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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

I don't have time for this, sorry chinkies

Previous thread >>65172822

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>but you want to program some retarded game you've dreamed of making.

You called?

> http://libregamewiki.org/Chaos_Esque_Anthology#External_links

>Chaos Esque Anthology has been in continuous separate development from Xonotic since forking from it in 2012. An example of such development is to compare the amount of weapons from before the fork in 2012 to the current number in the Chaos Esque Anthology project. The pre-fork ammount was approximately 18 weapons. The current number of weapons in Chaos Esque Anthology is 185 weapons. A ten-fold increase. This gives a glimpse into the amount of work that has been invested into the game.

Btw: The new Judas Priest album is awesome

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>chaos esque autist

not this shit again

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>Anti-malware service executable raping my CPU
Is there a lightweight alternative to Windows Defender? I know "Common Sense 2018" but I'm as paranoid as I am autistic

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What will /g/ do once the last good ThinkPads (T420/X220 or T430/X230) are too old to be productive with? Companies are no longer making good business-class laptops. Even the retro ThinkPad is basically an overpriced T470 with the classic keyboard and rainbow logo.

The only alternative I can think of are those Chinese guys building customized ThinkPads using the original classic chassis (T60, X200, etc.) and modern internals, but I've heard some /g/entoomen saying they aren't good because they use engineering samples as CPUs.

What the fuck do we do in 5-10 years, /g/?

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Since Apple is the only company left building high-quality business hardware that lasts for years, I will probably buy a MacBook Pro and install Linux on it.

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anon! the keyboard though! you can't, anon! the keyboards ssssuck! they aren't good! they are bad! even the macbook pro 2015 keyboard, which people say is the "last good one" is bad! don't fall for the apple meme, anon!

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in the olden years /g/entoomens was afraid last good IBM thinkpads would be too old to be productive. But then we moved on to lenovo thinkpads t420 etc.

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>Since Apple is the only company left building high-quality business hardware that lasts for years

Until you need to replace the battery, soldered RAM, or soldered SSD, amirite?

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D-don't hurt yourself, weeb scum. All life is valuable.

P series, I'm loving my P51.

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Letting boomers have internet was a mistake

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t. Indian scammer

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I hate Ohio towns. They look exactly the same.

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Rust-belt comfy.
Know any heron addicts?

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About the only good thing left there. Used to live there a while ago, still visit once or twice a year

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just people who get offended by it

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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for new people:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyl-V0mrEio [Embed]

>Used watch guide:

>Strap guide:

>Watch essentials 102:

>Previous thread:

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No, unless I'm in a totally silent room maybe.
The only thing I have I can hear without holding to my ear is a soviet stopwatch, that shit is loud.

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Women's watch

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CW not DW

Same difference though

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Ah the perfect size for my soy grown wrists and would match my feminist frequency wristband as well! Thank you my gentle sir

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No this is a women's watch.

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Do google watch videos I uploaded on google drive? I exchanged naked videos with a girl by uploading them on the drive and hers get deleted, does that mean some google employee gets to see her vagina aswell?

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>google does not allow encrypted zips

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Ha ha

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If you want something to be secure encrypt it with a strong encryption algorithm like AES-256 before you put it on somebody else's computer. Or just don't do it in the first place.

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What prevents you from changing some bytes so it doesn't recognize the file as a zip?

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>Ask when a site wants to see text and images copied to the clipboard (recommended)

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feels thread kinda - how i lost something very important to me

>be me, rn
>maybe beta fag idk we dont really have betas in my country
>got crhons diseases all my life
>so am short 5'7 and skinny
>very low self esteem
>never used social media, only used my pc for video games
>one of my favorite youtubers at the time said in one of his videos to join his discord
>idk why but i did it
>first real social media site/app i ever used 4 real
>was actually having fun meeting new ppl
>get why ppl like social media now
>got my first nudes... god dam this is fun, post my first selfie... ppl actually think im handsome... post my first body pic... ppl think im hot
>get confidence for the first time in my life
>make my own NSFW discord server
>get really popular, about 19k as im typing this
>meet another server owner
>become friends
>game make videos vc and do events together
>tell him i want to make a give away site
>he tells me him and his friends will make 1 for me
>over a month passes and he tells me the site is ready
>tells me to join vc and download a python update
>i should say I'm very trusting and not good with computers
>i download the the "python update" and my pc locks out
>i go on my phone and see I'm banned form my own server
>son of a bitch hacked my pc stole my accounts and transferred ownership
>i gather all the proof i can and send it to discord but as always they are pretty useless
>lost my server i worked on for about 8 months
>discord still didn't reply to me just my friends
>basically tells them the only proof they will accept is an admission by the hacker that he did it... how the hell will i get that
>so i lost the main thing that gave me confidence and my main account so almost everyone i know online
>feel like sharing so I'm here i guess
>first meaningful 4chan post i ever wrote

wtf do i do ?

