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>associating with fashion rap

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Caring what people like and don't like is pretty high up there.

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>ian connor, the thread

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>having an apartment and not just couch-surfing while you feed your heroin addiction

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Whether you like rap or not you have to be a diagnosed retard to ignore rap/ hip hop's influence on fashion and Pop culture in general. Rocky and Kanye and drake carry a lot of weight in trends and fashion.

It all goes back to majority America's obsession with African American culture. It's been happening since before the harlem Renaissance. Black people start a new movement (jazz, dj'ing, rapping), then the rest of the U.S. Admires and imitates it.

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and hates blacks at the same time.

Godspeed America.

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America loves cultural rebellion. All the big counter cultures have embraced drug or African culture because it's fringe.

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yeah asap rocky rapping about wearing raf simons and jordans is so fringe. thats why we love it

daily reminder: if you listen to asap rocky you will never will be /fa/

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You definitely don't know what you're talking about.

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Asap is a pop star that's famous because of cultural movements that occurred because hip hop was once a dangerous niche thing. You get so mad at people liking things that you don't like that you can't even understand what people are saying.

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>hip hop

>mfw i think you actually believe the shit you type.

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>rapper makes objectively cringey rap music about wearing skirts

>"you just dont understand"

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You're retarded if you think rap showed up and was automatically accepted universally. All I'm saying is he's a pop star that works more on the white washed side of a type of music that was very underground/niche until the mid 80s.
This started as a comment on how america loves black culture because it was once dangerous and now I have to argue with retards that think I listen to asap

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this doesn't make it any less cringe. rap was already a shit genre with some ok moments to begin with

fashion rap is objectively the most embarrassing thing i have ever seen

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It's ignorant to throw out a whole genre and Fashion rap isn't even a thing.
Dropping brand names and walking runways (snoop did it almost 20 years ago) is as throwback as it gets. You need to stop dispensing judgement from your ivory tower on shit you don't even know about.

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>a rapper's career is based around fashion
>he doesn't find it cringe
>to try and convince me it isn't cringe
>he references snoop dogg

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is this what niggers actually believe?

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I'm saying it's an overarching theme. Learn to read and you'll see i never said I liked any of them.

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>its an overarching theme
>therefore it is not cringe

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Cringe implies going against the social grain you fucking autist

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i really like what you're doing and its nice to see someone on the same page as far as fashion and memes go.

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implying it isnt you martin get a life weird faggot

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who /farter/ here

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thanks martin but wogs are just as bad and you're basically the wog asap rocky

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>asap rocky being fashion rap
>Not just silky smooth jiggy viby shit

Asap Rocky's music bring forth the same feelings in me as I get when I look in the mirror while wearing the sickest fits. That feeling of being fucking on top of the world looking down.

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post the fit please

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But that's the culture we live in. Out of music as a whole, rap plays a bigger part in fashion than any other genre. And then out of entertainment as a whole, rap plays a bigger part out of any medium, more than film and television. If you don't think it's fashionable, then you're the minority.

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>its popular so its good...


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>if you dont think its fashionable you're the minority
>because good fashion has always been worn by the majority of people

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farter, farter farter farter, farter FARTER

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>posting pepe images on your tumblr

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racism rears its ugly wog head

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seems like i'm the only one who pretty much agrees with this guy

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>seems like im the only one who listens to pleb music

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Hip-hop is objectively the best genre. If you don't like it, you probably haven't dug deep enough to find your rapper/producer. If you don't like it at all, you should recognize is influence and greatness. I'm not trolling, honestly, I believe this

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>Hip-hop is objectively the best genre

you shouldn't start your argument with complete nonsense

like you could even begin to tell me about all the different periods of classical music, free jazz, experimental electronic, musique concrete etc

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Shit is weak you can keep that.

His new song was the best.

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I don't like Rocky so I guess I don't really like his clothes by extension


This is *real* rap

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>like you could even begin to tell me about all the different periods of classical music, free jazz, experimental electronic, musique concrete etc
Namedropping genres doesn't make your argument any better, fedorapleb. I listen to plenty of free jazz and the like, and I can still enjoy hip hop because I'm not a contrarian autist like some people.

