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"You paid HOW MUCH for that?"

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120 dollars but don't worry this pair of jeans will become even PALER with time!

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Yeah, they have a five-cent rack at the flea market. I'll take you there sometime.

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450€ for a leather jacket,
I told my wife it was on sale.

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Dont buy leather jackets under 1k

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$180 you pleb

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600 dollas aint shit for chad warden

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Heh story of my life. Now i either just don't answer or lie

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>$200 for this suit jacket
> "lol anon you paid too much, so and so just bought a suit setup for less than 200"

Now to put into context, that was a new label under construction jacket that retails for around 1.5k. Damn straight i'm happy with that purchase

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>chad warden

>"You paid HOW MUCH for that?"
This is why you never talk money with people, haha

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>discussing how much your clothes cost
max pleb

>unsolicited inquiries on how much you paid for your clothing
rude, i don't ask how much you paid for your house

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>tfw family is so pleb they get shocked if I pay over 50 euros for a piece

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>rude, i don't ask how much you paid for your house
(You can generally find this out online anyway)

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Guy who doesn't wear leather jackets because he is physically incapable of pulling it off.

...$1,000 MINIMUM for a leather jacket? ...Why?

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cause nobody, but ToJ and some heritage companies make leather jackets that are good at that price point. Actually ToJ is the only thing I can think of that makes non dadcore leather jackets at under 1k USD, but the label is ran by a dick head that it takes like 2 years for him to make your order.

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same with clothes

and in both situations, looking it up and confronting the person with it makes you a dick

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Idunno, don't really find it paricularly rude but then again i don't really give a shit.

My friends do it all the time. They may ask cz they're interested in something similar or just regular concersation like normal people do.

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Not in most countries, actually. Zillow is such a weird website. You can definitely see where all the "sales" for "keeping it in the family" go on.

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Testimony's of how TOJ operates has put me off the brand permanently imo.

Design wise yeah they're ok, but for basically made in Korea jackets? 1k?

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I spent a 100 on these AF1s yeah

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thats why i said unsolicited

if you have a common interest, you likely have a common understanding over how much things cost. if its a "normie" asking out of the blue (clueless family member, in-law, etc) its a little different because chances are they will balk and not understand or be children about it

i hate the term normie but it kind of applies here. Someone who doesn't have that interest

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>Not in most countries, actually
Ah, good point. Plus, in most counties in the U.S., you have to go to the goddamn records office and pull individual files, which is the most miserable thing you could possibly do.

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post pic?

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>45 pounds for beautiful Orange Irish Tweed Overcoat from Burberry
>35 pounds for Navy Blue Herringbone Dior Doublebreasted Overcoat
>30 pounds for ridiculously long Black Paul Smith overcoat that people won't stop complimenting me on
>150 for 100% Pure Cashmere Deep Navy Blue Burberry Doublebreasted Overcoat with functioning cuff buttons
what's the problem

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not that guy but can you post a fit? I'm genuinely curious on how it looks vs others in different price ranges. I have a friend who spent like £100 on some ASOS brown leather jacket and it legit looks like plastic

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$250 for some Y3 joggers.
in the end, theyre just sweatpants. i've worn them maybe twice. should have saved my $.

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Not my pic obviously but exact same one. One thing that bothers me though considering the maker, button cuffs are non functional. Unless i was meant to tailor this and make a hole for the button

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>paid retail for CPs
>m8s make fun of me whilst they wear New Look and Topman shoes

good banter tbf lads

>> No.9913905

Yeah I paid $100 for these tees, easily the best I've everhad.

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>amount of money who have spent of clothes this year:

>amount of money who have spent of gifts for you mum this year:

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businesss is sinking, crew has left only the captain left

go read drews last few responses in sfs toj thread, what a dickhead

people waiting for almost 2 years smh..

jackets are very good though, haven't bought one myself but a friend did before the whole mess began and it's very good material and quality in general

think they were like 800 though depending on what customizations you wanted

for mtm toj was undisputable at their pricepoint, top notch leathers

also I don't think manufacturing in Korea is that bad, I know visvim(for example) have produced stuff there which means they're capable of making a top of the line product, but obviously we have no clue where toj is made

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fuck I know that feel. I bought Rick cut the label and said it was from the sale at the mall.

