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Fox Fags btfo

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It wont disappear, that 8% or whatever market share it's down to is what makes chrome not a monopoly and keeps the antitrust lawyers away. Same way microshit kept apple afloat to avoid antitrust litigations.

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>Fox Fags btfo

Elaborate on this?

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>paying money to a tranny company
fucking yikes and cringe

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I'll make the logo

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Just use firefox you tranny

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you know its comfy

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> all games werk
> on a mac
> windows on a PPC mac

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Other way around, Windows in leenux

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no it isn't, it's slow, bloated and half shit doesn't work, and even if it dead i don't want to deal with windows bullshit

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bro with virtualbox you can run a hackintosh on windows your argument is moot

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Epic normalfag memes thread. Nice.

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>College just threw a arduino course at us for learning basic programming
>Then won't teach us more programming after it
It was fun though, what's the logical step next when it comes to learning an actual programming language?
I am studying automation/product line assembly.

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Thank you, we are going to have that next semester.
But, so there's no "regular" programming language that's also nice to know?

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>Then won't teach us more programming
You can learn things on your own you know.

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don't, programming is gay and a waste of time

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You're going to want to learn a typical programming language used to create everyday software. It extends your abilities quite a lot. Check out https://mooc.fi/en/ for the Java course which is gold standard when it comes to teaching programming from ground up with good practices (quality code, testing, tooling).

Afterwards you should delve into C since that's close to what you might end up doing if you work with software side for a robotics project. The C Programming Language is the de facto book for that stuff, it'll teach you about memory management and you'll understand just how much languages like Java include in their standard library. Consider trying out something simple like writing a mouse driver with C, that shows you how to communicate with hardware outside of your PC.

To continue with Arduino stuff you could order a bunch of cheap crap from Aliexpress or similar, the boards cost next to nothing and you can make all sorts of cool projects. Maybe buy NodeMCUs (similar to arduino, has wifi), some BME280s and create temperature tracking for your house.

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Thank a lot Finbro!
Really nice of the uni to let you study free courses.
>Afterwards you should delve into C since that's close to what you might end up doing if you work with software side for a robotics project
I'll do that, very likely that will be the case.

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This is the greatest OS of all time and it still holds that throne.

I just reinstalled my old copy onto my old desktop from 2008 that has a core duo 2 and 4gb of ram and it's lightning fast and outpaces my laptop from 2017.

What the fuck happened since Vista?
Everything since vista has been shit slow and sluggish.
Windows XP is so immediate.

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WinXP had it built in natively.

Also, loading classic shell for win 10 is like feeding pigs with diamonds.

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windows is always fast when you reinstall it anon

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It's probably based on country and due to licensing reasons, I live in Canada.

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Can confirm
XP SP2 was based af
Anything before that was terrible at best.

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gentoo is better

: ^ )

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Can anyone tell me if they fucked up the math here on t_01 and t_12?

On t_01 there is missing a 1 at (3,3), right?

And shouldn't t_12 be this:
[0 0 1 0;
-1 0 0 0;
0 -1 0 0;
0 0 0 1]

Any help would be nice. Thank you!

full paper:

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This is obviously about robot engineering technology, not about science.

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It's math though.

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Yes, simple calc1 things.

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Literally the only thing at E3 worth watching.

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>factory overclocked blower card
imagine the smell

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I fucking ditched the stream because they didn't announce it and now they do, FUCK.

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wtf that's a woman?

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How high can this drone fly?


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up to the sky

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Nobody with the drone has succeeded in reaching the dome so not high enough.

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>search "laptop"
>these are the top three normal (not amazon's choice/editorial recommendations aka shilling) results
I feel bad for the normies being tricked into buying these.
>two i3-8130Us
>a fucking ryzen 3 3200u beats it
>and a celeron n4000
>celeron n4000
>beaten by a fucking 2009 c2d p7570
fucking laptop oems.

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>beaten by a fucking 2009 c2d p7570
An Apollo Lake Celeron might have been, but Gemini Lake has much better IPC (bigger cache) than Apollo did.
Also, battery life ought to be much better on the so-called "Celeron." (The *mont Celerons/Pentiums are basically glorified Atoms.)

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If you aren't AAA gaymen, that i3-8130u is pretty decent actually.

I have one in a laptop along with 32gb RAM, a 256gb m.2 and a 1tb Samsung SSD.

I get almost 14 hours of fucking battery life, and its plenty fast enough.

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I have an Asus 402SA, a shit laptop with WIndows 10, a celeron N3000 and 4GB of ram.
Guess what? It does the job

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you need to go back

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not just on amazon, I've seen too many celery shit laptops being sold with price as high as other laptop with better cpus.

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real numbers don't lie

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Heh, I was pretending to pretend because I already knew that meme. Double got you.

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Sure for the same price and you can't use other manufacturers parts

>gets btfo because they don't have any dgpus only igpus


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pretty much

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how do I convince a wintoddler embedded software engineer that gnu/linux is the superior os?

