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Remember to never use ableist, homophobic, racist or sexist language in your ruby project's code of conduct, shitlord. (^:

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>not at all, people will have time to do what they actually want
And in the case of niggers and wetbacks that means more spare time to commit crimes and generaly make peoples lives horrible.

This tech is evil, it will remove the shackles from the garbage that has to be kept in check for society to function.

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Stupid question:

How do you use jQuery to change an inputted number using a JS function and output it in the same box that it was inputted?

Kind of like this converter: http://www.onlineconversion.com/roman_numerals_advanced.htm

I know how to set everything up, the converter function too, except how to apply it so it outputs the value in the same space.

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Congrats, you realized your own shortcomings and wana improve. That makes you far better than the curry niggers who plague our jobs.

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Please don't reply to bait, or at least sage while doing so.

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so if i'm buying in 3 months what card?

Don't really want a house fire 970 but I guess i'll get one if it's really that much cheaper compared to the rx480.

I need a card less than 400cnd.

You were my last hope amd. :(

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first post, best post as always.

It´s also really annoying that the media scanner doesn´t work for files transfered over ftp or other wireless solutions.

I have to reboot my phone after transfering a few mp3´s to get them to show up in music apps. What the fuck?

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/g/ - /asg/ american shit general ?

Chiniese people looking at our cheap wares, opening disputes when we take too long to ship their plastic junk.

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Is 21 too late to get into programming? It seems like everyone started in their mid teens

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If you could go into the past and send yourself a message before you started programming, so you didn't make as many mistakes, what would it be?

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It was the VPN provider's fault. His servers are down. (Still don't understand why it said I successfully connected in the terminal.) Well, once again I have to apologize at the glorious Linux community.

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Europe, I have access to every piece of equipment if you ask about that. But I don't have finances for that kind of stuff.

Further: Intel Xeon X5650 vs X5355 => 5.6 vs 5.4 out of 10 CPUboss general ratings. But i will get 2 of the latter processor for the half money.
I don't want to irritate anyone I just really want this cheep shit to be a good offer...

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>want to program something
>realize it's already been done a million times before by people better than you
like why even bother

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>tfw gf won't let me switch to android.

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Normally it´s at least the site itself + some .cdn adress to get a website to function in a useful way.

I´m staring to wish java script would be purgend from the web

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he probabbly meant js and that shit is annoying as fuck.

Don´t wan´t to have js enabled at all times, but if I want to use a website I have to spend 5-15 seconds on every page whitelisting shit so I can actually see content

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O-.......Oh my........

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i'm learning the basics of javascript and i'm having a hard time understanding one script

what does that line mean ?
var elmts = elmt.getElementsByTagName("*");

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>Medion keyboard
I'm going to be sick.

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Every time I see someone post "I know the rules are X, but I'm too special to follow them" here's what I think:

* You're a fucking asshole because you think your personal problem trumps everything else on /g/
* You're a fucking dumbass because you don't know how to search the catalog for the stupid question generals
* The mods are lazy pieces of shit that never do their job

Hey mods if you're reading this, how about removing the tech support clause (since you guys don't enforce it) and just write something like "GO TO THE STUPID QUESTIONS THREAD IF YOU NEED HELP, DO NOT START A NEW THREAD"

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>c++20 includes a networking module that blends boost::asio with curl. the network programming world is changed forever

>c++23 includes a gui library with signals and slots, driving the last nail in qt7's coffin. creating a window is as simple as auto window = std::gui::window<std::gui::screen_device,std::vector<std::gui::input_device>>. linus has a panic attack and is hospitalized

>c++26 integrates a java vm and google's v8 engine, accessible through std::jvm and std::js respectively. std::gc<> allows for the creation of garbage-collectible refs. the last remaining gcc developer commits suicide.

>some time in between c++29 and c++32, all members of the standards committee except for bjarne strousop and herb sutter mysteriously vanish. all c++ code is now written on a single line, and only the value/function/template std::bjarne and std::sutter may be used

>by c++38, all c++ code on the planet has gained sentience. the standards committee is now made up of one member that is a functor in a template class called BjarneSutter. the standard is 17,000 pages long and is itself written in c++

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>can't handle the k-radditude

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