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Don't want to dress like a kid, but need some serious fashion advice. Let's assume I have a few pairs of jeans and some tshirts and that is my entire wardrobe. And a pair of tiger's eye stud earrings as my only accessory, not counting the plain watches I use at work. Where do I go from here?

Also what should a white girl with long, straight blonde hair do with it? her hair.

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I hope you're fucking joking.

Please tell me this is a joke.

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100% serious, my friend :)

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get the fuck out freak

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If you're only starting with fashion you should be on reddit FFA.

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why? what even is reddit FFA? i've never used reddit.

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I think you need to fuck off back to tumblr :^)

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Then you could tell us what kind of shoes you own at least. Or at least take a pic of what you wear when going out to know your tastes.

And what you look like, some outfits fit some bodies better than others. Same for hair.

Or your age group?

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Because if you're just getting started with fashion most people here can't be bothered to help you out with basic questions that can be searched up with google.

People on reddit will be more inclined to help you since they want their imaginary points.

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Stan Smiths

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Wow I need some context for that.

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please pay attention to me, the post, after please pay attention to me the lifestyle change.

I would suggest buying some cheap clothes that fit u from h&m and try them on in different outfits.

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did she dead?

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this is my pair of shoes.

i'm white, 5'6", blonde hair green eyes. worried some about broadish shoulders. hair is long and straight, as i said.

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Post a picture of yourself.

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just google it and itll be the top link most likely, they have a lot of basic guides and startup advice. Ignore all the children here, they're lack of a sex life causes them to lash out.

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pretty honest pic here. took it just now.

currently 128.

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Dont post your photo here, just bait for these assholes.

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You could always try an androgynous look. A lot of garments from Rick Owens work for males or females. Additionally, you could try some Yohji or Commes garments that emphasize a loose, elegant silhouette.

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Train your eye, look at countless pictures for inspiration. Personal style takes time to develop. In the meantime, dress basic. I hate the hugbox attitude, but http://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/search?q=mtf&restrict_sr=on would be a good resource.
Also do lots of cardio, people are more forgiving to more aesthetically pleasing people. You don't look bad btw.

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ffs end yourself

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How are people this old and not fashion conscious at all?
I thought people usually became more aware of what they wore in middle school/high school.
OP get rid of those shoes, god.

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this person literally wears >>9996698 those shoes do u think it'll be buying a RO warddrobe?

you didn't know how to dress as a man, and it will be even harder to learn how to dress like a woman. go on reddit and look at fit pics and ask for advice there.

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>white girl
>long blonde hair
cut it short unless its naturally wavy or something. the kind of hair taylor swift used to have.
short hair is really qt though.
however it might not be what you want since your mtf

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I went to the archive 2 look at ur pic cus i wanted to laugh

i did laugh i little bit but now i just really feel sorry for you
like i genuinely feel bad

not cus i laughed but cus you look like that

i wish 4 u better luck in ur next life

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forgot 2 say that ur shoes are hideous but descrube u perfectly (mens primal) cus u look like a cgi monkey from finding bigfoot

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Post pic

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>u look like a cgi monkey from finding bigfoot

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I like his sneakers I hope they didn't get dirty

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why would you post your picture to 4chan. Only pictures that would get praises are the ones with one of those skinny faggots in them

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god this thread makes me sad. i feel bad for her :/

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just 4 you bby

nothin wrong with postin your pic on here for advice honestly

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Fuck outta here with your Per Ohlin-lookin ass

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is this the picture she just posted a minute ago?

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i hope you run a lot OP. ive seen plenty of trans people and most of them were fat and disgusting.
it doesnt matter how on point your clothes are, if you arent at an attractive weight, youll never be /fa/
also, dont buy a lot of clothes at once. only buy a few things at a time. and make sure its versatile stuff you can incorporate into plenty of fits, especially in the beginning.
do some weight lifting so you have muscle definition, but dont go overboard, obviously. and dont do too much shoulders if your already worried about shoulders.

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wtf just searched him up. Uncanny resemblance

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isnt she lovely

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shes not awful like a ton of the trans people I see.

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not too bad tbh. i was expecting a lot worse.

definitely you gotta do something about the hair. just my opinion, but i hate hair like that. long and straight, its so boring.
but ill understand if you dont want to cut it because of your situation.

