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So you just installed your distro (again)! What would you proceed to install through your package manager?

sudo apt install build-essential git gcc-8 gnuplot cmake cmatrix fortunes clang nasm transmission clementine youtube-dl ffmpeg texmaker chromium openssh-server cheese hardinfo neofetch teamviewer fcitx-mozc python-pip3 steam ttf-mscorefonts-installer automake sox libtool subversion libatlas3-base

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sudo apt install MacOS

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Hell, that might not even be the most flawed thing here.
>Needing to reinstall your distro of choice

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What style guide for C do you guys use? I've been looking around to figure out what looks best so I can finally format consistently.

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Rob Pike's C style.

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Is it weird that I don't like the idea of capitalizing things?

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it looks fucking awful. snake_case or kys.

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>t. mildly legasthenic

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Based or cringe?

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(912) 536-6204

Have fun!!!!

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Just called and Tim cook picked up. Thanks will send him pics of my Samsung s10.

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>firefox is botnet
so this means why bother? I can just stop giving a shit and use vivaldi?

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if you don't give a shit why not just continue to use firefox?

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Does vivaldi allow for :

1) One line interface
2) Vim like bindings

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t. doesn't use it

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just use it
some times the ui becomes BUGGY but its not critical and its getting better an better every version

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vivaldi is by far the best browser if you don't care about botnet

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Post beautiful PC components, cards boards, cases, etc.

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>Cube case with a whole compartment for pulling the cables through
>modular PSU
How the fuck is this possible? I have a cheap non modular PSU and fit everything behind the tray in my compact atx case.

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I had it and its the worst fucking pad ever made, it does looks good though

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What are you talking about, this is a build by a fairly big technology-oriented website.

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>missing screw on the watercooler

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How do I get the best sound quality from a desktop PC? I use headphones plugged into the rear audio. Should I get a sound card, or headphone amp?

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Brave is the 2nd worst browser ever on Android.
Can't believe I fell for this garbage.

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the chink browsers are even worse

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you can't even open a link in a new tab lol

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Most Chromium mods are top garbage, I can only recall Opera and Yandex being different in terms of UI. Webview wrappers is where it's at, wish we had something like that on desktop.

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what's the best 4K TV for fighting games?

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tekken 7 better

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just bought Tekken 7 yesterday actually

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speaker reccs for under 200 bong dollars ($250)

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just get a tv, it comes with speakers built in

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I have Yamaha HS 80M. They are amazing and very inexpensive for the sound quality you get.

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tannoy 609

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I got the Mission LX-2 and think they're breddy gud.

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HS50M's / HS80M's are the replacement for the NS-10 studio monitors. These are the speakers your albums were mixed and mastered on. Why bother with other shit?

I have 4 of 'em plus the matching powered subwoofer.

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Sup /g/entlemen. For the past three years I've been using my 2 laptops instead of my desktop which was turned into a Kodi box because the laptops (even tho they're not really great spec wise) outperform the desktop.
I think it's time for me to build a new desktop. Now, I've got no idea where to start. I'm a third world slav, so I'm not too rich, but I'm willing to save up some $$$. Preferably, I'd need something like (in order of importance):
- Good CPU (I plan on compiling lots of C/C++, doing a ton of Python and compiling Gentoo -> I'm in CS so I don't mind my shit breaking and tinkering)
- Some small SSD for root/boot and a 1TB hard drive for home
- 16 RAM minimum (I know RAM is a meme, especially when going minimal with Gentoo but I think I'll need it for dev work.)

Honestly that might be it. The GPU could be just enough for basic video playback, I don't plan on doing any heavy shit (gaymers BTFO). Peripherals I'll just get on craigslist for cheap because I don't really care about muh mechanical keyboard.

The problem is I have no idea where to start with motherboards, cooling, power supply, cables.

Gibe advice pls

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>inb4 "just get a thinkpad"

The laptops I'm using are just fine for everything I've been doing so far, I just miss having a desktop I can sit in front of and do some burst programming on a wider keyboard, wider screen and a more powerful machine. Also, compiling Gentoo on a Core Duo would be a hassle, I'm guessing.

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>tfw called mine my "Integrated Referencing/Imaging System" (IRIS) because of childhood autism and cringe
>tfw in my 30s and still calling it that

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>Battlestation and Unified Transistor Turing Heap Operation Launching Engine

i think it's cool. at least it's got chartacter.

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Fizzbuzz And Gaming System

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>Fizzbuzz And Gaming System

also, forgot to ask: is that a boneable character?

