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>tfw you got a god like binned fx 6300
>tfw your AIO keeps it cool
>tfw your room is cool

feels good man

Shit CPU still.

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Maybe net neutrality won't be so bad?

Maybe it's really just to jab the big boys like Netflix for extra spaghetti funding, and we will still have decent speeds. Do you really need gigabit connections just to browse hentai and Steam on 1 personal machine?

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Any good alternatives to PRTG? Running an ~8000 sensor setup at the moment but the inflexibility and shitty UI is testing my patience.

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What's the difference between NAS and SAN?

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Me on the left

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The order of the letters.

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um no sweetie

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Me as the coat

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NAS is the storage hardware.

SAN is how the network equipment for IP endpoints to connect to said NAS.

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RAM prices keep on rising. How long will this trend continue?

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Until People stop buying it.

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Which edgy anticapitalist subredd*t did you pull that one off of?

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>RAM prices keep on rising

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Thanks OP just bought 1000 RAM sticks
shall be reselling them when the price hits the peak

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Jesus christ guys! I thought reddit was just bullshitting about net neutrality but it's real...

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>i was only pretending to be retarded

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> it was just a prank guys, come on

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the saddest worst of tongue and pen,

are "reddit was right, again"

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>"CTFs... capture the flag... the Olympics of Hacking"


cringiest fucking shit I've ever heard

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That bit early in Season 2 where it shows him putting on the mask for the first time and it goes full on LE EPIC ANONYMOOS. I can forgive most of Season 1 but god damn that was awful.

It has nothing to do with that. I don't give a shit what /g/ thinks about me. If something is genuinely cringey and difficult to look past, I'm not going to continue watching it. Most people gave Mr Robot's pilot shit for the whole Gnome/KDE discussion, but I thought that was fine. In fact I think the whole first season is great. Would probably make a good film if you condensed it down.

I couldn't make it past the first episode solely because of OP. How on earth could it redeem that? Is it like a "He was in Prison the whole time" 4D chess style switcheroo?

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Don't you know about CTFs you stupid fucking lamer?

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So many parts. But the scene where he meets that asian guy then says in his mind,
"He's trolling me" made me cringe the most.

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What, how? The last ep was full of fucktarded "twists" and Disney-movie tier writing.
I really don't see how you can say it was good enough to redeem everything.

>Is it like a "He was in Prison the whole time" 4D chess style switcheroo?
I wish it had something like that. Instead it has "Luke, I am your father", "I'm actually gay and fucked white rose lol", axeman anger issues, THE RUSSIANS WERE THE REAL EVIL AND MANIPULATING EVERYTHING ALL ALONG, Mr Robot and Elliot being more similar than either of them wants to admit, hugs and friendship, and ultimately turning back time.
It's complete garbage, the show should have simply ended after S1. Everything after is just way too contrived and stupid.

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Weekends are the perfect time to make fresh backups and verify your existing backups. Storage failute happens to everyone eventually, it's only a matter of time. Be smart about it and make a copy of all of you most important files now, and avoid regret later.

But it's just as important that the backups you already made are actually valid. Check them, try restoring from them. One way backups aren't really backups.

And if you can, spend a few hours automating your backups if possible. Humans forget stuff all the time, a cron-job or a scheudled task won't forget.

For some backups solutions you can visit https://harddrives.always.fail/

That is all, have a lovely weekend.

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Does anyone actually use Haiku?

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I did for a while. It's gloriously efficient, probably the best performing OS I've ever used. It's just really incompatible with a lot of stuff. Used it for about 8 months before giving it up.

If you want to try it, might be good for a HTPC or something like that.

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Ever since i got my first smartphone about a year ago i feel as if i've steadily been going dumber. It takes more time to think about simple problem solving, i usually forget what i was going to search for. Plus applications take way too much time from my life.
Keep in mind i am young (20) and i don't smoke nor drink.