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some "girl" (a man) was yelling at a random group of guys for something i can't remember, all i know is she instigated it

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if you think it will go with your face shape and you like it, you could part your hair in the center. long hair can also be versatile so maybe within a haircut look at lots of diff. styles

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well, here's the video for all those that are interested:


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too far imo

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hah. looked him up and yeah i see the resemblance :P

>also, dont buy a lot of clothes at once. only buy a few things at a time. and make sure its versatile stuff you can incorporate into plenty of fits, especially in the beginning.
good advice. what would you recommend? i'm honestly used to tshirts and jeans. feel weird about wearing things that aren't pants. like skirts wtf.

so a decent pair of pants and a top that looks okay together? something casual. also, what should i be doing with my hair when i need it up for work? i've just been throwing it in a ponytail and all the other girls do these crazy things with weird accessories and stuff. what can i do that would be somewhat fashion without being hard or look like i'm trying too much?

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washed denim + white or grey top + white sneakers

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>what do you recommend
i cant tell you what you will or wont like
i CAN tell you to lurkmoar. when you see some inspo you like, think about what makes that fit work, then cop the pieces.

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when i part in center i feel like i look manlier somehow. idk. kind of want to try like a serious routine for making it look less plain and boring? like what this girl does:


which might not work with longer hair. i'd consider cutting it i guess, but not too short. and i'd still need to figure out how to keep it back for work. that seems hard maybe with shorter hair?

yeah that's a cute look. what kinda top is that?

yeah i'll be looking around. but there's no harm in asking for advice anyway, right? :)

these are way too fashion for me lol. i'm a simple girl with simple tastes.

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>no harm
your right, ask away. just dont get frustrated if we cant/wont help you hand pick an entire wardrobe.

if you can spell out what your looking for, we might be able to recommend you some better stuff.
one pertinent question of course, is where do you work?

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OP do you have a feminine figure? (hourglass)

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just for you, OP

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Raglan sleeves and ponchos might help a bit with making your shoulders seem smaller. Basically avoid shoulder seams when possible.

High waisted jeans are a safe bet I think. Check fit for everything before buying of course.

Also if you have the legs buy shorts, lots and lots of shorts.

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>if you can spell out what your looking for, we might be able to recommend you some better stuff.
yeah uhm. simple things. maybe geeky things? like modern casual librarian wear, if that's a thing.

>one pertinent question of course, is where do you work?
i wear scrubs at work and need hair to be back/up/whatever.

i have some hips, but my shoulders are wider than they are. so not really hourglass.

that first picture looks pretty great tbh.

shoulder seams like what you find on most shirts? that sucks lol. and i'm scared of shorts. maybe though. probably need to get outside my comfort zone to make this work.

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op, as long as you get a lot of exercise youll be fine.

just buy some shirts and pants then.
OCBDs, linen button downs, flannels, mandarin collars, theres tons of different styles.
slim fit pants. chinos, jeans, joggers, whatever.
just make sure they are on the slim side.
check the sticky for basic color pallets, and make sure they all match.
do whatever for socks, if you like colorful or whatever, but no white socks.
leather sneakers like CPs or something will look good but not try hard. personally i love when girls wear leather shoes.
get a basic plimsoll as well, like the classic vans.

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OP are you getting or have you done, surgery or hormones or anything.
just wondering what the boob situation is.
if your passably feminine, you can be less conservative in how you dress/your haircut etc.
as long as a persons first impression is a girl, you can be less feminine than you might like.
definitely cop some perfume if you havent already.

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>shoulder seams like what you find on most shirts?


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Shut the fuck up, you cuck.

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OP maybe you should consider getting new glasses or wearing contacts

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Seconded, something in a lighter color or thinner.

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fucking animal

(no, not because he's brown)

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wayyyy too far

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How much are you willing to spend?

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>fucking animal
Lol what? He's teaching this faggot a lesson. See the full video

>no, not because he's brown
He's black and don't be afraid say nigger, you little pussy.

