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/emacs/ general ma dudes,
Do you use the default keybindings? I don't dislike them but I fear for my pinky.
What would you say that are the essential packages everyone should use?

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I've written a poem

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How does it feel to know you'll never be as smart or as cool as me
Because you're still using Ubuntu not OpenBSD

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me too

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Why was it so comfy to use web in the early 00's?

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It wasn't
It was fucking infuriating

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Things were much simpler then and there wasn't any social media and handies we know today.

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Web developers didn't have as much freedom to fuck things up.

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Wait, what? These are still sold?

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yes /thread

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Obviously. To fill fiscal papers.

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Well, duh. It sure is summer.

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You can't do form printing with inkjet/lasers.

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Who asked for this? A GTX 1050 non-TI 3GB?

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Gamers won't want this either, so...

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gimped memory-bit, not friendly to miners anymore

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I don't see a problem with the card itself, it's the name that sucks.
It should be called GTX 1040 to make clear what the card is.

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I like the miners, everytime btc drops a bit they panic sell all their shit on ebay. Feels good man.

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I have been renting and using an OVH Debian dedicated server for almost two years. I had to reboot it today for the first time in ~1.75yrs, because an app had a memory leak that prevented me from SSHing in.

Upon rebooting, all the files in <code>/home/downloads</code> are gone. However, in <code>df</code>, the hard drive still appears full from those files. It doesn't see the files, but it thinks the HDD is full.

What is going on? How do I recover the files? I tried Googling around for a while and filed a support ticket, but I don't think they will be able to help.

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Yes it's degraded, I think this might be the issue.

I also found this in /var/log/syslog:
May 21 08:23:51 solidus systemd[1278]: Failed to get udev device from devnum 8:2: Permission denied
May 21 08:24:01 solidus CRON[514]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/rtm/bin/rtm 36 > /dev/null 2> /dev/null)

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Unmount the /home and run photorec on/dev/sda3

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>Not checking lost+found
Come on OP

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I don't know OP.

Divide & Conquer.

Troubleshoot the unit and the log messages. Perhaps run photorec as suggested and also do what >>66025137 has suggested.

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Where is it going to recover it to if that partition is unmounted?

There is nothing in the lost+found, okay?

How do I fix the "console-setup.service" failing? I tried the following to no avail:
dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

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some anon has been posting a gif that is crashing peoples browser. Can anyone here exlain what it is and if its malicious? it was sized around 1.4 mb.

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I think it's one of those badly-made gifs that have a fucked up timeline, the gif basically doesn't have an end, so once it starts loading, all sorts of shit can happen. It's nothing special, just an inherent flaw in the design of the .gif format.

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It's a flaw in the browser if it crashes, regardless.
What browser is crashing?

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Inspired by Poozen poster who swapped from ryzen to 8700k. I have bought myself a Coolermaster HAF XB EVO because damn, his rig looked sexy tbqh lads.

But i will be putting x370 and 2700x in it


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Good case, had one for years now. The only thing to note is that unless you have the hands of a manlet, running wires in the lower section is kind of a bitch. Definitely assemble from the bottom upwards.

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I have quite large hands but i'll figure it out. Also, on the topic of assembling being a bitch; doing fucking anything inside a conventional case when an NH-D15 is installed is pure hell.

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>Mfw my 1600x was great and my 2700x is goat
Lol intel btfo

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>sitting at PC my whole life
>fastforward to 3 years into my desk job
>no longer feel like sitting at my desk when I come back home

I'm ready to completely ditch that lifestyle in favor of owning a couch and a TV since I play most games on console these days anyway. I haven't kept up at all. Have 4K rips reached a reliable standard? I will probably keep torrenting for the foreseeable future until Netflix gets half-decent in my region. Not interested in UHD discs either. What's the most hassle-free way of getting media onto the TV without going for streaming services?

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that's not at all what he's said numbnuts

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You can always just plug a pc into your TV... No need to waste money on sub par equipment designed for kids

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this. If you can get away with having an hdmi cable reaching across the room you can do it all from a small laptop at the couch.

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Learn to control your uses instead.
Make a HTPC instead.

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Instead of spending 10k on a battlestation to impress anonymous posters on a Chilean diarrhea eating addiction forum you could just buy a decent PC with a decent station and then only play when you want games, then go outside atfer two hours.

