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Hello /g/

My desktop died yesterday and idk what to do next.

I already own a T420 which I use to work (Sysadmin in 4 gran luxury hotel restorts n shit9 and travel with and I enjoy the build quality and all the other reasons that make Thinkpads coolest thing ever blah blah

But I need a main PC. I will move in 4-5 months and I don't want to carry my desktop to a remote island, so I'm thinking about picking up a 14''/15'' gaymen laptop (I can't carry my consoles with me this time).

I need the performance but I need to hookup like 3 screens and have a decent build quality.

I'm torn /g/ I hate gaymen laptops.


This is the one I'm checking but coming from Lenovo that shit looks cheap as fuck.

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learning JavaScript, jQuery and Angular alongside project development.

Am i able to contribute in a team of 4 people? (me included)

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How do you first charge your devices /g/?

Me and a friend recently got both the same S7. So the first few cycles I emptied it to 0% and charged it for the old school standard of 13 hours to condition the battery, while my friend only charged it until 100% and then unplugged.

I feel like I'm getting more SOT than him, but I also fear it might be placebo.

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official /g/ discord


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what about the official telegram

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discord is a chinese botnet

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Share official Skype group too please

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Not until moot approves.

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kill yourself out of /g/

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/Chink shit general/

Where can you find poster frames? I bought 20 posters in the size of 51x36cm but i couldn't find any frames on the internet

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My CPU cooler runs fine, however its a 5 year old stock piece of shit. Bought pic related for OCing up to 4.6 or 4.7 ghz (i5 2500k sandy bridge)

Did i fuck up? Can my stock little CPU cooler run an OC just fine if i use thermal paste? Because i can still return the 212 if i dont take it out of the box.

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I haven't even OC'd it.

What i want to know is if i should try to risk an OC with the stock cooler and maybe thermal paste or if an old stock 5 year old air cooler is considered shit at this point.

The hyper evo wasn't as cheap as you can find it in the US, but as far as i know its probably the best bang for buck air cooler for CPUs in the market right now. That's why i want to know if i did wrong in buying it.

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shoulda got h7

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I bought CoolerMaster EVO 212,,, temp never goes above 45C. It's virtually silent.

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I see. Change the thermal paste if you want to. If you want to OC, ask around here or search around google on how to.

I'm a non-K user but I bought the 212 meme because damn it's hella quiet.

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Its an E97378-001 intel stock cooler.

Anyone has experiences with those? I really wanna save as much budget as possible but i know that a bad CPU cooler will fry the entire shit.

While i take those points, i cant do much with them. Even with the CPU cooler working at near 100% load i dont mind the sound. In fact i kinda find it relaxing to know that my PC is still working (all my case coolers stopped working and now every time i hear a fan working i take ease to know that its still there)

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- the warrant canary is already overdue


- the imap cert is outdated

for mail.cock.li:993

- cockmans twitter is inactive


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>not using protonmail

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>does not support IMAP, SMTP, and POP3

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>4gb ram, 64gb storage, 5.5inch screen, snap 430, $350


>Nokia back label is invisible

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we, 4chin tech board, have concluded that new nokia is shit

4chan hivemind opinion committee

power is meme. seriously, what do you use your 8 cores in sd820 for? and lower end will result in better battery life

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>8 core SD 820

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What OS?

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Got sick of Hexchat, want to try new client. So, weechat or irssi? and why?

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Irssi, because weechat is bloated

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Weechat is not bad, it's just for people that can't configure irssi.

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Forgot to mention, I'm using Arch btw.

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ah. 'le fatman silhouette

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I personally enjoy irssi. It's more lightweight. Weechat looks pretty but whatever

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> do farmer walks
> tricep fails before grip

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It's cool, bro. The uni gym opens in a couple days and I need to keep my mind on lifting.

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I'd raise some calf raises

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>tfw bad day at the gym

Never drinking again. Drank way too fucking much on Saturday. Still got through all my shit but it was a fucking stuggle.

Going to finally hit that advanced level by June though. Then I will be within reach of 4/3/2/1.

Then I will continue to never be happy due to crippling anxiety and go towards 5/4/3/2.

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>drank too much sunday
>vague memories of emailing ex-gf
>phone has multiple unread messages and missed calls
>dont want to look at them
>will probably burn sim card and get new number and pretend this never ever happened

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Is this shit good? Can i run native windows software like directx?

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It can run Skyrim so there's that

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Wine on Linux performs better

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It has potential but still terrible. Their crowfunding campaigs have kinda failed.... whatever money they managed to get was spent on a paid developer to work on the most "requested" program by the community: word fucking 2010. DOA.

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Does it at least have bash?

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I got into source code control an year ago and I fucking love it. I don't know how I even lived without this.

