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Is there anything better than a raspberry pi? Looking for media player/ server to host my stuff.

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Zig thread
Why aren't you coding in Zig?

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Finnish mans computer collection is pretty extensive.

Ari Tomsk has now an own computer history museum: his home.

There is machines everywhere from early 80's to late 90's. At around 2000, the "retro-feel" on computers simply stops so there is no point in collecting more newer things. Everything beyond Windows 98 is "non retro".

There is all in all 1000 computers and consoles combined and of course all the games and accessorioes which run on these machines. They fill an entire house. The man has 2 houses, tho other house is for living in.

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What is /g/ opinion on collecting and analyzing data about oneself? Also, what are some options to do this without botnet? Even better if open sores.
E.g to monitor heartrate, blood glucose levels, sleep, body temperature etc.

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Why is Nvidia so retarded? Stocks are tanking, sales are underperforming terribly and yet they still refuse to drop their prices.

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What are you backup plans /g ?
> be me
> be network guy for 7 years
> realize that one company gained monopoly on jobs where i live and if it goes away i am fucked
> only have some linux/script experience using it at home

What is your backup plan /g if your job goes away and can't find something with same requirements.

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Thoguhts on pointer trails?

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what algorithm to use to generate believable and unique usernames

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I'm replacing my $8 Panasonic Earbuds and want a decent pair of open-air headphones because I need to hear stuff in the room.

I'm looking at Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X for like $70 bucks. Are these good for Music, gaming, and kino?

Can you recommend another set for somewhere in that range give or take $40 bucks?

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>transgender FTM are known to pass better than transgender MTF
>lie at all my tech interviews and mention that I am a transgender FTM and lgbt ally
>totally bomb on all tech questions otherwise
>still get offers from all the big four
holy shit why didn't I think of this earlier

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i got my first smarthphone
what apps i should install?


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If I write important business data on Evernote, how hard would it be for them to find it and exploit it?

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>his keyboard uses a PS2 plug
>not DIN 5

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Will we ever have TV panels as good as OLEDs without the depressing downsides like burn-ins?

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What do you actually do as software dev, explain to me the whole process of your job please.

Does a customer calls your company up and says "hey, we need software for this and this" and then you create a GUI with functionality for whatever the customer needs it for? Be it tracking stuff, calculating or automatization of processes, etc..? What then, do you sell them software or are they paying you monthly/yearly for usage?

There's so much shit thrown about software development, yet I still never heard anyone explain what they actually fucking do or how does their job look like and what they are actually programming most of the time.

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What are you expecting from Google's video game console?

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I am fixing my up home theatre setup and want to be able to use headphone from my coach, which is a long way from my tv. What sort of equipment do I need to set up a wireless system that can broadcast sound from my tv to a receiver that I can plug headphones into?

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For the past two years since I graduated, I've been working as a framework plumber and am now considering going back to school for a master's with a focus on AI. Basic coding jobs whose benefits are any good are now mainly just shoving shit into a database or Java framework, and I feel like I'm better than that since I actually like coding personal projects on the side instead of just making a memehub to make myself look good. However, I'm concerned that AI is as over-saturated as basic coding jobs and that there's a high chance that I'll just waste two years and end up doing the exact same shit as what I'm doing now. Is this the case, or can I still get somewhere with a master's "in AI"?

TL;DR: is AI still viable, or is it saturated to shit too?

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sup /g/, /fit/ here

what do you guys do with binary? Do you have to know binary to code?

is everything really 0s and 1s? what does that even mean


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Is there one that works on both linux and windows and is good? if not is there one for linux that is good and is there one for windows that is good?

by video editing i mean like movie making like windows movie maker.

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Whato does /g/ think of pic related?

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Where should I start ?

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