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I already asked about this on /gd/ but they told me to come here. So I'll start my graphic design studies in a few months and i will need a decent laptop by then. I looked around online, but every article i found on the subject matter is basically a giant ad. The laptop will be mostly used for Photoshop, Indesign etc. and 3D modeling. My budget is around 1000$.
Thank you.

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Just get something with a dedicated gpu. Trying to run solidworks on integrated graphics was a barrel of fuck.

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get acer predator, if dont care about fan noise and how ugly it is, specs make up for it
or any other gaming laptop
you kind of need it for photoshop and 3d modeling. print-sized psd takes up a ton of ram
but it's ugly as sin and so i painted red parts with a black marker

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thanks anon, will look into it.
it is really ugly though

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Get a Mac, otherwise everyone will think you're a poorfag or a weirdo. Trust me.

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Mac is the only choice in this regard

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Is it me or image loading time on 4chan is slow?

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It can be pretty shit at times

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In the hardcore Linux communities, I see many hatred towards Ubuntu and Manjaro... Explain it, please?
As a Linux veteran (I have even used Gentoo and Arch), I find the hatred as pointless... If Unity or GNOME bothers you, just switch to another DE/WM or disable those functions you hate... However, I see Manjaro and Ubuntu (as long as those options are disabled) as a good way for newbies to try Linux... And you should appreciate it, since Linux fans want people to switch to their Linux

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Maybe it's because it DOES look obscure with obscure WM in place of civilized DE?

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It's from Manjaro site, guys...

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And that's exactly why they think it's 'obscure shitdistro for autistic ricers'.
How else do you expect them to tell what are you using?

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Stock i3wm is not ricing. It's just funny because it shows how clueless people are, confusing DEs and distros

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>Not using superior Microsoft Products.

Explain yourselves. Its like you don't want to be productive and get serious work done

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If I wanted to be productive I'd use a Mac.

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I dont work at home so I can do whatever the fuck I want with my computer
checkmate atheists

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The only use for Mac is ux design and spreading sjw propaganda on Tumblr. Are you a queer?

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do you people actually think /g/ is relavent enough for tech companies to pay shills to come here? You're delusional

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I think many tech reviewers visit /g/ to join the cool club.

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Of course they come here. /g/ has decent traffic. If you can withstand autism, your product must be pretty good.

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Is he right anons?
Are you all drug dealers?

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I'm beginning to think these "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" people may actually have something pretty serious they're hiding

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>youtube comments

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When arguing with these people it's useful to mention Trump or Obama depending on their preference.
>you wouldn't want them spying on your political leanings and gulag/deathcamp you now would you?

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the last hector's comment makes sense (privacy is pretty much kill). the rest doesn't, though.

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>the economy will fall apart if we have privacy
Sounds good to me

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>css tutorial
>it has lorem ipsum gibberish as place holder text

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>css tutorial

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You mean that, I don't have to spend a week writing articles and stories to satisfy op's wills?
Anyhow, i use bacon ipsum. An dI make it more spicy.

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>css tutorial
ayy lmao

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Who needs CSS tutorials when you can just cludge random shit from stack overflow together

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>complaining about a placeholder
>needs a tutorial for fucking css


Do you also call tech support because you 'can't get your e-mail'?

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Hey /g/. Anyone know how much the spectre/meltdown countermeasures affect the performance of kaby lake refresh processors, like the i5 8250u? couldn't find a place with actual numbers on google.

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They've not been properly implemented so nobody knows.

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oh jesus. so I guess it's a good time to wait until proper ryzen laptops. thanks

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What are g's thoughts on Gtk?

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I am not editing qt so I am I fine with the lgpl aren't I? I just dont want to share any source code.

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The commercial licensing is for static linking in proprietary applications and other things forbidden by the LGPL. If you can abide by the LGPL you don't have to do anything.

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>decades to implement filepicker thumbnails
Dogshit, OP.

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It's no Electron

>> No.66025144

Qt is a large framework with more than only GUI (bluetooth, gps, networking, etc) while using less memory than gtk if you only use GUI component.
The downside is that Qt requires it's own build system (easiest is to use qt creator or meson) to make Qt applications. There are unofficial projects that allow you to not use qt's own build system.

In my opinion if you are fine with qt creator or meson, then you should use Qt, or if you are not using c++ then Qt is fine, for example it's easy to use it from python.

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Do you multitask on your phone or does the small screen rape your eyes?

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Phones just need to get a little bigger :^)

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