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/cuck general/

post cuck fits
discuss cuck trends
rate cuck attire
ridicule cuck posters and their liberal beliefs

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It's reeee

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i find it hilarious you actually downloaded interracial pornography to make that picture

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i only use mspaint and take no credit for the og edit

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Yeah, now that you mention it, that's actually kinda fucked up m8

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Is this meme on every board?

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liberals are cucks
if you're white and not proud you're a cuck

posting some seminal cuckwear to get the ball rolling, make way for the OG cuck

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i would cuck stephen hawking

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more cuck, big old cuck

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>Not watching cuck videos shot by the crying husband
The fake tears are delicious

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you look like the guitarist in Real Estate a year ago.

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some quick cuck facts, this is a short guide on cuckwear for those interested.

what we know so far, essential cuck facts, put these in the cuck dictionary for later generations.

cuck staples include any nigger brands like supreme, hba, fear of god etc.

rick owens is huge in the cuck community as well

cps and stan smiths are essential cuckwear

anyone who cuffs their pants is most assuredly a cuck

any androgynous looks are pro cuck as well

also check out the replica threads, people who buy and wear fakes are guaranteed to be deep into the cuckolding subculture.

palewave is certified cuck imo

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if you like black people you're a cuck
if you like black culture you're a cuck
if you dont yet understand that the jew menace has been waging war on the white race for a century you're a cuck
if you think the holocaust actually happened you're a cuck
if you think WW2 was a good war and that natsoc germany was an evil comic book nation of baby eaters you're a cuck
if you dont know that natsoc germany and the 'nazis' were mankinds greatest hope and only lost after three of the worlds then superpowers combined to stop them at the behest of the kike you're a cuck
if you like pop culture you're a cuck
if you worship pop culture icons you're a cuck
if you're a liberal you're a cuck
if you're an egalitarian you're a cuck
if you believe in the two party system you're a cuck
if you think asian women are attractive/more attractive than white women you're a cuck
if you dont intend to have children you're a cuck
if you arent proud of being white you're a cuck
if you dont know and understand that the white race is the pinnacle of mankind you're a cuck
if you dont yet understand that ethnonationalism is the most important thing in the world right now you're a cuck
if you're 'apolitical' you're a cuck
if you've ever unironically typed "back to /pol/" you're a cuck
if you have a /fa/ tier understanding of fashion and life, ie you refer to styles as 'core' or 'wave', or you unironically recommend low calorie diets to remain skinny you're a cuck
if you have ever knowingly bought a fake or posted in a replica thread or defended fakes in anyway you're a cuck

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Stephen Hawking is the universe's biggest cuck

He literally lives to get cucked while miserably producing robotic groans in his pathetic little cucky wheelchair

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and hes a liberal atheist, nothing says cuck like liberal atheist.

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is lucas wolf gang a cuck?

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Eat a sammich

I'm ok with this look.

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nice digits

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lets see here

+1 cuck point
>white and attractive
-2 cuck points
>hip 'indie' skater look with IG filters
+2 cuck points

its a tough one, dont have a lot to go on.

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our cuck generals always get based dubs, we are blessed.

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There's no way more than one person is really pushing it on this board. As for other boards and /fa/, cuck is being adopted as another buzzword such as faggot, pleb, normie, etc.

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huck's the most alpha dude on this website

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cucks not welcome without contributing their cuckoldry in fit or face form.

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im white and proud pf but stop posting cucks or else i puke

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He tricked a bunch of black men who are more talented than him to pay his bills while basically doing nothing in return. If anything he's an anti-cuck.

also nice 666

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the mullet on that kid
holy fuck

also what's that one random full body shot doing in this picture, i don't recall him having anything to do with the meetup

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>receding chin
>huge hips and ass
>waist to hip ratio like a victorian era aphrodite painting
>posts nudes on gay forums

nah mate, hes quintessential cuck canon. the fact that you think hes in anyway alpha is a cuck red flag itself, you're firing on all 8 cuck cylinders and exhibiting some serious cock symptoms yourself. post face/fit so i can diagnose.

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Can you please post a fit to show us how a non-cuck god like you dresses?

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>black men
heh, thats some cuck shit right there bro, watch your cuck.

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there are two different people in this image

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big cuck coming through, big nonwhite cuck on its way.

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the kids on /fa/ today are so embarrassing

like all the virgins from all the higschools in the US decided to post on 4chan one day

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