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( ( ( ding ding ) ) )

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what is the point of functional programming?
i could do the same things 10x easier and simpler.

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there is no "point"

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>He posts on unencrypted 4chan with http:// instead of https://

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If it's encrypted so good, how can you read this message?

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hehe i am my own ISP!

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post 'em

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Uptime: 1 hour, 44 mins

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[[email protected] ~]$ uptime -p
up 1 day, 6 hours, 54 minutes
[[email protected] ~]$

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>using bash

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aaa[~] $ uptime -p
up 1 hour, 40 minutes

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Why aren't there any RGB power tools that play Dubstep when in use?
Fucking boomers ruin everything, even power tools

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Is it 2011? OP confirmed 30 yr old boomer

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they already look toys faggot.

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>power tools

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So what's terry been up to bros?
He add any new functionality?

Bet that scamp is fucking some fine hobo puss right about now and blowing off his work! that lazy bastard, haha.

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He's dead, dude.

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I'll hijack the thread.
Where to get Terry's original ISO but not one from CIA noggers who took over his site?

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He is not. Don't believe in that hoax dude.
It's in the 800gb torrent

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find one from years ago before the discord niggers found him

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These are dark times when we need Terry the most. TempleOS is the final solution to the SJW incursion.

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What the fuck? Why do they take so long to dispatch? I want them by tomorrow god fucking damnit

Don't tell me I'll have to use some other site

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Dude down the bottom keeps jacking them

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>waaah ! baby wants new toy nooow !

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Thanks fren. So when the stock comes in it'll still be one day delivery?

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Yes. But you'll be waiting between 1 or 2 months for them to get stock.

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Ah I get it. Thanks a lot man this had a brainlet like me confused for some time.

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>Install firefox hardening user.js
>restart firefox
>everything is kinda fucked
>don't care
so how do i play youtube with mpv?
youtube is like very fucked

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>right click
? just copy the address and hit your shortcut

for i3 i have this
bindsym $mod+BackSpace exec st mpv --ytdl-format=beststaudio -- $(sselp)

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install the firefox addon 'open with', then add mpv as a 'browser'.
install youtube-dl. if you're on windows, put the youtube-dl.exe in the mpv folder or use this build (which comes with an updater for mpv and youtube-dl):
you can now right click on youtube links and select 'mpv' to play the video in mpv.

you might want to add this to your mpv.conf:

the third command lets you pick the maximum quality, replace 1440 with 1080, 720 or whatever.
the last one lets you open youtube playlists in mpv (instead of just the first video in the playlist).

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Is there any alternatives to Firefox that can handle 50+ tabs and forgiving on your system?

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i use dwm

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open with works on linux as well.

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What Backpack does /g/ use
>backpacks are technology

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You have terrible taste in backpacks
This doesn’t belong on this board fucker

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>he doesn't get that the cat backpack was ironic

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>he doesn't know that was ironic metapostironic reply

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Is it worth installing it?

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>One of the earliest known posts featuring the phrase "30-year-old boomer" appeared on the /biz/ board on April 30th, 2018, reading:
>a month later monster stock goes to the moon
really makes you think, huh?

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>next photoshop version is not going to work in W7

Is W10 LTSB the only future for W7 users?

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>You want zero telemetry?

I want photoshop, retard, some people actually have a job where you need real software

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Get enterprise. LTSB is a meme and people who suggest it don't know anything about winblows

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>Software I don't like isn't "real"
simbly epin :-D

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>upgrading Adobe for a phone camera
>having to downgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for a phone camera
This is retarded.
Stick to CS6 like all rational people do and find inevitable alternatives for phone camera shit.

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>Forbes and twatter. Amazing sources
Who cares which websites sources were from? It's not like you've even bothered to open a single link, forget going further.
>You can remove the store apps through powershell easy. LTSB comes with cortana you double nigger (I work with LTSB for work).
What does this have to do with your claim of being able to disable telemetry? I didn't mention this.
>Get a grip. You want zero telemetry? *nix is that way.
Of course. But what's with the implication of you defeating Microsoft in their own game (removing telemetry)? The second link is your beloved Windows 10 Enterprise traffic analysis.

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> Study software engineering degree
> degree has literally no math courses in my uni

What is the deal with math in programming other than some algebra and basic arithmetic and why is it required

should i feel bad?

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I am in the same situation. Just learn what you need want from khan academy.

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Because its not really engineering.

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My B.Eng disagrees you jealous code monkey

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You guys are sick!
Also, what's your technology fetish?

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my technology fetish is sending innocuous screenshots with tor open in the taskbar

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this reminded me of the guy that used set up windows vms and then posted team viewer logins on /g/ telling people to 'do their worst'.
i'm pretty sure he masturbated while watching his vm getting infected with malware.

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Displaying images of anime titties on my monitor.

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I embed secret messages in images when I post from desktop. (Not this time, obviously)
And I haven't been caught so far!

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>And I haven't been caught so far!
Because 4chan remove them.

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Instant messaging is literally the same technology as email has been for the last 30 years, just PGP your shit and send it through SMTP. Why do all these modern messengers exist?

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Because emails are very not instant.

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Its speed on a good server is enough to have any meaningful conversation, hence if you need an instant messenger you also need to spam your recipient

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GMail for example now doesn't send messages for approximately a minute, so people can have an undo button. Additionally, many commercial services like mailgun have a queue, and sending a mail may take multiple minutes.
Email was not designed to be instant.

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Why doesn’t 4chan use https by default? I don’t want my ISP knowing I spend 90% of my evening discussing hentai on /h/.

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>using https everywhere after the last update

Yes I really want to give the EFF full access to my browsing data

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Eff seems pretty against tracking judging from their site, could you please elaborate for uninformed plebs like me?

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>HTTPS Everywhere
>not Smart HTTPS

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Just bookmark an https page and use that.

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>10 Giga Rays/sec
None of these numbers make any god damn sense.
This is all just a meme.

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shilling erryday now?

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It just means the card can handle 10,000,000,000 rays of light per second.

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>There are supposed 'people' on /g/ who don't know what giga means.

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The healing tool looks quite promising, wish I had a card now. The healing too in Photoshop is not all that accurate and takes a lot of processing power on high resolution files. I'd love to see if the Nvidia one is higher quality.

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so unfortunately autists are not very well seen in the IT community
you'll get a job, but you'll get bullied out of it quickly by normies

>get a job
>do a good work, be very productive, employer likes you very much
>some fat faggot becomes project manager
>>nice job you got there anon, mind if you move out of your parent's house and start being more often in the office?
>can't work anywhere else than in your room or around other people because of anxiety
>lose the job
am i just retarded? the job was pretty comfy and i got paid well, but fuck they became toxic really quick when i told them i didn't want to move

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yeah, i work remotely

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What is the point to wake up early to go work on some PC and come back? Can't everyone work from home on a private network?

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Yes you are retarded OP. If you still have anxiety attacks around people and haven't invested any time in understanding it or fixing it then you are part of the problem. There is literally nothing complex about going to a job where other people work. It's not like you're forced to interact and be friends with them, just do the work related shit and thats it.

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boomers need their eye-to-eye contact and whiteboards

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learn how to work for nice employers i guess.

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is this actually possible or just a pipe dream?

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What's impressive about it? There're tons of ways to solve this problem already.

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Nvidia showing 'mixed' data points in gaming, says Morgan Stanley


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