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TouchVPN has been compromised and BetterNet
is slow as fuck.

Which VPN do you guys use?

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How do I get Tor to download faster? I basically only use the internet to download photos and videos from Tor

what can I do to speed up downloads?

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>help me, my kiddy porn doesn't download fast enough
seek a career path in NSA or FBI, you'll get access to all the kiddy porn you want (you probably won't get through screening tho)

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You can't thread your own post faggot

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>A store where everyone is actually dressed and not in their pajamas
>not a single nigger to be seen
>probably not a drop of HFCS in those foods
Never again, lads... never again...

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>tfw your internet browsing history is so toxic and perverted you are ineligible for any job where this can be checked.

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there's a nigger working the #5 register

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What can people find about you by googling your name? Is your online identity the same as the real one? Do you have your real name publicly visible online? How much can people find about you by just googling your name?

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If you were sent alone and without any resources back in time (say 1500's), how far would you be able to progress society with the knowledge you already know during the span of your lifetime?
Assuming you are earning high income and you are of a high class, thus you can finance yourself to work on research and development your whole life.

Would you be able to invent electricity, the light bulb or even a proto-computer?

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No, I can't do any of that shit. I can make an electromagnet with a chemical battery, some copper wire and a nail. That's the limit of my engineering knowledge.

All I could do is convince a world power I have future knowledge and then secure a comfy life for myself by bartering my knowledge of future events. I would do my best to convince fuckers that space is possible and it should be privatized so we can get SpaceX rolling around 1950 like it should have been. We'd be on fucking Mars already.

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electricity/electromagnetism I could probably do. I also might be able to do refrigeration and an internal combustion engine over time. I dont really know how to make a vacuum or how to build transistors/resistors, so I dont think I'd be able to do a light bulb or computer. If I found someone actually smart who didnt think I was a heretic or something to team up with and point in the right direction, I could probably accomplish exponentially more than by myself

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Will finish school in a month, want to know if I'll have any future from C# programming and if it is a dead language.

Should i learn something else?

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C# was never dead it's used in a lot of business applications/websites, in fact since it got open-sourced and now runs on any platform it's getting popular with hipsters as well.

Anyone who says it's dead probably didn't had a real job as a computer programmer.

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>t. Python code-barista

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learn Java, it should be very easy for you

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all languages other than javascript are dying. the future is javascript on all 3 layers.

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I tried programming for android and i find it really annoying :/

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Staying on Windows 10 or trying another OS?
Asus X200MA netbook

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You have to do a lot of manual tweaking to Windows 10 to get it running well on a crappy netbook like that.

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How the fuck do i bypass this?

I cant get into boot mode

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By some miracle i got into the BIOS, i will post pics of every screen

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Wypipo always assume everything locked ever is stolen, not op but bro gave me a phone once and it was locked, sprint store assumed i stole it and almost called cops. Btfo when i called my bro and he helped me reset in the store

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Hello /g/,

I have come to this board with a question regarding speakers.

Pic related, I have these speakers for quite some time now and throughout the years alot of dust has accumulated in the bass ports.
Now I dont know what effect this has on the speakers itself, but Im determined to clean them.

How do i do it?
Tl;dr how to clean bass port

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I live in student apartment so electricity is part of my rent. Also I have gtx 1070 which coins I should mine and what program to use?

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mine monero and hold onto it
ignore the eth circlewankers

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>so electricity is part of my rent
I'd still check if there's any kind of limit.

My dorm sent me a warning a month after I installed a third fridge that they'd bump my rent.

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Develop your own bitcoins and get people to mine it. Even if you own 10% of all athe coins you will be rich and successful like Donald Trump and maybe your son will be President of America

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Pick none.


Read this for what to mine.

Just remember it creates a lot of noise and heat.

It's a lot easier to just buy the coins instead of mining.

Buy bitcoins on coinbase and exchange half of your bitcoins for alt coins when there's a dip.

Go on /biz/ (kek) to see what others are buying.

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No limits I live in Finland. And I don't live in dorm this is 2 bedroom 40m^2 apartment.

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upgrading my monitor

144hz 1440p or 4k 60hz?

no fanboy shit posting here just gimme the straight dope

also post god tier non-shill tech youtubers as pics with your comment

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What are your specs? Would you actually be able to run shit at 4K 60hz?

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1440p 144hz because video games

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Name a single reason, besides autism, why would anyone use Linux.

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Done down with the obscenities buddy, we're not 12 and you don't have to impress anyone

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Media/file server

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go fuck yourself you dick licking shitbag

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Wtf are you even trying to say here?
Are you unironcially trying to argue that PC gaming is the biggest reason why linux isn't popular among normies?

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If Linux is so great for non-gaming tasks then why does every business pay through the nose for Windows and Microsoft's server software? If Linux is better why don't they use that?

Also kek at all the butthurt linuxfags projecting ITT

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What's it with the Apple shilling recently?

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th-this is gonna work in the end right?

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it shouldn't make things worse

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I am looking for a laptop that does webbrowsing, documents & schoolshit, movies, music and minecraft
should be under 500€

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refurbished thinkpads, toshiba and asus

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>RX580 is $700
fucking miner faggots kys

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>got my 470 for $120

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Are you haeving problem?

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It's 300€ here.

How much money you can make by mining with gtx 1070?

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I can buy one new from ncix for $380 cad? ?Just need to wait 3 weeks cause back order...

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I'm trying to make some extra money.
Anybody interested in hacking other accounts contact me.

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Reported to gmai

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hack moot

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Sup /g/ i am in the market to get a second 2k monitor for 300 usd any suggestions thanks in advance.

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Why is it that so many technology-inclined people like Japanese cartoons and other similar images?

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Why are there so many cheating/ntr doujinshi? Even if you find what looks like a good one, it's not tagged ntr or anything, you get your dick out and suddenly it's a story about a girl cheating on her bf or husband. NTR just makes me rage, I don't know how people can fap to it.

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>so many

Only on here. I've seen plenty of anime lovers IRL who don't know shit about tech. I, as a tech savvy individual have zero interest in gook cartoons or even gaming for that matter.

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only anime i can get into is gits when im stoned other anime i dunni i guess if youre on meth you can keep up with it

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Because real-life is so horrible it's nice to escape into someone elses imagination for a while.

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Let's see some aesthetic desktops.

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pick three

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thats a eyesore unless youre on acid constantly

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i fucking miss napster stupid nazi metallica being bootlickers for the riaa fuck you

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fuck off to your containment board fucklord

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No, monero is the next big thing

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>winblows 10
eat shit and die

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You should eat shit and die too, you use Winshit and you even are a fucking namefag. Cancer

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>winblows 10
eat shit and die

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