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I don't get you people. People think I'm paranoid for using DuckDuckGo, but if you are so paranoid that DuckDuckGo isn't private enough, then nothing is.

Call me naive, but I trust the legally binding document that says that they don't store user data. So what if the CEO has a checked past? So what if they are based in the United States? There is no evidence that they are compromised.

And if you think that this website is secretly logging IP Addresses, fingerprinting (yes, I am aware that they were claimed to have been fingerprinting), then access DuckDuckGo through Tor, unless that is compromised too.

My point is that DuckDuckGo has flaws, but it's not like they are some sort of trap.

This is in response to some comments I've seen on this sub about DDG "exploiting users" and being "all marketing."

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>The Internet Defense League takes the proven tactic that killed SOPA & PIPA and turns it into a permanent force for defending the internet, and making it better. Think of it like the internet's Emergency Broadcast System, or the bat signal! When the #CatSignal shines, the internet comes together. Our next move: defending net neutrality.

Holy fuck the cringe

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I know /g/ is gonna go on full on fuck-this-thread mode, but how the hell do I begin to learn programming/coding? Where the hell do I start?

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make something

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Is this outdated?

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I lol'd.
You should probably take this mouth-fedora shit to >>>/fa/ though.

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how the fuck is he allowed to make such blatant shilling videos and still claim to be "neutral"


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/g/ is an Apple hate echo chamber.
They're really not that bad.

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his fanbase doesnt allow for it, see his iPhone Xs video

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>makes shit with way less features than competitors
>prices it double that of competitors
>makes a cult to brainwash innocents into propagating their business
>takes anti-consumer decisions and scams people in the name of repair
>practices planned obsolescence

"really not that bad"

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It wasn't sponsored by the phone company and you can find other videos praising this phone elsewhere. You're just jelly desu.

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>he's not a shill because he praised the phone in other videos
>the company totally didn't pay him for that btw

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I've been learning the flask framework to launch my websites, but im already on the 4th chapter of the flask mega tutorial and i feel so fucking lost, i just think its not noob friendly, i need a framework that is noob friendly so i can just launch this shitty website, im almost giving up :(

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Its not a portfolio site, its an actual web application that will have traffic and users. thanks ill check php, any tips on where to start?

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Unironically just read the manual, it has everything.


You can set up apache or easy install with a LAMP / MAMP / WAMP stack depending on your OS.

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don't follow flask mega tutorial yet. Follow the official flask tutorial
It doesn't use any external plugins. And tutorial is well written

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Nodejs is pretty okay because same language frontend as back. I use Twisted Python for pretty much all my backends.

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Express for NodeJS is what I used and it was extremely beginner friendly when I had no fucking idea how to backend. It's definitely my recommendation, and way more friendly than other stuff like Flask, PHP/Laravel or Ruby/Rails.

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i am going to create a usb flash drive for running vms with qemu+kvm
is this a legit choice of host os?
>inb4 vmware esxi
i would if i could

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Anyone how to tell grafcet and sfc apart?

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Basically no difference, they accomplish the same thing.

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why would I use linux when windows just works?

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Yeah because having my screen shared and contents of my hard drive continuously uploaded to some sketchy servers on the other side of the planet, just so squeeling faggots can't cheat for extra magical numbers in a video game is totally worth it.

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But it does just werk tho. I'd go back to linux immediately if it would be half as useful as windows.
>t. former linux network admin of a collage

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clearly hasn't tried csgo/dota, both free to play.

Still has an entry high percentage, but that's to be expected.

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The only excuse is being incompetent and use windows

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Well, they could try making better software then. I'm seeing a lot of games using "Easy anticheat" now. Not sure how it works.

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Is Void Linux good?

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I want to create an interface similar to this, but with git log. What should I write it in? Any tips? I'm thinking of constantly fetching the repo and outputting a formatted git log and sending it over a websocket.

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I'd just always generate a html page with a script and then just constantly overwrite the old file. Sure, its not a "nice" method, but it's simple and should just work.

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This. GUI frameworks are a clusterfuck and bloated as hell. Just pump out HTML (Or just AJAX it in).

