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you should have tripped so everyone remembered you as the guy who put a penis in the waywt pic x3

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i don't own many clothes

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pls cyber bully me

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stop buying nestle products sperglord

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YOu fucking gay cunt honestly end your fucking life you loser scum. "I wear black clothes wa wa wa girls dont talk to me I'm a loser" fuck you, you pussy. Just fucking end it you scum, fucking cumglazed fuckwit. Cute haircut faggot, where'd you get it from? The GayCunts Store? Fucking loser.

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i said bully, not make me kill myself

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Looks a little sloppy but it's alright.
The stance and your something about your clothes is just a little off. Like I feel the pants are too tight or something but idk if that's it something is definitely off.
Looks okay maybe try wearing some pants that aren't so tight
Outlier has these really nice high quality pants that would look really nice with this.

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>The stance and your something about your clothes is just a little off. Like I feel the pants are too tight or something but idk if that's it something is definitely off.
i actually feel the pants are a bit loose

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Maybe it's just your posture you look a little tense. Try loosening up

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nice boatshoes and sweats sick fit man u seem like u have a very nice and interesting personality

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They're slippers m8...

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i am not tim soz

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>boat shoes


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you need to calm down birthday

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it's ok. i like your fit btw.

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thanks <3


>pants too tight, only goon nigga grinding in these tiny pants

ye tfw only two pairs of pants that are both way too tight, thanks for suggestion <3

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Do these shoes look too big on me? There's an inch of extra space in the toebox, is it normal because of the pointy toebox? My feet don't slide or anything though.

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Yeah size down m8
They're passable but if you were them with super tight skinnies like you should with those boots they'll look even bigger which isnt what you want

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Your upper body looks huge compared to your legs.

Can't tell zoom out more.

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Bedtime core

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they look completely fine

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how comes you're still stuck in 2013

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looks good

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you're fine
what's your height and weight bby?

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Seems fine, but still can't tell very well.
Take pic in front of mirror.

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Lose weight, lardo

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Fuk off im /fit/.

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I don't know my weight, I'm kinda fat, probably 160 maybe? Don't know. I'm 5'8.


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Can I suck your dick

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best one

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Fat fuck

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reposting from last thread

comfy core, doesn't look great, need some feedback on what to change. Cap isn't fitting, but my hair looks like shit

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Im a fuckin skelly m8

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>Gibson USA
>Marshall MG

Oh shit nigger what are you doing

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They look a little big, are you able to size down?
If you able to, I would.

If not, then it might be due to your legs looking stocky. This can be helped by not wearing such large shirts, changing fit of jeans and losing a bit of weight.

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Can I suck your dick and/or lick your feet

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Only if you give me money for clothes

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thanks OP, your little crude 'joke' just got me fired

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nice gyno ;)

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What chelseas are those?

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No I can't, it's too late to return.

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slp harness boots

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That's too bad.
It doesn't look so large in this pic, just watch out not to make your legs look short.

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Nice pyjamas

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Looks bad, I think. Jacket is too big, pants too tight and sneakers looks like you size up them.

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Cuffs are wayyyy too high.

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what on earth makes you think your pants look good like that?
planning on wading through a creek?

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>need some feedback on what to change

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Ill fitting jacket. Bad haircut. Stupid clown shoes.

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if i ever see you in the streets i'm gonna wreck you real hard

better watch your back kid

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I'm so scared m8. Can feel the intensity through your words.

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cute but supreme cap ruins it

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it is summer it is fucking 30 degrees out enjoy your heat stroke

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Pick one you fucking retard also your shoes looks like shit

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oh, sweety
that is not how you wear hightops :(

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congrats on the transition

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So much better than normal, good job Seinfeld

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how else would one wear them?

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not like that

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gj huck

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i'd appreciate advice on how to wear them properly if you have it

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but he wants to show off to everyone what patrician fashion tastes he has by conspicuous branding on all of his clothes

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>implying everyone on this Mongolian anime board is in the northern hemisphere

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too bad its monochrome which is why everyone's likin it...