SERVER LINK https://discord-gg/DNpfANH for the server where i save all the proof in, you need a role to view the proof and to talk

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use the new found skills you have gained to do some real good in the world

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guys stop telling me what i SHOULD have done

i already know i fucked up

i just want advice now thx

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How tf did he change the email if he needs a verification code sent to that address to change it.
Also I've never really had my entire PC compromised before but couldn't you just have forcibly shut down your computer (holding the power button) to stop him?

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>get why ppl like social media now
>so i lost the main thing that gave me confidence and my main account so almost everyone i know online
How was social media again?
Be a littel bit succesful and dozen of shitheads will crawl around you to be your """friend""".
Don't trust people especially the ones you can't break bones whenever you have to.

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he also got my email accounts

pic related

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>people are just realizing big data companies collect and sell data
>then think big data companies won’t collect your data if you leave their main platform

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How do I use two graphs in the same line in conky? Pic unrelated.

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why is skype so shit on android?

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>why is skype so shit

use a decent program that doesn't infringe your privacy, you frogposting normalfag

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skype is shit in general

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>using Skype

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Did rms ever commented about the end of net neutrality? Also, what does /g/ think about it?

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What's up /g/uys? Fa/tg/uy here. My laptop has pretty much breathed its last and I need to replace it. As far as usage goes, I use photoshop/krila to make maps and dungeon floor plans, but that's about the most 'heavy use' I need it for and otherwise it's just for having a second screen at my desktop, taking to university, and watching anime or whatever on the train or in the car.

The new surface pro looks kind of neat, but expensive.

Any recommendations? I'd like the keep the budget below 5-600USD, but I can go up to 800 if there is something exceptional that will last me a long time.

Thanks for your time.

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read the sticky nerd

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Why aren't you running the best OS available to man?

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I would, but this kanjis look very strange.

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that's gangnam style

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oh, I see..

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What are/were your least favorite subjects?

I absolutely disliked Computer Architecture and Computer Graphics. Also, for some reason, both professors were arrogant assholes that gave a unreasonable quantity of assignments. It was like their subject was the only one in the whole university.

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>fucking math
I actually really like it, but fuck me if soemone doesnt show me example of something I never get it just from theory.

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i knew the non stem artsy courses were bad but holy shit, i took an intro to sociology, it was literal commie kike shit.

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Really ? I mean I had to have one subjet called something like "world economics" and the proffesor was woke as fuck.
But it may have something to do with the fact that I am studying in eastern europe.

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there was a section on the downfalls of capitalism and we studied some marx along with other sociologists

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Guess people around here still remember KGB, SIS and gulags.
Not really good times, but nowadays nowhere is.

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Thank you shitlibed novidiya

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thank you https://twitter.com/nidanovidia

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you're so fucking dumb you got BTFO by this video you posted..

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That's liquid metal damage, thanks to retarded overclockers. It's actually stated in the video.

OP, you might be too stupid to use the internet.

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get a brain, because you obviously don't have one

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The absolute state of ayyymdfags

Always throwing stones from a glasshouse. Meanwhile

>stock Vega so hot it kills cards
>Primitive shaders? Not anymore baby
>FUCK RAJA. Btw I LOVE these new management fags who killed primitive shaders and Vega driver improvements as soon as they took office

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The next Steve Jobs they said.
Women in tech they said.


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She'd completely conquer the biotech industry if she only had seven of them.

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check wikipedia
net worth: US$0

so who?

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courts are much more lenient on women, especially if it's a white collar crime

>> No.65194634

name one(1) non-retard women

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Well, thats pretty sexist, infantilizing women in such a manner. As if they can't be entrusted with agency or personal responsibility in any way or form.

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How u can browse 4chinz on iOS without jailbreak? My jb got broken and fortune is the only iOS browser for iOS i know

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pay up and buy The Chan from App Store

>> No.65194043

safari + vlc

>> No.65194072

oh, also you can just self sign Fortune, you would have to resign it every 7 days (use Cydia Impactor)

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Comcast is now injecting ads into the HTML of webpages you visit. I have seen this on two different machines.

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This is why we need net neutrality

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use SSL faggot

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Imagine if your phone calls got interrupted by Verizon or AT&T or T-Mobile trying to sell you shit randomly. It would be awful. But at least there's choice in mobile networks, there aren't for broadband ISPs throughout the US.

>> No.65194753

Find me an instance where this is being used as an advertisement.

It's already done worse by your cell providers. Most cell providers automatically cap streaming video to standard def bitrate in order to reduce network load.

You can specifically opt out of this if you go through some settings, but AT&T and others have been doing this for years already.

Cell providers also send you unsolicited text messages and potentially push notifications from built in uninstallable apps that alert you to over use, just like these comcast notices are commonly used for (alerting you for when you get near or go over your data cap).

>> No.65194821

99% of people are too stupid to realize why their data is suddenly slow or isn't working. The push notifications are there for that reason

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