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My so has told me that she wants to treat me to a shirt, what should I opt for?

Basically, if you could chose any shirt, what would you get?

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why do you talk like that

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White Patrik Ervell club collar @ ~$200

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Don't be a douche and ask for the most expensive shirt possible.

Get a Brook's Brothers Milano Fit shirt. They fit wonderfully if you've got a decent chest and moderately broad shoulders. $92, comes in a wide variety of colours and styles. Extremely high quality, very comfortable, great price point.

If your SO is willing to spend $250+, go with Z Zenga or Paul Smith.

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I can confirm that Brooks Bros. Milano is pretty solid. Still had to get the waist tapered in a bit, but good all the same.

Higher-end shirts are unquestionably nice, but at that level I'd rather have something bespoke.

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>Still had to get the waist tapered in a bit
True, I had to do the same. TBH though I've yet to find a shirt or pair of pants I didn't need to get tailored to achieve a perfect fit.

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>TBH though I've yet to find a shirt or pair of pants I didn't need to get tailored to achieve a perfect fit.
Same. I think it's just the price of wanting good dress clothes that fit well. Even stuff I've custom ordered to be made-to-measure ended up needed further tailoring.

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MTM Proper Cloth light blue dress shirt with appropriate collar and regular cuffs. No pocket.

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>just fuck my shit up

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>My so has told me that she
Your son is a girl?

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maybe it means significant other

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Other what?

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loro piana

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other son

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>loro piana

"/fa/ presents how to ruin a relationship"
>Free shirt? Sure! I want it woven out of gold and tailored by President Obama after he is trained in person by Rick Owens himself.

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Kiton makes some of the best shirts money can buy buy your broke girlfriend probably can't afford that shit.

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