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no, you just start to realise youre a brainlet
besides you're wasting time on 4chan & it's worse than apps

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You can call me a brainlet if you want. The thing is i feel even dumber every fucking day with this obsessive POS

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Watch Luke Smiths' video on where he didn't have internet at his house for 2 years. He says it removed a big element of distraction from his daily life while at home, which allowed him to delve deeper into his interests. The biggest issue with smartphones could be the accessibility to easy distractions which could be the problem you're having

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Thank you

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i had a silly dream, where i archieved an package by postsend servide. well, as he gave the littlecard, he said: "this is from CodeHarvest.com.

>so me watch over this page
>type in codeharvest.com
>browser do not response
>claim it would take to long time to connect

So i tried everylittle thing to connect to such a page, but there is nothing. everytime, every browser dont do shit.
this page is some big secret for me.

if there is any body out there which knew how to connect to such a page, then please tell me the way or send me screenshots from the page.
again the domain is: www.codeharvest.com

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u dont have to click 'that shit'
just tell me how to connect.
or rather what could be the problem. please

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archive.org has a few snapshots
currently it's "coming soon"
13 years ago it was redirected to codeharvest.net which is a roach forum about something.


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this is crazy, if it would be down there should be an sign like this by google: "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED"

but they claim this:

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great, thank you.

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Is Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 the best version of XP?

Can i just use the evaluation version that is free on MS?

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opinion discarded

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Just use WES7 or POSReady 7

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4chan is an anime imageboard. If you don't like anime you should switch to reddit, your favorite anime free and tech friendly forum. You are from the /pol/ generation, since you don't know the roots of 4chan, so just stfu

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reactos is best XP

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newfag spotted. It just so happens to be bottom of the barrel anime, though

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win7 and Android not detecting MiFi router.


a router hard reset.
tcp/ip reset.
reinstall network adapter (TL-WN725N).
adding router manually.
disable WPS.
change router's ip and SSID.
put thr SIM inside the non working phone.

nothing worked =(

i was able to connect both the first day i got the MiFi. this problem happened the VERY next day!

strangly..Puppy Linux detects it running in a virtualbox inside that same PC.

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I'm not specifically familiar with the MiFi, but try changing the wireless channel and channel bandwidth. Sometimes language/localisation settings will stop specific wifi configurations from working.

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the channel have "auto only

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Width or the actual channel? Are you connecting to 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

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The biggest redpills against open-source is starting open-source project, majorly contributing to open-source project, or open-sourcing established normal project.


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article is down and no snapshots on archive.org/is
am I supposed to read the comments to get any arguments to you thoughtful post?

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nevermind, just broken redirection

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Letting others willingly exploit your work doesn't give you good feelings.


Try starting something or taking reins over another project.

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Holy shit /g/, am I the only one that has problem choosing a new mouse?
Too many gaming or chink wireless mice. It seems producers doesn't care about people who works with PC and everything is a joke.

Which mouse /g/ use?

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Steelseries Raw. Feels great, very reliable, comparatively little rice.

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get silent mouse like the logitech m330

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newfag here, how do I exactly use eMule?

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yes, all the copies on there are VHS-quality sadly

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is this 2004

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I personally think eMule is still one of the best options for sharing files.

Bittorrent sucks.

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Pro tip #1

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Why don't you know the free software song yet? I sing it everytime I boot up my GNU/Linux system.

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Post mainstream technology only numales would ever buy

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All the males I've met who were using iPhones were fucking pussies!

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>All the males I've met who were using iPhones were fucking pussies!
So you fucked them?

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They're probably just CIA backdoors anyway..

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Just use Tor if you are such a security faggot.

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>Muh exit node
The thing it's more secure than your regular internet connection.

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it is interesting how they have smeared Tor so much that /g/ cucks have been led to believe corporate VPN's are better for security.

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When will RAM prices go down again?

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More than double in price since 2016.

Where do I bet on ram prices /g/?

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>he is not aware

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Fucking retards just keep paying the ram Jew. I'd be interested to see some charts that show if sales are dropping off because people are not willing to pay any more.

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>bought 8 gigs of DDR3 four years ago for 45 bucks
>want to upgrade with another 8gig stick
>costs $79
That wasn't even the same stick I had, that was just the cheapest compatible one. The current stick im using costs 90 bucks now.

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