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Shhhh. Adults are talking.

Lets assume he means GNU/Linux.

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Not a single piece of non-free software, and its been like that for almost a year. im quite proud.

currently running parabola on all my daily use machines, desktop, laptop, and netbook (yes i still have a netbook, shut up its a cute little guy i love him.) and BSD on all my servers.

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Hello /g/,

Is there a book /g/ could recommend to learn javascript? Is there a book worth getting?
I can program, but my experience with javascript very limited. Is there a book which can be at least used as a reference to the language?

pic unrelated

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d-dont say that! its not true!

As long as there is one stalwart fellow out there,
As long as there is one gentoo installation
As long as there is a true neckbeard

The unix way will live on!

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