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Where do I get the so called fabled ARM laptop with infinite battery life

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Hey /g/ I'm looking for a way to log my heart rate, SO2 and sleep data from my mi band 3 and fitbit

But both default apps are shit and I don't want my health data on the hands of chinks.

Also Fitness thread

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is it possible for grub to load nvme drivers to boot from a pcie ssd when the motherboard doesn't natively support it?

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Is there any legitimate reason to use any other terminal emulator?

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Sarang XShell is the best. You will know once you use it.

It sucks there is no linux version though.

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>downloaded the wrong drivers again

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I feel your pain, I just installed Nvidia drivers for Ubuntu (don't want to bother with gentoo), now my second monitor isn't recognized

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Is Ubuntu trustable or botnet?

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What's the best Python alternative? I'd to find something easier to debug on a larger scale.

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If you want something easy to debug on a large scale you don't want a scripting lang, since they're usually weak dynamic typing. Try something with strong static typing instead like Ada.

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Curious on what you guys and girls like. What is your favorite tool for remotely accessing your main machine from work / school?

I currently use Chrome Remote Desktop to access my windows machine and have been weening toward Teamviewer possibly.

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I like windows RDP

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Google Chrome Remote Desktop

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I have a W10 machine acting as a headless server (Plex mostly). I access it "locally" from another W10 machine, and remotely from a macOS system. I use Teamviewer and it works great for my needs. File transfer and remote control work, and that's basically all I need. I should probably move to VNC or RDP, but I don't trust myself enough to set it up so that other people can't access it. I use the free version, and the nagging is annoying but bearable.

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>and girls

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what happens to this page? Does it go away? Will we finally be able to see all that delicious tumblr content?

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A rustfag has reimplemented the Powder Game. It's fast and has a lot of materials.

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This is hardly a game. It's a toy physics application.

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Toy physic yourself to /v/.

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A surprising amount of this game is written in Javascript. I can understand why the UI and main loop are all JS, but why the fluid mechanics?

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>why the fluid mechanics
It's a vendored library. A little disappointing, since I thought it was written in Rust.

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Nobody ever actually writes things in Rust.

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Just a few more hours before all that amateur porn gets eradicated from tumblr.

You did save everything off your favorite sissy petplay blog, right?

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good thing we have fur party or whatever it's called to get free patreon shit

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it's all being dumped onto /gif/

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>They already removed* the ability to download the raw original image

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>fur party
what? i want to use this to get free patreon shit or atleast preview it

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Glad you were able to piece that together.

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/g/, How do I become based computer Cyber God?

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buy Apple Computers

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Then install Gentoo on them

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how reliable are cases from aliexpress? are they basically like any other case or extra shitty?

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I've had a few problems with mine, I stopped working one day and made some weird noises, but I managed to dissemble it and ordered a replacement parts and it has been working fine since then.

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I think I would be pretty worried if I heard weird noises coming from my phone case

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Mine is working pretty good, bought an armour case and it's saved my phone a few times. Try asking csg.

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Hey lads, I was hoping to get some help with this issue.

tl;dr 1 - (skip this if you want):
>winter break
>dusted off my old Rpi2
>want to do neat project
>only 1 keyboard, mouse, monitor
>dont want to buy KVM switch because poorfag
>tired of switching plugs every 5 minutes
>no means of wirelessly connecting Rpi to network
>can't run a giant ethernet cable through house from router
>only option is SSH from desktop by direct ethernet

tl;dr 2 - (the actual issue):
>set static IP on desktop
>configure IP on Rpi
>successfully SSH into Rpi using Putty
>can ping Rpi from desktop
>but cannot ping my desktop from Rpi, or the default gateway, or access the internet (obviously)

I tried everything I could think of already and would appreciate some assistance.

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Is there any way to make USB microphones not sound like shit on Windows 10?

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use ur smartphone mic for voip appz

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Can you get caught selling an iPhone u stole? Asking for a friend lol

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Give it back Tyrone

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give it back pedro

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Give it back, Jamal

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Give it back Laquan

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José, what are you doing ?

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Someone please help me study for my electro pneumatics exam mmmmmmmmmmm

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make me

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What the fuck is up with 4chan X?

It takes over a minute to load when you open a new page, and it's simply not redirecting to the gallery at all.

I was on the latest version and I switched to the beta, doesn't work on either. Greasemonkey.

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works on my machine. must be your fault buddy

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Why do they call it a mouse haha?

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Because it's small and has a tail

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Why do they call op a faggot haha?

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Have you ever tried and iPhone?

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>"2GB, what do you need 1GB for? HELP, this man is forcing me to give him 500MB!!"

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I asked for an app not an excuse

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The problem is that I'm not given the choice.

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This kills the human race

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>Satanichia doujins are rarely made now
Why is life so hard?

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