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>more than twice as expensive as the 2600, worse performance, hotter
I fucked up, and I will never buy another Intel product again.

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Sign a contract and then fight it in court if something goes wrong. Chances are it's unenforceable and they're just hoping you're gullible enough to do whatever they say.

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C++ is good for machine learning or should choose another language?

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nvm I figured it out

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Now there is literally not a single reason to keep using Cuckfox

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>chrome canary disabled the revert to old UI option

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/mkg/ - 30% Edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Use the buyer's template
>Group Buys
Deskthority, Geekhack, Massdrop
>Keyboard wiki

Previous Thread >>68890837

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why does nobody optimize anymore?

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poo in loos that companies outsource cant google it

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Memory exists to be abused. Sacrificing memory efficiency for computing efficiency is smart-tier. Sacrificing memory efficiency for quicker dev times is business-tier.

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They do. It's just web and mobile shitters who don't and ruin everything for everybody else.

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>mfw 3nm in 2020

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Welcome to the future, we GAA now.
TSMC is matching Samsung on this front.

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That will be an insanely complicated process with a metric fuckload more steps than even current finFET nodes.

The cost will be so high that it will only be used for top of the line Data center CPU's and the highest end smartphones.

I am curious what the leakage would look like. If its as low as i think it could be they could get some pretty insane clocks at very low voltages.

Lower voltages means less heat. Less heat means higher stable clocks without overheating the silicon.

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Autists believing all these bullshit announcements right before exec bonuses are measured at the end of the year.
Imagine being this easily fooled.

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it says 2021

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I thought ~4nm was the limit for stuff like this? Don't electrons just start jumping the gates at this point?

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Two important questions /g/:

1. Will my computer still overheat if I take all the parts out of the case, seal them in baggies and put them in an ice bath?

2. Is there a way to open up a computer and use the heat as a grill for food?

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Seriously guys help, my grill is broken

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Post the old shot you use day-to-day or for kicks, /g/

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I raise a MacBook Pro with an express card slot

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working apple IIe for $50 on CL, good deal?

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post em, no cleaning or changing

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Old: >>68920724
What are you working on, /g/?

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Old thread: >>68920724

What are you working on, /g/?

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Try both and look at the outputted assembly (with optimisations on).
I wouldn't be surprised if the compiler optimised them both to the same thing.

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Front end: you get more flack from customers and from higher-ups who hear about customers bitching because you're what you're doing is directly seen by the customer. But at the same time most of it you can mentally brush off as being the back-end's fault.
Back end: there's more actual pressure on you because what you do makes or breaks the business's business logic, but you're fairly isolated from it unless something REALLY fucks up.

Generally I'd recommend back-end for anyone who has a traditional background because front-end programming is just SO fucking minutia and framework vocational-driven rather than abstract algorithm driven.

As for Spring vs Asp.Net, that's a tough one. I think Asp.Net is growing right now whereas Spring is declining right now, but Spring still has a slightly larger market share. .Net has the boost of netcore, but hopefully Spring will have the boost of modern partner-languages like Kotlin to soon enough. Basically I think both are fine choices. Spring is probably stronger, but C# is overall more pleasant to work with (so long as you're OK with Microsoft products).

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Thanks for the in-depth answer! I'll probably go with Spring just because I have more experience with java but I'll likely dip my toes in C#/.Net eventually.

I also like the idea of the backend, I wouldn't mind the heavy lifting and building apis.

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I'm working on my mpd client, written in scheme. I've just added the ability to define commands from user-loaded scheme code. So I can write
(define-command (w name)
(playlist-save! name))

in my rc.scm, and then type ":w <name>" in the client to save the current playlist.

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so for the former i get this
mov eax, OFFSET FLAT:scrn
mov edx, OFFSET FLAT:scrn+2048
pxor xmm0, xmm0
add rax, 64
movaps XMMWORD PTR [rax-64], xmm0
movaps XMMWORD PTR [rax-48], xmm0
movaps XMMWORD PTR [rax-32], xmm0
movaps XMMWORD PTR [rax-16], xmm0
cmp rdx, rax
jne .L2

for the latter i get this
mov edx, OFFSET FLAT:scrn
xor eax, eax
mov ecx, 256
mov rdi, rdx
rep stosq

and this is with -O3 optimizations on. seems like the latter is much more efficient.

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IT work advice thread, I guess. I don't really know where else to post this, since this is /g/ career stuff.

to preface; I work for a larger state agency, at the lowest position in IT outside of administrative staff.

6 months ago a promotion/position was created, for me. This position has all of my responsibilities. I am an admin for SCCM, windows systems administrator for 15+K devices. I routinely create scripts and fix problems. I was screened out of that promotion, which is a 20k/yr raise. After 6 months, it was filled.

Since I'm work/school full time, I decided for stability's sake, I will train this new person. I do so, honestly. This person doesn't know what a gateway is, how SCCM functions, what SCCM is, what a task sequence, power shell or what anything remotely technical is, and rebukes all work that is not spelled out in my technical how-to's I wrote. Such as creating a customer facing terminal for windows 10, he just said he won't do it, he doesn't know how and there is no SOP on how exactly to do it.