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if you don't know how to properly wear a pair of shoes then you are truly hopeless

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okay mate

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i thought sweg was american

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not a problem buddy

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Thank you Curvy Femanon

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god damn youre actually improving i never thought i'd see it

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>tfw not born in Japistan

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Yo what camera do you use, I need to pick one up

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rad apart from supreme

sick af

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that shirt is too long my dude but not terrible

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You're a fucking idiot

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Im into the whole oversized shirt thing :^)
probably overdoing it a bit

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you are not achieving the look you are trying to emulate

clothes fit poorly and look cheap

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thanks m8

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Tuck the shirt in or let it out completely it looks retarded like that. Otherwise pretty good

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Nikon D7000

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I can almost see the pit marks under that shirt

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talked shit about you yesterday but this looks good dude! Proud of you. Your pouty face still makes me irrationally angry though

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He will never get rid of the smelly french guy image

Just like the stench itself

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a true stench man

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This is nice, good to show that you don't need memechrome streetwear to look good, and the alternative isn't MFA

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summers finally here homies
29 degrees wtf?
snorting lines n shagging nines

dr marten 1461 mono loyal

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Ur a faggot

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i'm not joking bitchboy

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smelly boi :)

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Why women in this board never post their fits?

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>this is who posts in SLP threads

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good stuff

>> No.9972626

cause we get harassed

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I know there's all these stupid L O N D O N replies (is that getting harassed?), but you could also get objective criticism from any serious person here, just sayin.

>> No.9972645

New Orleans?

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u forgot all the
"post feet" replies

it's makes posting a fit pointless when you already know majority of the replies will be something stupid or assholes talking about your looks,body instead of your clothes while simultaneously calling you an attention whore for posting in the first place

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get the L O N D O N look

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I feel sorry for you femanons

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I like this a whole lot.

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FUCK nvm just w2c jeans

>> No.9972698

W2C a shirt that fits like that

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>tfw femanon
>tfw actually enjoy browsing this board
>tfw want to post a fit but know it would be pointless

send halp ;_;

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can lick your belly button and suck on your nipples?

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>'muh feelings u guys r so mean 2 me :('
Summer can't end soon enough.

>> No.9972718

it's not that you guys are mean, i post nasty insults to you guys all the time too. it's just i know that i'll derail the thread

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wtf are you doing man

>> No.9972725

Well in that case, I apologize.
Thanks for keeping shit on topic, anon.

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what trousers?

>> No.9972744

Man listen

All of your fits suck. You are a total fuccboi. The way you dress is dated. You come off as the type of person. That listens to linkin park or limp bizkit.

I'm not trying to be a dick or mean or whatever, but you have to realize at some point what you're doing.

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cheap monday
this ones zara but urban outfitters or cos do good slim short sleeves

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i really really hope you didnt go out like this

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If your feet aren't sliding and you're comfortable, keep them. They look fine.

>> No.9972797

I did indeed go out like that, baby.

>> No.9972799

do you actually think you look good or was it just a big joke?
I dont understand :(

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I'm saving this because i can't stop laughing.

>> No.9972809

Sort of half and half,
I like the colours, and the 'dorkiness'.

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almost half way through a 300 post thread and only 22 fits have been posted. too much gasbagging.

>> No.9972829

people don't give a fuck about what you wear

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w2c pants??

>> No.9972858

yeah if only you controlled what every single person posted

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loving it

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Portex. It's a generic work clothing brand.

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Who /gaskmaskcore/ here?

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you know disabled people have shoes like this because they can't use their hands properly

>> No.9973199


basic bitch fit, but hey that's cool with me i do it all the time

i would forgo the undershirt thou brah, unless ur mantits stick out

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What's going on, James?

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Rate my fit

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boots came in

fit slightly loose but im happy nonetheless

cuck my shit up fam

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waywt's have gotten worst lately

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wearing this again

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Out here listening to green day involuntarily :,^)

>> No.9973484

bruh, it's summer, basic fits are mandatory. I can't go layering and shit. You are right about the mantits, though, I have to hide them.

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>this thread

>> No.9973494 [DELETED] 

lel le ironic emoji hahaha wow so funny upvoted!

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like a shit yung lean

still better than a good anything else

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be my gf pls

>> No.9973719

SFW board


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w2c sweater?

