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The best video editing software is ________

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Windows Movie Maker

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ASUS Designo monitor. Ma nigga.

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>windows command prompt quickly appears then disappears

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it's just wannacry encrypting your files

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>webcam light turns on by it's self

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>Obama phone starts ringing

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go back to >>>/x/ faggot

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This is a frozenvoid thread
Or talk about any other hilarious /g/ users of times past
Nullam condimentum imperdiet orci, sed accumsan felis ornare eget.

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Hey /g/.
Explain me how a Compiler works.

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Do you have CS degree?

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Nope. Why?
That's new. Thanks, Anon.

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I know that the project is dead, but the installer always managed to work. What happened?

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Text --> compiler magic --> machine code

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Arch Anywhere

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Can someone explain to me why monitors need ages to initialize, even when returning from standby? My 4k iiyama monitor needs longer to boot up then my windows 10 needs, isn't that a fucking shame? The Samsung one I also have is a bit faster but not a lot.
Also this fucking iiyama monitor loses handshake everytime it turns on or even when it wakes up from standby and reiinits the connection to the PC so windows thinks it has been disconnected. Monitor manufacturerers are retards, believe me

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This is a hat I like to wear when I'm being gay.

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I like this thread.

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Who's been watching? And should we merge with AI to evolve?

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>should we merge with AI
>merging your consciousness with code written by Pajeet and Rajeesh
No fucking thank you

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>merge with AI
kek'd. stop with your childlish delusions. humans didn't merge with monkeys. human brain is too slow.

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I'll may argument my brain with free and open source hardware but I won't loose my memories and crap from having some abombination drive me insane inside of my own head.

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>Write a program that outputs all possibilities to put + or - or nothing between the numbers 1, 2, ..., 9 (in this order) such that the result is always 100. For example: 1 + 2 + 34 – 5 + 67 – 8 + 9 = 100.

Well /g/?

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What exactly is wrong with that? It's a simple solution to a timed exercise.

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Would knowing how to solve such a problem really help me in industry?

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I did this one a while ago. Can be easily solved with a recursive function.

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Converting to string defeats the purpose of it being a challenge and is slow.

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yeah, question 5 is probably the only one I can't do in less than five minutes, and my answer probably wouldn't be particularly nice or good (would probably brute-force it, with a handful of sanity checks for speed)
too lazy to actually do it right now, it's almost 2am

the rest of the problems are fizzbuzz-tier, and if it takes you thirty minutes to do any of them, you should look for a different profession
>1 is literally "do you know how loops work, like at all" (result+=list[ii] in a loop)
>2 is basically "do you know how lists work, like at all" (resultlist.push_back(list1[ii]);resultlist.push_back(list2[ii]) in a loop)
>3 is just "I've told you exactly how this works, put it into actual code" and anyone can implement a fibonacci anyway (if 0 or 1, return 0/1 respectively, if greater, call self with previous two indicies)
>4 can be done lazily by just putting all of the numbers into one big string and then sorting the characters -- there's likely better ways, but that's the zero mental effort answer

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t. ahmed

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The refugees are still a serious problem, I just don't want them going into Europe.

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is back at it shit posting... mods ban this faggot please


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how do brains waves make this shit work?

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Is this the best text editor and IDE ever?

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>Tfw I got this free thanks to the cia

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It's less hipster than Atom but also less useful. Still I really like it because it feels more like text editor than a IDE which really should be all a developer needs.

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I'm not quite le hacker /g/uru, I like it but Notepad options locked behind editing .cfg files is too fucking tryhard. Just give me an options or settings screen like any normal application.

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I switched from NP++ to ST at work recently. I'm having fun just watching tutorials and learning about all the new functionality.

It does kinda suck that ST + FTP plugin is $100, but it's probably worth it. I've been just putting up with the nag screens so far, but I might ask my manager if we can buy it using company money.

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<html><p>after reading all you replies i have realised all of you dont realise how HTML is the best language. firstly its the first one you learnt and you probs felt like a boss when you could code HTML and your friends couldnt and its userly the first language you write when starting a new project, thus HTML is the best language no questions asked.</p></html>

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Got a working link to manycam 2.x.x?

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Is there a good upgrade for OS x Yosemite? or am I better off just keeping it for now?

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You download it from Apple and make the bootable vanilla installer yourself with the command line.
Use the 'createinstallmedia' command in Terminal.


The instructions for Mavericks to Sierra are located there.

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It's the preferred method.

You basically put kexts on the EFI partition and you can update the OS without any issues.

This patches kexts on the fly on load after Clover boots into macOS.

Tools like Multibeast modify system files which means when you update macOS (even between major releases) system files are reloaded and you lose audio, etc.

I've done El Capitan > Sierra directly without an issue and also .1 updates without issues.

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While El Capitan may seem faster, it's not.

Apple has been doing yearly updates and the days of Snow Leopard/Leopard (ie 1 bad release 1 good release) are gone.

10.13 is going to have a new file system, so.....usually macOS releases .0 are kind of buggy, but they get super stable by .4/.5

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Misunderstood. That won't work for Hackintosh.
Use these instructions:

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You don't have to manually make a bootable key.

Just use Unibeast from TonyMacFag....BUT Don't use Multibeast (the post install drivers package)...just install Clover by hand and find the correct kexts and configure your config,plist file.

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So my ATCS 840 case is getting kind old aka getting slightly rusty at around 7 years now

Should I get one of those define s or NZXT S340 meme cases or try to remove rust from this hunk of metal?

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Post your mobile keyboard

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Whats his name again /g/?

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richard stallman

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Can he save us?

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Has any hot totties hit on you ever since you installed Ubuntu ?

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No. But a tall, slightly unkempt guy in one of my classes whose manner of speaking makes you wonder if he's low grade autistic did take notice.

And the day I brought my thinkpad, holy shit, he wouldn't shut up.

I think he said he's running Arch.

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>you're on your desktop on a regular day browsing the web
>they start knocking on your door
>there's at least 30 seconds separating them from your computer once they are inside your house even if they're sprinting towards your room
>your computer is turned on and every drive is mounted
what do you do anon?

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Ask them if they can help me finish installing Gentoo.

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>nothing to hide
are you a lawyer? how can you be so sure you haven't broken a law? do you realise how many laws there are?

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>>nothing to hide
are you a lawyer?

No, but I do hire an attorney when needed.

>how can you be so sure you haven't broken a law?

I can be sure, because I'm not retarded.

>do you realise how many laws there are?

Yes. Again I assure you that I'm not retarded, but I'm also not a doctor, so I'm not qualified to really say if I am, or not.

Anyways my plan is to remain non threatening/alive until everything is donr, and handle it from there. If I need an attorney then there will be one, and they will handle everything for me.

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Is it worth it to get certifications?

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only for IT jobs

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I just graduated high school & im pursuing a career in cyber security, would a good amount of certs + an AAS in cyber security be enough for potential employers?

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No, that ship sailed. You'll need to demonstrate experience in addition to all that.

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Only the lifetime ones

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