>> No.9914172

I think All Saints makes pretty good jackets they are all around $500 iirc

>> No.9914184


every time some one comments on how much I spend.

>> No.9914199


Similar experience, but, mines was worse.

My friends made fun of me for buying CDG Converse for retail and told me I could get non gay ones for "$40".

Infinite SMH

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all saints jackets are pretty much on par with the black scissors jackets /fa/ was reppin in 2009 when rick owens leathers weren't as cheap as they are now

at the $500 level and below

you're talking about vanson, TOJ, Zara, All saints

you're best off with a vanson double zip moto (reinforced seams and real quality zips meant for riding but they're not dainese quality)


zara, which is an okay jacket for just walking around vegas at night since you're stupid and you assumed it won't get cold or you'll be back home by sundown....never back home by sundown....ever....

toj, all saints etc is don't even consider it tier

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If i recall that thread was full of complaints, havent skimmed through much but dont remember any particular responses from him.

And all this cz of a failed restaurant venture. Smh.

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I lie about my shit when this happens. It's become a habit, it feels cool that I can dress so well with such little money. The truth is, my fit costs more than their house nigga ridiculous foh.

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>get sick pure blue japan raws
>wear them for a few months without wash
>leave them on my computer chair one day
>come home and find out mommy has washed them didn't realize how expensive they were
>can't even be mad at her since she doesn't realize how expensive they were
>calm on the outside but throwing a temper tantrum on the inside

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Bought CP Achilles low from mr.porter for $400+ shipping/handling.

Told sister that I copped them for $150.

She said they were ugly ;_;

>> No.9914320

My All Saints jacket is pretty nice imo and why the fuck would I ever wear something as stupid looking as Rick out in public?

>> No.9914327

There's multiple places that have it for cheaper than that with multiple sizes available. I pity the man who actually spends MSRP on CP's.

>> No.9914351

One wash hardly affects fades. Fold em nicely next time so she thinks they're clean

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No lie, this happened so much back in the days of ~2009 /fa/. Was basically a comedy goldmine given that it revealed how many people posting lived with their parents.

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"Those are some dynamite ass converse" -Brother
mfw he was talking about my CP mids

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link places plz ill suck ur dick (n-no homo)

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>posted fit that was under 80 eurodollarydoos to waywt recently
>positive comments
Granted I got the shoes for free.

>> No.9914765

The most expensive thing I have is my red wing shoes, which I paid £200 for. They were worth it. Everything else I own is cheap.

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$1000 shoes baby

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Post fit

>> No.9914804

why would you buy a meme shoe? are you asian tier?

>> No.9914906

My go to response is "too much, it's a hobby though so I don't mind"

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It's not a meme, so these guys won't like it. Allsaints leather is really nice for the price point.

Agreed that Rick looks laughable in public. It even looks bad on him. See that video of people give him weird looks as he awkwardly stumbles about in public.

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When people ask how much I paid, I'm honest about it. I don't like how we tend to lie and perpetuate the myth that fashion isn't expensive. And I'm not ashamed of having an expensive and pointless hobby.

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They're $400 now? Jeez...

>> No.9915100

where you shopping???

>> No.9915130

prolly bicester village like a fuccboi.

>> No.9915194

happened with my first APCs ~4 yrs ago

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if i bought a pair of black jeans for $220, im going to say I spent $220.
If i bought a pait of shoes that cost $600, im going to say they cost $600.

if you're spending all that money, i'm going to assume you look pretty fucking good and not like a goof so, there should be no shame.

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>bro is 'miring my Stan Smiths
>jokingly say "And for only $75, you can get your own!"
>fat neckbeard he hangs out with turns to me and says "You paid THAT MUCH for shoes? I've never spent more than $30!"
>look down
>he's wearing dad New Balances, along with some Walmart-tier basketball shorts and a pleb quality t shirt
Stay poor, Jimmy.