>> No.9973740

is that a penis..... or just a really large vaginal bulge.....

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Quite epic.

>> No.9973744

Its a vagina bulge. Fap all you want.

>> No.9973745

not fapping but somehow i doubt it, no hard feelings

>> No.9973747

It's her clit, have you never been with a girl before?

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>> No.9973754

Well I came to this and I'm really hoping it's a girl because I despise gays.

>> No.9973756

you've been had. you're gay now, i hope you realize that

>> No.9973757


i like it

pants are cool

nope you fucked up. adidas shorts arent good fam the logo is bad and your nips show

go back inside the sun is going to burn you

nope. the jacket is ass everything else is fine

my nigga huck stylin on everyone

noy bad

shirt tuckin in is weird as hell buy i like how unkempt everything is, but it still looks good

i dislike dock martins but everything else is not bad

hnnngg the mmm velcro

bottom half is good actually

clean af

ayyyy havent seen you in a minute. basic decent fit

>> No.9973759

haha little fucking manlet

>> No.9973762

>pants are cool
thanks hombre

>> No.9973769

>buying slps

>> No.9973823


w2c boots?

>> No.9973842

Hair: cheeky nandos/10
Jacket: can't see clearly but probably shit
Pants: meh. They're black pants what the fuck do you want me to say
Shoes: lel clown shoes

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Grenson Chisholmes

>> No.9973902

>i can see your halo
>your halo

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Had to get the polo bear hat in the photo

>> No.9974013

Taylor Swift core?
not bad

>> No.9974019

>dat bulge
huck has done it again

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idk lol

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>> No.9974029

I'd wear a different shirt but besides that; tight fam

>> No.9974032

you keep telling yourself that and maybe it will become true :^)

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but wut dat

>> No.9974108
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that's just a stain on the bed...

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>> No.9974151

asokone is from aus you knob, why would it finally be summer there during winter? knob cheese i swear

>> No.9974206

always lookin like a dope dealer huck
dont hide the chain

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Am I doing loosewave right?

>> No.9974264


>> No.9974269

nice 9/11 core

w2c jet fuel

>> No.9974284

wht feet and left hand look like white guy right hand is brown

>> No.9974304
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can you buy some socks that fit

>> No.9974309
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>> No.9974482

no you arent

>> No.9974492

they look fine to me>>9972141
sick jacket

>> No.9974506

i like ur sweater
dope looks like you sell cocaine in Miami or someshit

>> No.9974525

sick loosewave my man

>> No.9974535

im not part of your rubbish.

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File: 1.90 MB, 1600x1200, IMG_0491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't usually wear the ramones but I figured why not today.

>> No.9974564

why are you impersonating me...

>> No.9974566

i am sorry but this is terrible for me.
pants and shoes seems lazy, they dont go together
shoes look like clown shoes
pants are baggy and have pleb shape

>> No.9974568


Pants look pretty tapered to me.

>> No.9974580
File: 883 KB, 795x431, Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 7.53.48 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what does it for me is that in the left pic, they are bunched and have loose stacks and jagged fabrics sticking out in a very unclean way.
in the right pic, his leg is like inverted and it looks weird. they look like bell bottoms to me. too loose for my taste

>> No.9974582

>pants are baggy

>> No.9974583

and imo ramones look infinitely better if the pant is tucked inside the shoe

>> No.9974588

Thank god you stopped doing those tryhard timered shots like a wannabe tumblr model. Your fit is still dog shit but you look about 5% less tryhard now. Baby steps.

lmao tryhard alert. looking down in shame about your fit and your staged pic?

>> No.9974589


With that ankle-height length, tucking in the pant would mean you get very little stacks and the pant would start coming out as you step. I understand what you're suggesting, but I think your advice is unsound.

>> No.9974590

Damn, anon. I saw a kid with one more chromosome than you yesterday that had a better fit than that.

>> No.9974600

Homophobia is soooo uneffay

>> No.9974601

That's not the problem.
They look like they're too short for normal lenght pants, and too long for cropped pants.
If you're going for the cropped look, it's best not to wear high-tops.
for normal lenght pants, they look best when resting on top of the shoe, rather than over them.