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I did a shell script for something similar
git log --oneline | while read hash comment
date=$(git show -s --format=%ci $hash)
printf '%s\t%s\n' "$date" "$comment"

This is just plaintext because it's for a gopher, but it's simple to wrap it in HTML

cat <<-HTML
<title>Git log</title>

git log --oneline | while read hash comment
date=$(git show -s --format=%ci $hash)
printf '<tr><td>%s</td><td>%s</td></tr>' "$date" "$comment"

cat <<-HTML

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This is the future that Republicans want.

/g/ has and will always be pro net-neutrality.

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>>internet is cheaper and faster than ever

[citation needed]

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This is a complete and utter like, fake news, just like all the hype around nn. Just because the law allows for it to happen doesn't mean it will. I'm an insider at AT&T and doesn't it make sense for Netflix, who takes up more bandwidth than anyone to pay more for using the same line as you? Shouldn't video and audio be prioritized over normal web traffic? Not having nn keeps the internet fair and more free than having nn. Kill yourself if you drink that libcuck kolaid.

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>Big corporations won't take advantage of me


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ISPs aren't going block your access to Netflix overnight and charge for it because they know how much bad press it'll attract.

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it's funny how brainlets don't understand that the Republicans and Democrats are just 2 factions of a single party, the business party.

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Sounds familiar?
>Only 4 supported titles on the span of 4 years
>Same hype as RTX, same ""promises"" of support as RTX, only 4 years older
>Nvidia good
>Nvidia Innovate!
>Most people nowdays doesn't even know wtf is that.
Wtf, doesn't people realize that this is the same as RTX?
Is this wasted money of R&D? Could this money have been spent on the development of better GPUs?

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Hairworks was available to everyone and never gained traction because you needed high end hardware to take advantage for minor graphical improvements. Geralt's hair looked like spaghetti too, it was only good on the monsters and shit.
As much as I hate RTX it's in a better position because it's hardware gated by nvidia, for now at least. If you have an RTX card you can benefit at some setting. Whether or not it will be another hairworks depends on whether developers actually take advantage of it to a point that it's not just a neat gimmick.

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Did they kill physx?

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you seem upset

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You bet I am
What to upgrade from my 1060 to?
400$ + is not justifyable for a damn entry level GPU
With same VRAM, too

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Nvidia was doing that since a loooong time. Features like phisx and tessellation were stubornly kept in house an only developers who closely colaborated with nvidia could meaningfully implement them in their games.

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Let's forget about business, productivity and other alienating shits.
Among the bazillions of meme languages that came out if the past decade which one is you favorite and which one do you use?
Julia, Rust, Crystal, Elixir, Kotlin, Clojure, Go, Nim etc, etc…

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Hey guys. How can i hack a facebook account WITHOut email ?pls help

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install system32

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Is Gentoo a meme /g/?

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No, it's actually unironically good.

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It's good.

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"Install Gentoo" is a meme but Gentoo itself is a pretty good operating system.

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Would be better if Portage did real sources without patches to make it work more like LFS with manual update scripts

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no anon. it clearly works.

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Best option for silent mice and keyboard? Best option for a graphics card for Q9550?

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Topre Realforce
Logitech MX518

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Check out this epic fail fellow phoneposters

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Feel free to reblog this to reddit

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>be me
>I like this open source program (mplayer)
>I would like to contribute but I am not a programmer
>the documentation in my language is incomplete
>I join the mailing list
>"Hello everyone, I want to work on the documentation of my language"
>I unsubscribe a couple of days later because nobody answers me

Any suggestions for a project that needs translation in Spanish?
the project must have a m$ windows version

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I agree that part of the open source community are full of racist shit

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what are you talking about Eduardo

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Wel... I grew up on everything on computer/phone being english... Try playing might and magic 9 without knowing english and you start to learn some english. But still. For really small and retarded children we can give some local language

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>only documentation
same shit applies. Why do you need documentation in your language? Learn english. I am lithuanian and first documentation I look at is english one.

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>For really small and retarded children we can give some local language
what would they even be doing on the computer besides playing a game and watching a youtube video, still doesnt require non-english software

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WTF is this defualt DPI scaling in manjaro

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And they say windows DPI scaling is bad. LOL

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Coming from kevin os because you faggots keep redpilling this shit. Tried disabling the scaling to no avail.

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have you tried this? type scaling into search go display click scaling

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OP is fat

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install gentoo faggot

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