>> No.9915444

>things that happened

>> No.9915449

>alot for shoes
I must be living in another dimension, my guy

>> No.9915457

>wearing stan smiths
>calling someone else poor

The irony

>> No.9915459

I know a lot of people like this. Getting them to buy low tier Levi's jeans was like pulling teeth

>> No.9915531

bought for like 280 off ebay last year

>> No.9915659

all these niggas mad when i tell them how much i paid for my shit cause they can't afford it. so i just usually lie

>> No.9915687

Bought SLP jeans for $480.
Not telling mum.

>> No.9915691

My dad says I spent too much on clothing, little does he know I spent $750 on a second hand neighborhood leather jacket. Not like he sees my bank account.

Why do people find the need to judge others for how much they spend?

>> No.9915726


Damn, how'd you get it for so cheap?

>> No.9915855

Levi's really aren't worth their pricetag.

>> No.9915871

>implying normie's know that
I got completely unnecessary compliments on my levis when I wore them back in high school. Either I looked good in them or they were highly overrated
>implying I've been out of high school for longer than a year

>> No.9915892

My mom and sister always rage about how shit levi's are and they're about as normie as it gets, but yeah sure a lot of people think (relatively) high price tags = quality when in reality 30yuro pants aren't much worse at all and clearly a way better option if you don't have a lot to spend on clothes.

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>yes, and if you touch right there, and there you can feel the silicone implant

>> No.9916086

BLK DNM maybe?

>> No.9916097


Made in China, but they're soft and fits are good. Close to classic Schott territory, but just a touch slimmer.

>> No.9916235

>got my qasas
>sick tubulars man!


>> No.9916247

>nice tubular fakes, idiot
>they dont even say adidas on them

>> No.9916255

jimmy is probably staying rich tbh

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>> No.9916352

Jesus Christ.
I never bought a pair of shoes that were under $160 and I feel like a cheapskate most of the time.

>> No.9916367

can you post a fit?
or a collection of your clothing/shoes?
I'd love to see what a person whose NEVER purchased a shoe under $160 dollars dressed like.
I bet you look really fucking good.
I mean you must.
If you're a big spender.

>> No.9916390

end has them for $355 right now

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normies like to judge other people spending habits because they are ashamed of their own.coworker gambles, buys a boat and is a beta bucks to his wife is respected while they judged me for spending $700 in a jacket. Normies always justify their shitty spending patterns like "i would rather buy 10 vans than buy a $400 sneakers" or " this jacket only cost me $10 at marshalls but it lasted me for 8 years. But they never bring their shitty financial decisions like gambling and buying a house they barely afford.

>> No.9916396

you are the sucker every salesman dreams of meeting

>> No.9916398


Don't even bother copping CP's on End, you'll get rekted by Customs.

>> No.9916405

>spends 2k on a tacky LV handbag
>asks me how much my jeans are
>tell her $400
>says "you spent 400 dollars on jeans?"
>tell her, "you spent 2k on a tack handbag that you can get off of taobao for $20?

>> No.9916450

will you post a pick of the orange irish tweed overcoat from burberry?

>> No.9916459

wtf is up with that guy in your pic

>> No.9916464

Personally i will buy the cheapedt nikes i can find , usually below $100 because i don't care for any of the shoes , so i use them as beaters.

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>get $600 jeans for $200

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Plebs will always be plebs.

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lelno, I happened into his apartment once and the floor was littered with empty pudding cups and video game boxes. I'm pretty sure he went to University of Pennsylvania or something, but he drives his mom's old minivan.

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What else did she say rocky?

>> No.9917140

>mfw all these crackas overpaying for clothes ITT

>> No.9917148

thats the reaction i get when i tell people how much i pay for my ralph shirts cause i thrift them

>> No.9917150

>tfw bought drksdhw jeans for $530 at barney's in seattle and my roommate almost had a heart attack

>> No.9917155

>not having enough funds you don't even care half the time
>not being able to impulsively cop and still not feel remorse

>> No.9917161

>have refined wardrobe with numerous expensive high quality pieces
>my favorite piece of clothing is a $12 t-shirt from forever 21

just fuck my shit up

>> No.9917162

memes never die

>> No.9917185


>for a pair of shoes

$2500 for a pair of MA+ back-zips or some shit is expensive. I think my Dad spends more than $75 on his shoes.