>> No.9974603
File: 1.19 MB, 1067x1600, IMG_0280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, the pants buckle around the knee area. I don't know what it is that causes that. I've thought about taking them to a tailor.

>> No.9974607

Nice pose, nice fit. You won anon. 9.8/10

>> No.9974612

movin like bernie?

>> No.9974616


Disagree with the black and white idea that pants can only be cropped or break. I've seen plenty of looks with an exact ankle-length where the hem sits at the shoe, rather than above it or on it. Doesn't bother me that much, though I think people are just being thrown because there are Ramones underneath and they think there's way you HAVE to wear a pant with a shoe that distinctive. Which is silly.


Your knees bend. Fabric has to give. It happens.

>> No.9974618

those jeans look like trash and your hips are wide enough to sink the titanic

>> No.9974625

now this looks wayyy cool to me. I was hating on the ramones combo. I think the big toecap was just throwing me off. sorry anon

>> No.9974627

she's probably a roastie, just a labia flap

are you really that clueless about female anatomy?

>> No.9974635

homsexuality is even more uneffay ya faggot

>> No.9974637

DON"T take them to the tailor, it looks good, this is how men's jeans should fit

>> No.9974642


im 6'0 but ok.... :(

>> No.9974644

what do u mean when u say "have to wear a pant with a shoe that distinctive"
aren't we only talking about pants?

>> No.9974646

I understand where you're coming from about the toecap. No offense taken.

>> No.9974647

i stil like the achilles fit better

>> No.9974648

homosexuals literally blossomed the fashion industry
fashion is the gayest hobby you could be into

>> No.9974671

doesn't get more staged than this

>> No.9974723

shiggity diggity

>> No.9974774
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Trying my hand at some slackercore but I think I'm just coming off as a normie

>> No.9974792

all ur tones are earthy except those pants, I would switch them out

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>> No.9974823

Fuk I want Wyatt's so bad.

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>> No.9974991

you probably are a normie

>> No.9975036
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Ignore the backpack

>> No.9975045

Ripndip and KVAs don't seem to mesh but like I don't hate it

>> No.9975051

i like the shorts.. they make the outfit different...

>> No.9975083
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>> No.9975155
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I am new to /fa/, be gentle

>> No.9975187
File: 101 KB, 500x601, umakemeweak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9975188

nice body

not digging the skirt frills, but it works

>> No.9975232


C h I c a g o

>> No.9975237

Too much going on with the two sets of strips either or with s solid color would be fine though

>> No.9975238

Be mine

>> No.9975245

why are you wearing your watch then retard

>> No.9975258

how do you think he knew it was bedtime?
idiot kids on fa i swear

>> No.9975269

um by looking at a clock in your bedroom where you are going to sleep and not being a pretentious fuck and trying to be stylish before you fucking sleep god damn fuck off im 23 years old who are you calling the fucking kid with those shitty pajamas.

>> No.9975275


>> No.9975293

looks stupid, omit one of the two sets of stripes

>> No.9975306

I love peplum, but girl, ain't working here

>> No.9975332


>> No.9975333

w2c jacket

>> No.9975357


>> No.9975523
File: 1.17 MB, 2448x3264, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Outfit I wore for work today. Company polo shirt is required.

>> No.9975535


needs sunglasses and a chain

>> No.9975560

w2c sweater

>> No.9975579

sooo staged. looks incredibly tryhard and the fit is dog shit

>> No.9975582
File: 561 KB, 750x1000, clown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

clown shoes cuz weird angle
jeans dont look as awkward normally

>> No.9975631

you arent wearing those ramones correctly

>> No.9975641

other than it being a shit fit it looks fine u insecure retard

>> No.9975644

i don't normally like ramones but i don't mind them here

>> No.9975719

tbh geos are more versatile than ramones

>> No.9975724
File: 625 KB, 424x1090, fit1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

winter here.

rate n hate pls give comments.