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>like you could even begin to tell me about all the different periods of classical music, free jazz, experimental electronic, musique concrete etc
you have actual autism
lol like ACTUAL autism

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>get called out for chatting shit

stay in school

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I'm not even that guy but if you start talking about jazz and classical music in any setting you're afflicted with legitimate autism.

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>a genre largely omitting melody and harmony is the best

i guess dumb people need music too.

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this pleb mentality lmao

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this autism

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Enjoy having highschool-tier music taste for the rest of yr life

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Enjoy perpetual virginity

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being fat or one of those disgusting muscled up juice heads.
Both never appear fashionable

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you are not fucking serious

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the hook is great!

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This board.

Which is why I trash it.

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"another 20 thousand dollars on rick owens out in barneys"

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hating on hip hop is reddit tier

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>Hip-hop is objectively the best genre
Stopped reading there.

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were not even hating on hip hop. were hating on 'fashion rap'

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A lot of ugly motherfuckers in this thread.

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If anything being into hip hop is now more reddit-tier/cringe worthy than being into wrong generation music, it's literally made for white teens.

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>I listen to everything

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You tryhards, I swear

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how do we make the niggers and the nigger lovers leave forever?

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being against fascism makes me antifa

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loving on the 15 skellington boy

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how do we get the monkey subyhuman apes who identify as 'black people', but would be more aptly described as shitcoloured animals, whose average intelligence barely rivals that of an 8 year old white child, to leave?

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pigfuck's trolling u dolt

he's an awkward shut in like u

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im not a shut in and real cloud you are far worse than me even pigfuck, please go back to ur autism corner and play your gay final fantasy games.

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p sure hes a pedo

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u shouldn't be talking marty

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post more im hard again

nothing makes a man more excited than that contrast of nig skin with pink pussy inside

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martin is a pretty weird guy

>> No.9879759

hes an actual mad man

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pigfuck stop it.

you don't need to be announcing your medical issues

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im cooming as we speak to this little slave girl, we do roleplay on skype, she calls me masa and we sneak off away from the cotton fields in a secluded prairie and degrade and fuck my little jungle bunny.

all niggers love the slave girl roleplay when they take the bwc.

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we made an amateur vid, about 8 minutes long and uploaded it to motherless, its called my little niglet, got about 12k views before she removed it the little bitch hahaa

she loves it but

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am i not gud enuff 4 u luv

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this is her ex btw, euwey hawkins.

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r u 19 years old

and do u trip as birthday by any chance

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I really like birthday....I'm gonna bet the little shit is into me too.

we'll be together forever.

and ever.

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you dont pull your ass apart and put things in it like she does, shes filthy.

me and the boys call her the skunk ape because theres not a lot she wont do, she drinks piss, anal, scat, anything you want the little nigress will do if you're white.

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u first

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real cloud is pigfuck. he wants to fuck birthday. hes a pedofile sociopathic faggot

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c'mon marty

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me and the boys do this thing we call 'the slave auction' we stand in a circle with our little niglet in the center and she deeprhtoats every one of us one by one, first one to make her gag gets to own her for the night, she has to do anything he says like the little slave whore she is, its a fucken riot let me tell ya.

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associating with /fa/ makes you immediately uncool

you guys are the biggest tryhard lames

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goddamt chris...the fuck are you wearing

its alright

everyone get in this group photo....chris....go stand next to the trash can....take the goddamn headphones out of your ears or im not giving you any more cash to buy black clothes from the mall


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kek thats probably why he asked for birthdays skype the other night... lel he'll probably fly over there to fuck him like he tried to with slater gf but ended up getting cucked hahaha

>> No.9879856

if your nose wasnt so big and your hairline wasnt so masculine, if your face wasnt so round and featureless and your lips werent so thin, you'd be a solid 5.

>> No.9879865

you actually got some dick

i am actually proud of you

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File: 48 KB, 417x549, http%3A%2F%2F41.media.tumblr.com%2F084c8b4a04f9961620d9aadb7a039554%2Ftumblr_nmtmto66I91sscu68o1_1280-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah im grill

let's cook sum steak :33

pic relsted, its a recent pic

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that's not birthday
and he's related to me. So no. and your egross so stop talking to me.