His position is higher than my supervisor and reports directly to the assistant director, they both 'argue' because he requires micro management. I, for all intents and purposes, am his supervisor and instruct him to do busy work as I take on the projects that he can't do.

Now - there is a massive raise across IT that was announced today, I will get $75 a month raise, and he will be getting $300 a month raise.

I've tried my hardest to remain calm, but I this is my breaking point. Next monday I will be given employee of the year, for IT, and the director of the entire state agency will be there. I feel like rejecting this award and walking out.

thoughts? similar experiences?

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Last time I worked for a government agency the fag manager hired a bunch of cocksuckers who didn't know how to do anything. I suggest you suck up and get used to it, or develop a taste for dick.

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>makes integrated GPU great again
wtf I love Intel now

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We still have to see about that. I doubt Intel has anything to offer until at least 2020.

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I guess maybe for cheap laptops? Or just people who don't know anything about computers since Intel puts their IGP in fucking everything.

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muh raw computation
oh so gayming benchmarks don't matter all of a sudden?
when raja was at amd it did

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15W vs 45-65W

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>use qutebrowser with QtWebkit
>have 3rd-party cookies disabled by default
>solving captcha is literally impossible, even if you do everything right it still says it's wrong

>use qutebrowser with QtWebengine
>can't disable 3rd-party cookies in PyQt 5.10 and 5.11 is not yet done in gentoo
>literally never have to solve captcha, just check the box and it werks(tm)

fuck the botnet

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nvm I figured it out

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The Jew is immunized against all dangers...

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It's not just qt its common with blink based browsers too. Ironically, Firefox has better captcha support. Apparently, reCaptcha doesn't actual give a shit about your answer. It's a complicated mix of cookies, your behavior and the answers and behavior of other people that solve the captcha. Sometimes browsers fuck with the balance and goolge thinks you're a robot.Click on the sound version and they'll tell you.

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Yeah the answers doesn't matter. The point is that you can't use the internet without google having a cookie on every website that you visit. Disgusting.
I used to use Icecat with uMatrix and had fewer problems with captcha, but in qute with 3rd party cookies disabled it's literally impossible to solve.
Can't wait until that motherfucker implements uMatrix in qute (it's WIP) and if it makes captcha stop working then I'll never post here again, fuck it.

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why haven't you made the switch to powering your whole system with m3 pci-e SSDs within external USB3 enclosures?

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nvme i figured it out

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> within external USB3 enclosures
Wat. You just insert these things into m.2 or PCI-E slots [the latter with a cheap adapter].

That is, if you even need multiple. Frankly, it's more likely that you'll just pile up HDD after that for bulk storage.

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I don't have money.

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what would be the approx perf. hit running usb3 versus pci-e (with adapter) ?

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make some you lazy ass

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>HDD has 27gigs of space
>leave PC running for 3 days straight
>HDD now has 1.5 gigs of space
>restart PC
>HDD doesnt go back up to 27 gigs
>instead has some random number like 14gigs free

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Temp files folder.

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Give it back.

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Windows. It pulls updates, it does things with system restore points, it has files for hibernation and swap and superfetch, and so on.

It's clearer if you observe what you find in windirstat or some other 3rd party tool.

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I have Windows 8.1 and it LOVES spamming log files, too. Even for random mundane shit that as a user you don't actually need to know, or at the very least informs you of non-pressing matters. I constantly have to go into admin tools and wipe all the logs, and there'll be like freaking hundreds going back just a few days. No fucking wonder my SSD drive seems to be dying so fast.

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one piece of software uses 23MB ram and 1 process to edit text
the other piece of software uses 400MB ram and 12 processes to edit text

can you guess which one is which?

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electron allows you to write modules in c or c++ and the front end is javascript so just about anyone can write extensions for it.

>> No.68931612

VS Code runs really well and doesn't take 1+GB so i'm satisfied.

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Need? What is this "need" you're talking about? That word doesn't exist in the modern Software development lingo.

They used it because that's what they were using. It fulfilled their requirements. What was important was that it was sufficient, not that it was necessary.

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(and that there was no alternative other than making their own UI technology)

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>2013 went off the radar for some reason.
too bad because it's easily the fastest

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Is Windows LTSC functional for sharing drivers and printers on LAN? Some cafe internet owner wants me to make his network, but he doesn't want metro apps, so my first thought is installing LTSC because Windows 7 isn't an option neither.

Also, is there any recommendation for locking the pc's on lan? Some alternatives I've found are full of ads. Or should I be adventurous and make my own ssh based locking script?

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nvm I figured it out

>> No.68930782

I PM'd you the solution ;)

>> No.68930799

?asking a tech question on g??

>> No.68930839

Not asking for the solution, just if LTSC might be good for it and if you guys know about network locking software.

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which one?

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I like having the editing and arrow keys for certain things.

I like having the number pad, too, but I feel like a good separate pad provides additional functionality over the keyboard-integrated one while also saving space (you don't have to leave it on your desk and plugged in all the time: you can stow it in a drawer until you need it). So I'd go with TKL and a USB numpad.

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I don't get why people don't put the number pad on the other side of the keyboard making it a whole lot more useful.

>> No.68931306

Because users are accustomed to using their dominant hand for the number pad, which for most people is their right. Putting it on the left would make that awkward.

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the true patrician taste

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