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started a couple of threads a while ago. Do you guys remember me? Anyway, this is what I wore today. Do any of you guys like to pin flowers/plants/leaves/vegetables to your coats/jackets? I do it all the time, usually with fake plants like here; real ones wilt. I always get compliments.

What do you guys think?

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Better shot.

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are you brians brother

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>pin flowers/plants/leaves/vegetables to your coats/jackets
hey didnt a fashin designer do this? like putting flowers in black boots or something and attaching them to the bottom of a parka

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lmfao what the hell guys cmon

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What do you mean?

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You have no buisness being on this board man. That jacket is horrible and you look autistic as fuck with that plant pinned to you. I am refusing to take this thread seriously.

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r u foreal?

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that jacket doesn't fit you very well - it's too big on you
i'd ditch it and just wear a plain shirt, maybe some earth tones if you want it to work with the plants you're going to attach to it...

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i've seen some autistic shit on /fa/ but this might take the cake

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you slav?

from? u good

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even though OP dresses poorly his face is still very attractive and i am going to go ahead and request more selfies

also: kudos to pink glitter phone case

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Unconventional ≠ Autistic.
Though I agree they sometimes go hand-in-hand (case in point: those fuckers who think they look cool in a fedora specifically because they're no longer accepted dress).

What do you mean the jacket is horrible? It's just a plain black jacket? It's actually quite comfy fake velvet. What jacket would YOU suggest?

Then again, I don't know much of anything; I'm hella fuckboi.

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"Jessicaaa is it alright if I use your phone to take a pic of my sick leafy fit?"

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Russian-Mexican mix. From America.

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Please post images of you wearing fake vegetables

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you're literally dressed like the fedora goofballs minus the hat
baggy cheap jacket
t shirt
walmart jeans

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this is extremely weird

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>I always get compliments.

they're not complimenting you

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>What do you mean the jacket is horrible?
>t's actually quite comfy fake velvet.
>fake velvet

oh you

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Well, how do YOU dress? Show me a few pictures; let he without sin throw the first stone.

Also, these are gap jeans.

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Op, you are honestly really attractive, but I don't know about the plant thing.

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1. One that fits your body.
2. One not made of a FAKE fabric of any kind (especially velvet, wtf man)
3. One that doesn't have an awful collar
Seriously, it would be hard to not find a better looking jacket.

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Brb, taking pictures of better fitting clothes.

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There better be at least 5 plants on your next fit. I think you're onto something here.

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OP's beautiful face is wasted by his terrible taste

I commend OP for trying a weird creative wardrobe thing at least

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plantcore inspo

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What the fuck OP has an awful face. Its like a frog with high cheekbones, and he's stumpy.

And clearly autistic or just being a retarded teenager

Good thread regardless, now I've seen everything.

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To everyone here: I KNOW I dress like shit though. That's why I've started coming here. But 'OP wears a bad jacket' won't help me. Show me what you would suggest I wear instead.

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All you have to do is lurk.
In the meantime, get a fucking haircut, work out, fix your shit posture and get like 5 years older.

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Here's me in a better-fitting leather jacket.

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How about this sweater? Does this fit me?

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Blazer with actual celery. Normally I'd never wear this with a t-shirt, but I can't be buggered to go into my closet to get a buttonup.

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ur just mad op is hotter than u :):)

It's not often you see someone that looks unlike everyone else and is still attractive

I kind of liked this

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stop making that stupid fucking face

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I think that's just my resting face.

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this is better than some of the fits we see in waywt

haircut + lurk and you'll be fine op

go for some more exotic vegetables too, celery is pleb-tier trash

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I was going to go to get a haircut the other day, but I never got around to it. I asked people on here how I should cut it and they said to get a Hitler Youth. Either way, I'm going tomorrow. My friend has this Iranian woman, supposedly she does great things with hair.

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I actually dig that jacket, tho it is kind of cheap looking.


also how the fuck has no one commented on his phone case.

what's up with that yo

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>I actually dig that jacket, tho it is kind of cheap looking. brand?

Goodwill. I get all my clothes there. Got this big one by my house, big warehouse full of bins of clothes, sells shit for 75 cents-per-pound.

>also how the fuck has no one commented on his phone case.
I just like pink. I have pink things. I never mention it unless it's brought up. Not many people say anything about it.

