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>google sticky
>apple sticky
>intel sticky

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don't you dare put quotes on that, I'm a real hacker uwu
by the way the vulnerability wasn't on NASA's end you mongrel, it was in the third party voting bullshit

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Looks pretty good actually.

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>but I trust this russian botnet.

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majestouch 2 tkl

it's not like they make a large range on keyboards

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Use IEMs if you're in public a lot:

Shure SE215
RHA MA750 / MA750i
Yamaha EPH-100
Xiaomi Piston 3

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What laptops would /g/ recommend for an ME student running Solid Works and stuff?

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i don't even understand how one can be so wrong

that's just, wow

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Gygabyte GTX980
Intel i7 3930k hexacore
Asus Deluxe X99 MB
32GB Corsair Dominator 3200mhz

Fails to run Witcher 3 (even turned hairworks etc off), Dragon Age Inquisition, Farcry Primal, Fallout 4 and pretty much mot tripple A titles on full gfx at 60fps... it splutters between 50-60fps, mostly around 55, oh and this is after fucking overclocking it by 200mhz.. it's even got really good cooling also that keeps it to 50C..

I just hope the GTX1080 has the power to give a consistent 60fps in triple A games.. and is less of a failure, I'll be waiting for it to be cheaper because I know it probably wont be worth full price.

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>computers are only about hardware!

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inb4 9590

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Win7. You will get kicked from our university WiFi if you use Linux

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>Risking your job over cheap junk

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Really, anon.

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>dentist walks in
Are ya brushing son?

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>taking comments from retards on google play
>"average android user"

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>pretending to be Windows
>It asked me if I really want to run the setup.exe
>I said yes

You deserved it.

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>tfw Nexus 6
>tfw using 5.1

I can't believe you plebs still buy non google branded phones.

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>"Hey Anon, have you got that working?"
>"Uh... Yeah, have you?"
>"No, can you take a look at it?"
>"Sure, lemme see your code."
>He's using regular old Notepad.
>"Uh... What's not working?"
>"The program doesn't compile and run."
>"What do you mean?"
>He closes notepad and shows me "Lab6.cpp.txt" on his desktop
>Double clicks it and Notepad opens

>"Hm, weird. Ask the prof."

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What amazeballs fun projects did I miss except harold.py? Show them off now!

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PA Gapps is kill, Euroskank causes crashing, is there any minimal Gapps package that works with the CyanogenMod 12 nightlies?

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