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You don't
These are different OSes with different applications
GNU/Linux is horrendous if you need to use proprietary applications, gaming in general, or work in a network with Windows
And if you're going to work on code designed for windows you're better of doing it on the Windows platform
>inb4 wintoddler spammer
My main machine only runs Arch

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Most colleges only teach you windows these days. And alot of hardware design programs only work on windows or have better support for windows.

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Don't. Let him do his fucking job in peace.

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Demonstrate how easy it is to develop embedded software on Linux. Oh wait.

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It isn't.

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Money well spent. I’m going to call the bank and file charges from fraud, then call small claims court. I’m going to talk to these faggots on the phone then personally. Now who’s the fucking internet comedian. Man I hate fighting over 20$.

Here’s the trick with somethingawful, get a credit card, register, post a picture of a dick or something, then when they ban you, do a chargeback. If this happens enough, lowtax will kill himself and a butterlord will lose his throne. Sadly they’ll come here, but they’ll probably do a good job of trying to be funny off their forums

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I give up, I’m taking this to Usenet and irc. You people need to grow up before using big boy tools, ok? Do we need some warm milk for the 4channers and their amines?

Last post, only reason I’ll come back, well, look in the mirror - what’s your favorite fruit?

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>Last post

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>4chan is not
You aren't all of 4chan, faggot. Fuck you and fuck goonsquad.

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>this guy gets banned from somethingawful
>starts spamming /g/
>wonders why nobody wants him on their forums
>calls everyone else a child

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Are thinkpads the only option if I want a good trackpoint?

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There are other options but they
>aren't any cheaper
>aren't more durable
>have less support for linux
>aren't abundant used on amazon and ebay for cheap and in good condition.

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Kuroba 4.2.6 is out :fire: :

Please submit an issue to GitHub for any bugs or feature requests :blush: :

>how is it different from Clover? :thinking:
Read the cumulative changelog for all features/fixes from Clover:

Old thread >>71347446

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Fag spamming threads trying to get kuroba banned.

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Man you can always count on /g/ to blindly install malware.

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false flag

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>he still hasn't posted any kind of proof

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Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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Why are Indian programmers the best in the world?

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>culture which does not value sports or athleticism.

we have fucking slavs for that

they even have a failed judo wrestler who can barely read as their leader.

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you know you want her to write your software

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Gipsy nation both of them.

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That's because they are gypsies. Not human.

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slaves are more physically capable than most indians at the very least

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Windows is not a botn-

What the fuck is this

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hurr durr
look mom I discovered registry editor. I will put it on 4chan.

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Since it's under Windows Defender I assume it checks for spyware.

>> No.71355185

Probably just a typo - 'p' and 'k' are pretty close together on the keyboard, after all.

>> No.71355202

if windows defender isn't sure about a file it will send it to microsoft for further analysis. Yes it is practically a botnet and yes there is a good reason to hate it

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It was called MAPS on consumer versions of Defender and SpyNet on enterprise ones, and is probably called something else now.
It's basically Microsoft's version of VirusTotal. They advertise it as a way to detect and block malware that Defender doesn't have signatures for, but I imagine the main point of it is to get samples of previously unknown malware to Microsoft's cryptozoologists as soon as possible.

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what computers do homeless people use?

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>> No.71364832


public libraries and cheap smartphones.

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>my feet hurt

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Dell D Series

>> No.71367753

he poses for pictures
it's his signature iconic look

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how does swap work? My raspberry pi has only 512MB ram and I need to run memory hungry scripts. What if I place swap on usb flash disk? From my experience when system starts swapping everything becomes extremely slow to the point of things stop working so why swap even exists?

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Wow you are so cool! UwU.
Now do something against your obese, you useless pice of shit.

>> No.71356119

>memory hungry scripts
What the fuck are you doing nigga

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Wow, amazing discovery, faggot. Not like I can do that with my romanian gipsy shitphone with a whole 256 MB of ram.

>> No.71357803

learn a low level systems language my dude

>> No.71357881

>everything becomes extremely slow to the point of things stop working so why swap even exists?

It's better than having the computer freeze/crash bc it ran out of memory i guess

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What the fuck happened to YouTube recommendation AI? Literally started giving me absolute garbage since yesterday that's unwatchable and heavily tilted towards politically neutral bullshit or some retarded reddit tier "knowledge".

Fucking useless idiots ruin everything.

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Lots of Fake News Media in the recommendations nowdays.

>> No.71357859

No actually Alphabet is a public company.

>> No.71357878

>>The media doesn't really lie that much.
Look up Walter Duranty.

>> No.71357960

Define lie

>> No.71358204

Youtube got 'woke' or rather caved to that faggot Carlos Maza.and Vox Everyone is taking the hit.

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What do you use to type in Japanese under Linux or *BSD? Does it suck?

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fcitx with anthy

>> No.71354709

i mean there is anthy if you want ime.
Also PC-98 and well more.
But i don't write Japanese because i have not studied the language.

>> No.71355054

GNU emacs unironically.

>> No.71355427

Probably some ibus plugin, I don't see a reason to type in weeb though

>> No.71355515

Ibus and mozc. Anthy is outdated abandonware.

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*bends* *cracks* *pops*
heh...nothing personal, kiddo

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Fuck outta here

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