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Like 300€, but look, the numbers are golden!!!

>> No.9917464

why do women love saving money so much?

they always freak out when I tell them how much something costs, and they always use vouchers and loyalty cards in shops, something I would never do

>> No.9917515

>has never owned a pair of chucks

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Have you ever, y'know
talked to a woman?
gone to fucking /cgl/? half of those people are shopping addicts

>> No.9917544

>why do women love saving money so much?
They don't.
They mostly buy loads of cheap shit and end up wasting way more money than man do.

>> No.9917575

>tfw nobody asks

>> No.9917579

>they always use vouchers and loyalty cards in shops
for fuck sake I hate this so much, having to search a card in a pile of 50 other cards is not worth the hassle, especially if you consider what you save

most of the times it's like $5 for every $500 you spend

>> No.9917712

I'm dreading the day someone finds out I spent $350 on a wallet.

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>buy 1k shoes
>friends ask how much they were
>tell them 100
>ask me where to get em
>give them the site where I bought it from
>they never mention my shoes again

>> No.9917720

It's burberry It's very good quality

>> No.9917731

I didn't, it was $11 shipping to the US

>> No.9917908

Your friends where right, you paid for heart logo, while normal cons are identical without the ugly ass meme logo, fucking faggot.

>> No.9917912




>> No.9918005

I won't go bragging about how much I spend,
But I'm not going to lie about it if someone asks me how much I paid for something

>> No.9918085

>Track down. And purchase 1000 dollar givenchy rottweiler tee
>I had a phone case with that on it
Thank's Ricardo

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>Yeah man great shoes

>> No.9918134

>"How much were those sunglasses, anon?"
>"Does it even matter?"
>"Come on anon, how much did you pay"
>Continually ripped into for spending big money on nice fits

Why are my friends plebs /fa/?

>> No.9918155

I love how it's perfectly acceptable for plebs to drop $2k on an ugly as fuck Louis Vuitton bag but if you spend more than $30 on jeans you're the second coming of Hitler.

>> No.9918156

wow ur a fuccboi

>> No.9918171

Probably just really lucky.

But then again, it wasn't that amazing of an item tbh. Its a luc jacket, sure, but it was minimalistic and clean at best. Slim cut casual jacket, no vents, no functional buttons on sleeves. Materials nice, build quality is solid, canvas lined, and cutting is great. Beyond that, it lacks a certain "oomph" factor for a jacket priced at that price point.

I would have been very hesitant to drop more than 300-400 having handled it

>> No.9918313

if they have to question your purchases they are not your friends.

>> No.9918315

they already pay $100+ for jeans with shitty pocket designs and rhinestones anyways

>> No.9918532

>>fat neckbeard he hangs out with turns to me and says "You paid THAT MUCH for shoes? I've never spent more than $30!"

I know a person like this. He has a sperg attack when someone mentions how much they spent on their shoes or whatever, and his wardrobe is made up entirely of minecraft t shirts, doctor who shirts and other "le nerd" apparel along with those shitty new balances that I can't remember the number or name of.
He was fairly stupid, yet had a big superiority complex. Fuck that guy.

>> No.9919444

lol what brand?

>> No.9919780

Should I get these or all black?

>> No.9919785

Friends don't let friends make bad decisions

>> No.9919844

being DOPE aint a bad decision, fuckboy

>> No.9920881

>fuckboys dropping $250-300 dollars on ugly as fuck True Religion jeans
>you spent HOW much on those acne jeans!? lmfao what kind of brand is acne??

this is what I have to deal with

>> No.9920969

Saw a fuccboi with a versace shirt on and levi jeans yesterday

>> No.9920989

same -_-

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>you have acne too

>> No.9923807

one wash is not big deal, it probably did much less harm than you think.

>> No.9926094

true, got a lot of cheers on them
some guys just were staring at them in the subway. another guys even were stalking me

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