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this cannot be real

theres nothing on google reverse search

>> No.9879889

GRS doesn't always catalog tumblr pics.

>> No.9879890

oh it is.

it is.

im 100% real and totemo kawaii.

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>the crowd ushered into the big red top tent
>thomas was eager to see the freakshow, it was his first time and hed never been so excited
>the crowd took their seats
>the lights turned out, all was dark
>thomas can barely contain his anticipation
>hes trembling with excitement
>the lights burst on, illuminating the entire room
>on the stage, once empty, now stands a conductor

>”ladies and gentlemen tonight we have only the FINEST and most TERRIFYINGLY repugnant freaks for your enjoyment!”

>the crowd however is most interested in one freak, the fabled PCOS girl
>suddenly they begin to chant in unison


>thomas joins in, the entire 500 strong crowd has began to create a cacophony of sound, the tent begins to shake at the mercy of their lust for the famous freak
>the ground begins to shake in unison with her footsteps - she comes, beckoned to their call, the crowd settles, eagerly awaiting their prize
>she emerges, 200lbs of bodyweight and 50lbs of clit, waddling out brandishing a full beard, a hideous hooked nose and am imposing anime collection.

>all those details seemed irrelevant to thomas however, it was what she was pushing in that gilded wheelbarrow that he and the crowd had come for

>the biggest clit the world has ever known
>she stopped, scowling at the crowd who were at this point clutching for their handkerchiefs, the stench of the foul voluminous clit was enough to kill a man if he strayed too close to its blood red body

>thomas soiled himself all over his new pantaloons, he didnt even notice, all he could think about was that BIG OLD CLIT

>finally the hideous creature known as PCOS girl ripped off the herringbone blanket that had masked the heaving mass

>there it was, the biggest, baddest reddest clit in the entire world, it looked like the starchilds head from 2001 only red, surrounded by visible stench lines, covered in sweat and yeast

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>it was all thomas could do not to feint, never in his life had he seen such a repulsive, repugnant thing, it was otherworldly, some lovecraftian nightmare made real by a mad, hedonist god of slime and refuse.
>many members of the crowd did feint at the sight of the BOC, a woman to thomas’ left fell to the ground and was crushed under the feet of the fast maddening audience
>women shrieked, cried, bawled, men howled in agony and terror, gnashing their teeth and clawing at their eyes. those of weaker constitution shat and pissed themselves, many who by now had been driven to madness began to eat the feces that was filling the room.
>thomas was fixated on the giant mass, the seething, heaving red planet.
>PCOS girl had just begun her mad spectacle, her babylonian ritual of sodom and death
>she placed both hands on the clit and began to writhe them to and throw, this way and that, they passed over and up and down the filthy fleshball, slipping and clapping as the sweat and yeast formed a deadly paste.
>the clit began to tremble and undulate, expanding in mass, higher and wider did the terrible red ball climb, its musk doubling in potency - a man in the front vomited up a bloody mess before collapsing, dead.
>it was then thomas knew that he hadnt come to a freakshow at all, nay’ this was a sacrifice.
>the synthesis of sweat, yeast and precum metastasized, horrible sickly yellow yeast tentacles sprung formed on and around the clit.
>they reached out into the audience, entwining and coiling any that they came into contact with in festering serpentine grip of death.
>as the sickening orgy of feces, death and sodomy went on around him, a filthy yeast tentacle slithered its way to thomas who was still transfixed on the ritual that would be his ending.
>as the tentacle creeped up his leg and into his mouth. the only words that came to him as he met his fate were ‘thats a big old clit’

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fantastic muse

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The only thing rap has brought about is fad shit like leather tees/pants, bacon fit jeans, being too poor to own a belt, and looking like you're wearing a skirt. It's seriously pathetic.

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gnite gais :33

>> No.9879923


rap street wear is shit. thats why notice how the few rappers who do dress well wear exclusively slav/chav or inspired clothing. white street wear can look good occasionally. nigga street wear is always shit

>> No.9879929 [DELETED] 


>> No.9879933 [DELETED] 

im pigfuck btw
i wrote all of that garbage.

>> No.9879944

are you retarded?

>> No.9879950

What the fuck is going on here

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>>the actual posts in waywt threads
you realize /these/ are the people giving advice

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