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This guy has to be fucking with us I swear. Goodwill? Get the fuck off of /fa/. Do you have a pink painted room as well?

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you're an idiot.

if you don't have a lot of disposable income, goodwill is infinitely superior to cheap or fast fashion. sure, most of it is shit, but here and there are unique pieces you can't find anywhere else.

unfortunately, you need taste to do it well. keep buying h&m shit-tier garbage, faggot.

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Bro idk where I live or anything aboot u (c what I did there) but thrift shopping if u have good stores beats the fuck out of mall tier

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lol why do you even trip

>> No.7379684

Wow please stop tripping.

You clearly don't know the first thing about shopping in a budget outside of what the shit sticky has taught you.

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Your right, I don't about shopping on a budget because I'm not some fucking poorboy. Maybe you should tell me how to acquire cheap shit pieces to add to my wardrobe because I def can't trip without that knowledge.

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nah. you're probably just not that fashionable if you think you can't dress well without designer pieces, that's all.

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post fit

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So if it's not designer the next best option is thrifted? Nahhhhhh, there are many low end stores at do it better than mall tier and aren't fucking disgusting. I am all for curated consignment stuff but I don't know why you would even spend the time looking through the shit that people don't even want anymore and give away for free.

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Done. Zam Barrett jacket, SILENT hoodie, N&F Jeans, Guidi boots.
>"oho but you spent all that money and you don't even look that good"
Whatever you say man.

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You know you can thrift designer stuff right?

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dude pls stop digging a bigger hole for urself

thrift shopping is awesome, idk why u have to act all pretentious now bc ur posts before were pretty cool from what i've read

postin with thrift findz

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So you are going to go through all the garbage until you find a designer piece? Maybe the places where I live are just too disgusting to think of thrifting as a good idea.

>> No.7379797

Idk, when I get called out in such a non-serious thread for not being on the "thrifting is awesome" crew it kinda pissed me off when I'm just trying to chat up this girl atm. Whatever, I'm done. I'm Canadian also.

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Deleted my post because it's almost 4am and I have a habit of getting myself wound up by people on the internet. I work 6 days a week why can't people be less stupid for my benefit pls.

Not all nice clothes have to be an expensive designer brand and certainly not all designer brands make nice clothes.

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lol angry manlet detected
are you mad that everyone is commenting on OP's looks and giving him attention while you didn't get a single reply on your 'dope fit' in that thread?

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aha this is the guy we're arguing with guys

hoodie looks like american apparel

>> No.7379816

talk shit, post fit etc etc

>> No.7379830

Got it on sale last season, def isn't american apparel bud.
>not allowed to buy designer pieces that are minimalistic with a slightly altered basic look
Jesus, I need to not get worked up by you faggots.

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idk dude i love thrifting, and i think it's a lot of fun hunting for stuff and there's cool stuff to b found

i also have no prob spending a decent amount of money on somethin if i really like it
more thrift pick ups

i had a feelin u were canadian that's why i said it, gl with the gril

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what's wrong with your face? It's so weird

>> No.7379967

Bumping because OP is amazing and /fa/ is so full of bullshit that it's nice to see someone who gives zero fucks.

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If he gave zero fucks, he wouldn't be wearing a fucking plant.

>> No.7380232


2avant4u fuccboi?

>> No.7380241

Slav-spic American
I feel better knowing there is an a even larger inferior race

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brandon is a god

>wears secondhand only
>wears vegetables and fake plants
>likes pink, gives no fucks at all

please tell us where we can follow you on the internet do you have a tumblr???

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Most of the nicest, most well constructed clothes I own are thrifted

>seconhand issey tops
>exquisitely crafted blazers
>chiffon madewell shirts for $3

you can't really generalize thrift store clothing obviously but if you really hunt you can find amazing garments that are just as fine quality as designer gear.

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Oh my god. Im fucking dying here. Celery. No.this can't be real.

>> No.7380338

> is this the real life
> is this just fantasy
But srs my sides hurt this is the most hilarious thread I've seen all week
Celery man, too good
Keep it up, this is ridiculous

>> No.7380391

godly cheekbones

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op is just nxtlvl as fuck and you guys need to catch up on plantgame

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>actual celery

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>pink glitter phone case

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