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Seek help
You have the big autism

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god i wish that were me

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That CAN'T be legal

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>inb4 mods actually move the thread in >>>/a/ instead of purging it singlehandedly saving the best thread ever happened since last ayano one

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Just installed Gentoo a few days ago, and everything works fine, exept because the wifi inteface isn't deted, while in the gentoo's live cd it worked and it was named wlp something (I installed the system by wifi), now it apears to be named sit0 and Im un ¡able to make it run, recompiled the kernel but I ddn't found wifi drivers for my card (Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter)

Any ideas on what to do?

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you guys are insufferable sometimes

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reinstall gentoo

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But the handbook told me to do it that way, and it's my bible, the main reson for using gentoo: easy documentation.

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Use dwm nigger

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>it was named wlp something (I installed the system by wifi), now it apears to be named sit0
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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Redpill me on <noun> /g/

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<noun> is <opinion>. anyone who disagrees is a <opposer_adjective> shill.

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<noun> is a <three_letter> honeypot.
You should <lethal_activity> for even mentioning <noun> on this website.

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<noun>toddlers BTFO

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itt: <noun>lets

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I want to fall for the CRT meme. Are there ANY new CRTs being made?

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>If you haven't noticed, we're pretty much just making fun of you now.

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>too stupid to realize we're talking about CRT even tho it was the first question
>keeps thinking we're talking about thin monitors with flat-panel tech
>even tho we repeatedly tell him "flat screen crt"
>doubles down and refusing to admit he's retarded
>keeps repeating same flawed bullshit over and over
>even tho half a dozen people tell him he's an idiot
just stop posting

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It's not flat, blind retard.

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I've been using this for years and can say for sure it is the best meme mouse I've ever used. It has the meme handshake grip so I don't have handcramps any more. Plus it has a button I mapped to pagedown on the side so I don't need a scrollwhell. Embrace the meme anon

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Looks like it would be good for a driving game when paired with a steering wheel controller.

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I'm /fit/. I work out for an hour and program for six. You can bet your ass my wrist hurts at the end of a long day

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I have my own dick to hold while browsing, thanks.

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zoomers everybody

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Have you doned made installe yet?

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Yeah i have it on a flash drive with btrfs, works wonders, best distro i use. Too bad my main PC has a fucking radeon which needs proprietary shit blobs for DRI, and the only option is running with llvmpipe or swapping it for a spare 250GTS that has display problems even in Arch.

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install gentoo

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I haven't. I recently installed manjaro though, as I thought it would be a smooth transition to the arch world. I'm liking it so far, but it will only start when I select my desired kernel from the Advanced settings in the grub and not from the regular entry. I guess that's what I get for trying rt kernels without knowing what i'm doing. I guess the meme was real after all.
>Mom, cancel my appointments!

Never had any of these issues when I switched to linux-libre in mint :P

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hyperbola is better due to no systemd

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Parabola has an OpenRC version too.

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A programming bug in the Linux kernel’s user-space crypto API can be exploited by attackers to gain root privileges on a target system. Worse still, several kernel security scene observers also suspect that the use after free memory error could also be exploited by the attacker to execute arbitrary malicious code. For this reason, the vulnerability (CVE-2019-8912) in the NIST’s National Security of Information Database (NIST) is 9.8 out of 10 possible – a critical gap.

All Linux kernels seem to be affected by the introduction of the module af_ag in the 2.6 kernel up to the current version 4.20.11. Although apparently only versions 4.10 and up are vulnerable, because a function that is necessary to exploit the error, was only then installed. Patches for the vulnerability have already been added to current development kernel releases. In which release versions the fix finally lands, is not yet known. Observers expect the bug fix to also feed into older kernel versions than Backport, as only a relatively small change is needed to close the vulnerability.

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*Laughs in CentOS*

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it's af_alg dummy

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>use after free memory error
That's just what happens when you use C.

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What is some other board that is tech related and won't make me feel sad due to amount of retardation and shitposting? /g/ has turned into being 1% of people actually being helpful and knowledge based, while not judging anybody that is starting out or stuck on a problem, to 99% of the board calling each other retarded while not even being in the industry or ever attending a single class of CS college, yet having opinion on it.

I can't take this stupidity anymore, nor do I want to lurk for hours just so I can contribute to those that seek help, while others will come out to point out why the guy asking question is retarded. How the fuck has this board turned into with all the the "who is better and more retarded wars".

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Feels bad man.

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Thanks man, seems nice, see you.

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>/g/ has turned
Pretty sure it was always that way. Phoneposters might have turned it down slighly, but that is pissing into the sun.

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