid nigger.

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He really is but please do note racism is banned in /x/. See you in 3 days.

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jokes on you faggot, i dont even own a couch

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>spend several hundred dollars for some modern technology
>too fucking cheap and stupid to spend a few bucks more to protect it


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Would any of you kind souls know what router company this is? Need it for default login stuff

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No stickers. Just a dumb black box. I'll give the reset a whirl

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Apparently because there was another box that was actually my router. I have failed everyone. Good day

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Based on the status lights, that's a DSL modem

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That's a Calix 716GE-I Fiber Optic modem used by CenturyLink

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I've learned why it's called the "cult" of Apple. It's because it's a smaller community generally that uses all Apple products, because very few people can afford all Apple products.

Also, those few people who can understand how fucking amazingly those products all work.

My MacBook Air, iPad Pro 11'', and iPhone 6s are all wonderful devices. I'm thinking of getting an Apple TV too and possibly the 16'' MacBook Pro when it comes out.

It's not a cult, but it is a religion.

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>very few people can afford all Apple products.
This is what poor people think

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The goyim doesen't knoe What's good for him

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teslas are shit

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t. VAG shill

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OP is not only a faggot ... But alsoba nigger.

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Which technology is this

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Big milkies

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you can see her physical form

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its rope

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(Jaw drops to the floor. Eyes pop out. Sound effect of, "AWOOOOGA AWOOOOGA!!!!" Places eyes and jaw back in place. Regains composure.) ... Eh hem,those are some large milkers

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Big... Mommy... Milkers

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Hey inkpad guy, if you're browsing today I have a few questions, I just got my paycheck and I'm interested in buying my own.
1.)Is the refresh rate fast. not fast enough for vidya, but is it fast enough to render text as it appears?
2.)I remember my kindle used to do this annoying flash thing to refresh the epaper every time and it was really disorienting, Do eink displays still do that?
3.)how much did it cost you? I have about $300 disposable at the moment


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shameless bump

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Wait, did someone install a eink display in a thinkpad? Post pics.

Refresh rates can go easily over 10fps, but without the flash like you mentioned you get ghosting. As long as you write a script to invert the display colors when it detects movements have stopped it would probably be pretty useable.

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I sadly don't have pics, but i know they might be on the archive under "inkpad"

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I think there's some ice cream. I'll look.

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Nice. Probably not competitive for enterprise tho. My endgame is probably juniper or cumulus everything. Ipv6 support is also not perfectly documented, RA and dhcpv6 client stuff is confusing.

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i thought it was ssense and was about to say yeah kinda cool

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Get me some too. Unless its mint chocolate chip

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Is using exact audio copy still the best way to rip old CDs in windows?

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No it doesn't.

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I said iTunes doesn't report errors. EAC tries a lot of times and then tells you if it thinks there might be bits of your rip that it can't get a successful read on.

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Okay thanks. I don't know why I have it installed instead if another program, but I guess that it's justified.

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Yes. It's even available on fosshub now

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dbpoweramp is better than all this shit

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>Use Discord voice chat on Android phone with a Turtle Beach Recon 50 (Go ahead and laugh, it was a gift)
>voice and audio work just fine
>do the same on the Discord app on my Windows 10 PC
>Mic works, but audio can only go through the speakers, so I have to use my phone or else my roommates hear everyone's shitposting and other non-normie talk
WTF, Microsoft

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>blaming Microsoft for not knowing how to use headphones on a computer and not bothering to read the instructions

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>how do I use computer

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OP is retarded

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Retarded zoomer

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java vs python pls help

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"Hellooo ... Aye em ur newww tuoootor Nagoo Ballnuts ... mayee I Java you from behind?"

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> "Weapon of Durgasoft"
Is that like a self-reference to his own benis?

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what about stuff like the jazelle extension for ARM, that lets you execute JVM bytecode in hardware? or projects like mame, where languages that used to be interpreted by hardware now only get interpreted in software?

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Both sucks, go with C

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Which is the best email that protects your privacy the most?

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they got raided by the german gov

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then use airmail.cc or firemail.cc. or horsefucker.org if you're feeling spicy.

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which one is better? protonmail or tutanota?

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No amount of privacy autism is gonna stop that shit from happening
There is not much you can do when law enforcement/government is involved, if you don't want your shit raided then don't use an email service that has users that can attract law enforcement (which is basically everything not privately hosted)

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which browsers should I be using? which browsers should I never be using?

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Tell me about palemoon. A friend uses it and she knows her shit.

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It's a fork of legacy firefox. Ironically, it's faster on newer than craptops. It has legacy ublock but nothing much else, most extensions from Firefox don't work with Palemoon. Basically it's lighter Firefox. I used to use it until the malware incident, at which point I moved to Firefox.
You're better off using plain Firefox in my opinion, extension support is too valuable.

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>making a browser out of a Broadway musical

>> No.72393471

Not anymore. THe guy behind it left after it went through some shitty changed and created Vivaldi which is great.

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ben garrison

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Not going to lie, this one is kinda funny!

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Put yarmulkes on those dirty pig fat snouted niggers!

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And who would know best how to defend against the NSA?? Hmm?? Kids are so dumb these days.

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Rate my desktop, /g/

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>Microsoft Lynch has stopped working
Look's like we're gonna hav'ta take matters inta our own hands, boys

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does that say there are two reminders "overdue 3 years"

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>remember happy day.png

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>windows users
>not retarded

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le anime website

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everyone ready for work tomorrow? dont stay up too late

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I'm working tonight, at home, though

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> calc 2.
> masters program
> high school/freshmen level math

This is a joke riiigght guys?

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I wish I was smart enough for a job.
I'm envious of you guys.

>> No.72382156

no i just meant uni is starting back up for me as well. i took that class long ago.

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Thx u too

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didnt get it
explain to a brainlet pls

>> No.72384990

Ok, I'm on it.

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Give me some numbers

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Hey /g/ I don't know how to word this so bear with me I know this is going to sound retarded.

Basically can you traceroute (or tracert for windows) a process in linux?

You know how Traceroute follows a ping from your computer to the destination?
I want to do that, but internally inside the OS for processes.

Like I want to see the program run, and see all the background processes it uses starting from init.

Does that make sense?

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BSD has dtrace which is pretty much what you're asking for. There's a port for Linux.

>> No.72381007

Do you need any special kernel modules for that to work in Lunix?

>> No.72381250

Or lsof if you're interested in what network / files the process accesses

>> No.72381338

Plenty of stuff. Strace and ltrace come to mind first. But there's also perf and bcc.

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Thanks anons.

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