Let's talk about naming commits. Is commit message related to the files it changes or it should give you an idea just by reading it?

Say a commit message that says "Remove Google Maps" in a project that is heavily dependent on gmaps. Just by reading it you will think someone fucked up but if you take a look it affects a file that is only used in dev environment and disables gmaps for local development.

Should it have been: "Disable Google Maps in dev environment"?

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this, but also no, because you could figure it out by reading the code and it also compelled you to look at the changes, which is a net benefit.

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Some of the Linux users on /g/ remind me of high school kids who listen to weird aggressive screaming/growling music... they take something fringe they enjoy and try really hard to define themselves by it, always have to make other people aware that they like it, and then shit on other people when it turns out they don't like it or simply prefer something else

quit being faggots about your OS. Using Debian or whatever does not make you automatically smart/cool anymore than owning a Black Flag record.

You suck

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Yes if black metal was used to run a huge percentage of the world's "cyber" infrastructure then your analogy would be great.

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i didn't say Linux sucked, I said Linux users, particularly the self important know it all college kids on /g/ suck who consider their PC's OS to be a way of life

I actually use Linux, this is not an anti Linux post

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what is this
a picture for ants

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There kids ya dickhead, let them enjoy their subculture(s) and find their way in the world. Sheesh.

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Woops, They're*.

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Is it okay to hot-swap antennas while an SDR is in transmit mode or is there a possibility of frying the board?

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I wouldn't risk it.

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If the TX amplifier is on, you'll most likely damage it.

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Do it you coward!

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Try it on a board you wouldn't kick yourself about potentially losing first.

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> watching movies in the pixelated medium of "dvd screeners"'

There is surge of screener material around the web now.

Does anyone else abandon it for the real thing?

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Molly Ringwald is my waifu, please refrain from posting images of her. Thank you.

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who even does this.

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depends, from what I remember you could find screeners for some movies before a non cam release happened.

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Vaccines are technology.

Do you believe vaccines cause autism? Should they be banned? With most diseases heading to extinction what's the point of continuing to vaccinate?

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>Do you believe vaccines cause autism?
No, and especially not the form of autism you are demonstrating right now, OP.

>Should they be banned?
Vaccines save lives, so no.

>With most diseases heading to extinction what's the point of continuing to vaccinate?
The sole reason why Polio isn't already extinct is because of retarded anti-vaxx memes.

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>tfw anti-vaxxers are a false flag operation led by United Kingdom in order to invade and retake the US as a british colony again.

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Many such cases!

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Many such posters!

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I find it ironic that the man who for most of his life has refused to shake hands because of a fear of germs and disease ALSO happens to think that vaccines are unnecessary.

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>SHIELD Experience Upgrade 5.0
>Android 7.0 Nougat Upgrade


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Bought my shield tv just after it was released, and nvidia have been fucking excellent with the updates.

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I'm not entirely sure the purpose of this device.

Enlighten me

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I have a serious question /g/. Do some .avi formats display videos? I browse the deep web and downloaded a few. Once I play it all I hear is audio and it's not displaying the frames at windows media player.

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Avi is a container. It can contain audio, video and even still images if I remember correctly. Therefore it's not unheard of to have an avi container with audio only.

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>audio video interleaved

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What is your highest clocked uptime?

pic related is from my little lenovo lappy I have sitting next to my big computer taken just now.

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Would using an uninterruptible power supply be cheating?

also nice dubs, compliments mine well

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No, because the system is still running. Meanwhile you can hibernate your laptop, pull the HDD and battery, spend a year with it turned off, then have a 1 year uptime when you turn it back on, even if the OS has actually only ran for 5 minutes.

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I have no way to prove it, but my lappy almost never goes into hibetnate mode. I use it to idle flash games and play songs so its probably spent 5% of that time hibernating.

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50 days before the socialist jews at Manitoba Hydro fucked up by not letting any competitors in.

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some where around 150~ days a few months back, Have to shut down periodically for dusting, and before this there was a 150 process bug where my computer becomes unstable and randomly shuts down at 150+ processes

next computer will have a hot cleanable heat sink so i'm calling a 1 year up time if I can get my hands on a ups too.

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hi guys.

my shitty android phone has little storage memory. I just rooted the phone in order to remove stuff in order to make space. dones anyone know what to remove in the /data/ partition in order to archive that? I already deleted the dalvik-cache dir, but it gets filled up quickly due its nature (the dalvik system makes its own kind of files out of java bytecode in apks).

thanks in advance.

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Those don't make up much space tbqh senpai
Try removing bloat apps. Sort them by size and remove bloat.
Remove or backup some camera videos if you have any. Those can hog your shit up.

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that's the problem

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op here.
you are so right.

shit ran fast and had no sotrage problem. with the same amount of flash but, no apps :(

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well what kind of apps? mine is just werks

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