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all these new words :O

i have relatively small breasts? wear sports bras. and i don't do perfume but could do some essential oils or something.

what's wrong with my glasses? :(

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>i dont perfume
you dont have to perfume if you dont want to, especially at work (i assume your a nurse which means (again, assuming) youll have long shifts so it wouldnt matter anyways) but you definitely should at least acquaint yourself with it. because it will definitely and undeniably make you seem more feminine. plus youll smell nice.

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some people have sensitivities to strong smells like that. not good for when working with people in a medical setting imo.

but i don't want to irritate noses anywhere, work or otherwise. anyway, scents aren't gonna be a deal breaker either way i'm sure. but aren't there like little diffusers you can wear as jewelry or something? essential oils are much less offensive than strong chemically perfumes.

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idk, i mean i have contact with a lot of girls wearing perfuming when i go to class and it never bothers. sometimes its a little strong but i usually chalk that up to them messing up and putting on too much. i agree with you at work, but its such a common place thing that you wont stand out even to people sensitive to it, any more than they do. you dont have to wear it if you dont want to.
i dont know anything about that as i dont wear perfume myself.

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Some essential oils can be bad for your skin and are much more scented than perfumes. You can try an EDT if you're looking for something lighter. scent isn't necessarily a dealbreaker but we do focus a lot on the thoughts/emotions/identity we can channel through scent on this board. One transitioning poster often asked what feminine-smelling deodorant she could use instead of taking the plunge of wearing feminine fragrance. There are also numerous unisex scents that could mix really well with your skin chemistry and personality.

A long time ago I had made an infographic of items an adult woman should collect throughout her life, for a transitioning MtF as well. I'll see if I can find it.

If you can, see if you can get fitted for a proper bra. They can be expensive but a well fitting bra will really change the way clothes fit your body and perhaps the way you feel about yourself.

Reddit's /r/abrathatfits is a good resource for measuring yourself and finding sizes and bras that work for your breast shape. eBay, Amazon and Bratabase are good places to look for bras if you wear a rarer size.

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OP, just go cop a few shirts, a couple of sweaters (or whatever lighter outerwear), some tee shirts, two or three pants, and a bunch of socks.
and then you can start from there

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What should you do first ? Drop trip.

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post girlcock pls

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Here you go. Might be a bit dated, made with help from a book that was published in 2003 but I hope it can help. Look for inspiration everywhere and understand that developing your own style comes with time. Good luck xoxox

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Dead was cuter tbh.

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post feet.

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Potsy please vacate the premises

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>this troll thread again
you planning on making this a copypasta?

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Practice vintage hair styles, like sleep in Rag curls. Makes any ordinary female look 2000% better. There is no woman who looks bad in retro curls.

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Lies. The only time my allergies kick in (outside of poison ivy or rotted animal(long story)) is with perfume. Old ladies are the worst, but college aged children are a close second. Too much perfume is tacky and leads some to believe that you must fart constantly or eat like shit. I don't use shampoo any more, but I'll still wash myself with a bit of strawberry scented product that men and women seem to love the scent of.

Op, major tip for you. If you don't want to destroy your knees trying to train yourself out of heel striking, just try walking long distances. Look up proper posture and heel striking. You want to use the balls and side of your foot. Do at least 5 miles a day at your own pace until you have it down. Your leg muscles and tendons will feel weird at first because our generation has such shitty posture that even our legs and footfalls are fucked up.

Just fixing your posture will make you look twice as confident, and even trick your brain into believing you're a boss (look up posture studies cuz they be all kinds of interdasting). BUT! SUPER SECRET TO BLOW YOUR MIND. You can get an amazing ass JUST by squeezing your glutes while walking ANYWHERE. Start doing this once you have your posture down pat, and you'll have glorious hips and a lush ass. Don't be afraid to spread your shoulders for purpose posture. My shoulders are wide as the grand Canyon and ain't no body give two shits, and I do barbell weight training three times a week.

Good luck, lady friend. I wear all kinds of stupid bs like Aztec tiger head sweaters in a field of stars or printalloverme vaporwave tees and get nothing but compliments because my posture says I own it.

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wow i'm loving this advice! thanks friend :)

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see >>>/lgbt/

also, see a psych.

>> No.9998724

there are better boards suitable for this.


post there instead.

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I don't understand what mentioning you being transgender has to do with anything? As a transwoman you're likely having an inverted triangle body shape, so just get clothes to offset that (if femininity is your goal).

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