>> No.9975769


>> No.9975772

i like it!
although i think it would look better if the hoodie looked a bit grayer / worn out

>> No.9975777

there are some good fits in this particular thread but people like you really make WAYWTs better

>> No.9975790
File: 765 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was one of the anons at the brisbane meet

>> No.9975811
File: 426 KB, 500x500, [muda intensifies].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9975825

tryhard, staged, wannabe model
fit sucks, etc
also balding and manlet.
plz never come back here again aussie trash

>> No.9975832

I'm fairly sure it's bait

>> No.9975853

noice fit mate. Only thing bad is the obvious. meme shoes. I get the aesthetic, and they contrast the outfit well, but they just look way too oversized and goofy. A simply pair of black lows would look a lot better imo, but obviously you're gonna wear it cos you paid heaps for them.

>> No.9975869

Like the outfit but your fucking hair ruines it.
Try something else, buzz it perhaps

>> No.9975874

It is
He covered all of the standard slash effay slash insult criteria
If it wasn't his intention to bait, this board already owns his soul

>> No.9975883

w2c pants
w2c jacket
w2c hoodie
w2c socks

interesting outfit bro

>> No.9975907

gonna need an iD on that hoodie

>> No.9975967

pants / hoodie is from an Australian designer thats shut down last year.
Jacket is from a brand called NEUW, nothing flash, pretty typical oversized parka
socks are just wool turned inside out for dif texture

>> No.9975973

i'm australian who was the designer

>> No.9975985

im guessing ksubi since they died last year

>> No.9975988


>> No.9976185
File: 214 KB, 720x1080, Bild 2015-06-12 kl. 16.20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no h8 m8s

>> No.9976188


skinny jeans were dead 10 months ago

>> No.9976227
File: 114 KB, 720x1080, Bild 2015-06-12 kl. 16.39 #2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9976228
File: 386 KB, 667x670, 1310497836236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9976234

With other pants it's p decent fit.

>> No.9976240

no i was trolleing take back the jeans, siq rifts btw

>> No.9976254



>> No.9976275
File: 101 KB, 225x218, this is the cuck trying to force tryhard meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


if ur conception of 'trying too hard' is taking 30 seconds out of ur day to take a self-timed shot then i'd bet ur NEET.

on top of that, you unknowingly spend more time and effort going around threads trying to "#rekt" anyone who didn't take a dirty-mirror cellphone shot than a whole thread might spend taking self-timed photos.

you're the kid who tries to shame his friends out of bettering their lives. "haha, fucking tryhard getting a suit & tie job, huh? who you trying to impress you little tryhard?! I'm 27 and I live in an astrovan, good enough for me! fucking tryhard wannabe corporate cocksuckers, you should only work at the gas station."

also ur fucking ugly m8 h8 to break it to you

>> No.9976278

>10 months ago
more like 3 years

>> No.9976296

>being this mad you even saved a photo of him
top kek

>> No.9976313

lmfao@ur shoes

>> No.9976329


>> No.9976338

Comfiest shoes I own and the ugliness appeals to me.

>> No.9976356


>> No.9976375

there are people here that don't steamroller, feels bad.


>> No.9976455

Yeah they're pretty baller to be honest.

>> No.9976478

dont go full tripfag because your posts are shit

>> No.9976964

Daily reminder that supreme is for fuccbois and cav empt is HBA for internet fags.

>> No.9977113

this is good as hell
w2c the white hoodie??

>> No.9977451
File: 69 KB, 500x293, 1433983122304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's not that bad. The other day I requested a feet pic and the girl actually posted her feet, no big deal. Felt like a boss.

>> No.9977475

Any skinnier will exagerate the bulbousness of the ramones imo

>> No.9977483

Would prefer without that brown undershirt (?) poking out like that. Otherwise, this is pretty damn good. Details on everything?

>> No.9977499

Saxony was a fucking failure of a brand. By the end of it they had this sales warehouse in botany in Sydney selling off their shit at 10-30$.

This while having a store in Sydney westfields (prime store location and prime rent prices) where they gothed the space out while selling pseudo high fashion made in China.

Thank god capsule took over that shit

>> No.9977829

Fucking hideous. Full h&m + RO footwear is disgusting pls sell those on grailed and cop 20 pairs of converse you huge pleb.