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How does Jim Keller do it? How can you be consistently amazing at making a new CPU architecture? What does he know that nobody else does?

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Do you plan on switching to neovim?
If not, what does bind you to the original Vim?

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>work at computer lab at college
>have trouble connecting to WiFi on shitty old windows laptop
>right click WiFi icon, select Troubleshoot Problems
>10 seconds later WiFi is fixed and I can use Internet

>Mac toddlers come in with 2014> MacBook pros
>they have connection issues too
>tell them to right click on WiFi icon
>there is no right click on Macs
>their face when I tell them they have wait for Apple to release right click dongle

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firefox won.
/browser wars

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So does the Ryzen have some amazing new tech or was Intel ripping you off all along?

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What difference does it make switching from, lets say fifth gen i7 to seventh gen i7. Same applies to amd. What kind of intensive task are you doing apart from posting on a taiwanese shit smearing website that you have to buy the "revolutionary" next gen cpus and overclock them like the housefire autists you are? All of this leads to one fact: /g/ is used as a viral ad campaign platform to leech off shekels from you fedoras.

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Buy ryzen instead

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anti slide

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>Considering, at all, to buy a 7th gen Intel CPU
Shill detected

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You really don't help your case, lincucks. Congratulations on picturing yourselves as landwhales of the IT industry.

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mark my fucking words, CDs will be nostalgiafag technology because of MUH FEELS like with cassettes and vinyl

also old types of video stores will make a comeback because of nostalgia and will be a pretty large market

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> i could either download every media ever created for free
> OR
> go to a physical store to and spend money on deprecated support that's almost not supported anymore

so many choices what to do what to do ...

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I still buy CDs. I see no reason to purchase intangible content.

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wtf i love amd now

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NVIDIA AND AMD are a cartel. They hog the IP of GPUs and nobody can enter the market. Neither of those have their own Foundries so they are expensive too, since they have to pay fees to their Foundry masters like Samsung or TSMC or whoever they use nowadays. They don't even do anything amazing since it's extremely easy to parallelize the GPU, it's how it works. So NVIDIA makes slightly bigger chips, they price them higher and they are faster. AMD returns with slightly smaller and slower but cheaper chips. And the cycle continue.
Motherfucking bastards carter.
If they let actual Foundries into the market like Samsung or Intel they would be dead both of them 10 years ago.

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>not dead in the water

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Poor Volta.

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Daily reminder that picture related is Ryzen 2.0

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>for gamers
>implying games use multicores and multithreads effectively
Holy shit that's hilarious. Can't wait to see game benchmarks where CPU1 is used 100% and all others are <50%

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>54 fps drops
>bad oc confirmed - LN2 needed to achieve 5ghz (you would be lucky to oc to 4.4ghz)
>expensive as fuck in europe
>muh black edition X boards and X cpus which means non-x may not oc at all
>muh 16 thread for gaems while no game except wd2 and bf1 uses more than 8 threads
>amd still has no cpu to fight mainstream market aka i7 7700k and i5 7600k

AMD GOT BTFO Bulldozer 2.0 Confirmed. Another fail like Phenom, Bulldozer, Polaris and Vega.

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>Amd Vega & Ryzen

Yyyyy this guy sure has those not-released GPUs in his house ready to use with updated drivers!

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Vega hasn't released yet

you can keep pretending to be retarded

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At least post a link to the video you intlel shill

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They don't even have to lie to know it is doctored. They didn't do a comparison against regular PC chips. My Haswell runs on 4.6Ghz for more than 2years, and their test is on a shitty server intel that runs 3.2Ghz.
I mean, jesus fucking christ.
Same trick with last time.

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>controlled environment
you should try actually watching the video before you post so you dont look like a fucking retard when you spout obvious bullshit


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Oh yes, core per core, because im using windows 3.0 that should matter right?

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kike damage control in full rev

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Intel again with the "megahurtz" bait.
Its like the pentium 3 all over again.
>muh megahurtz can reach to 1000 megahurtz
And how that went silly fat fuck?
Tell me, how it turned out for intel you fat goy?

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What power supply do these use? It's not marked anywhere on them.

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Needs to be done before he fucks everything up like all Pajeets do. He's already started on net neutrality and data collection.

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Why are laptops becoming less upgradeable? More laptops sell with soldered components than ever. Even high end laptops are soldered now.

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Becuse companies make more money that way.

The jews are everywhere.

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Come hide with us from it in /tpg/ threads
It's comfy in there

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you can only do so much on such a small and compact platform
remember when there were laptops with upgradable GPUs? those things were fucking huge and impractical to carry around

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>Implying tpg won't be spammed with my new x1c in a couple weeks

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Unless it's thicc, don't show us your dicc
Post 2013 pads bring bad juju
stay out, no bad juju allowed

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Do it

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>2 gpus

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>t. single gpu manlet

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maybe he uses one for PCI passthrough, ever thought about that?

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2017 is the year AMD takes off

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I'm in a dilemma. If you shill for AMD you may improve Intel even further. If you expose AMD for the hypocrisy they AGAIN shill for pure multithreading when their single threaded performance is a again shit you may improve AMD more.
Fuck them all to be honest, come to think of it.
They are both shit.

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neither of them browse here
problems weren't

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Ask stupid questions here that could probably be solved if you tried googling instead

Do Earphonesade for iDevices, the ones that has volume control flanking a mid button, work on Android phones to play pause music and answer calls?

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are samsung ssds a meme?

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mpd or mopidy?

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I have a K3 Note
I use it to play music from while driving
Audio quality is shit, it may be the phone itself

Are there any cheap mp3 players that I should look at other than the Ruizu x02 and Sansa Clip?

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I have the latest KCP release of mpc-hc. Sometimes when I try to load videos encoded with hevc, it will get stuck loading them forever. It never happens with 720p videos, just 1080p, but not all of them.

How do I fix this?

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I want to make my own website, but don't really care to learn html/css and don't want to pay any money, what should I use?

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Pok3r coming in tomorrow with clears hopefully it's good

Pretty nice, that one loose wire must be annoying however

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>tasteless edition
That means I will fit right in.

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>that one loose wire must be annoying however

Yes, at the back of my desk is a nightmare of cables too, but I'm gonna solve this problem.
This is the rear of my bedroom. I think I need something to put above the bed.

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hands up dont shoot :DD

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