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can we get a cuckwear thread going? last one was a terrific success, so lets get a cuckwear general going on. starting off with a seminal cuck classic.

old thread:

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bump wife says I need a new wardrobe, Jamal's going to be coming over next week and I need to dress worthy

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shitposting general?

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Why is being a "cuck" the preferred pejorative of reactionaries as of late?

Like, nonconsensual nonmonogamy sucks, but "OH YOU PICKED A PARTNER WHO DID A SHITTY THING" is a lame pejorative, and a *lot* of their ideological antagonists are into consensual nonmonogamy anyway...

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fuck off poet

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i gotchu covered, the hat is great for fluffing your wife before the bull arrives, as well ear protection for the inevitable felching session. reinforced knees make sure you're comfortable when rimming janal when hes doing her doggy, and the limp dejected nature of this fit perfectly reinforces the cuck aesthetic.

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ur on /fa/ aren't you?

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File: 44 KB, 415x639, king cuck in his subsidised housing flat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love this entire thing, what do you think the dual pockets are for? wet wipes? extra magnums? one things for sure this cuck is prepared.

because its transcended its literal meaning, its 4chan usage is used to evoke liberal, sissy, politically correct, weak, incompetent, beta, deluded connotations.

more cuckwear coming through

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Thank you, the wife told me to use my own money to buy the outfit, and I will.

I'll be trying it on in my cuck shed.

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anyone else excited for this years cuck-con? 2014 was cucktastic!

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Nah, I'm not poet, but I'm flattered.

Which, you guys realize this is a picture of a white cishet pro-America dude in (I think) one of the investment properties he owns?

That's the hilarious thing - other than particularly knucklederping tech and finance types, the people who actually are close to /pol/ type's idea of success see them as just as deluded and brittle as dyed-in-the-wool leftist SJW types like me.

>extra magnums
>teasing someone by saying they have a big cock

You lot just confuse me.

It's ofc transcended its literal meaning, but why was that word the one that did?

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>im not poet

let me guess you're his lunch date cuck aren't you?

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Oh, would that were true. Poet's a cool guy and I wish I had the chance to meet him before he dipped from here.

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>white cishet pro-America dud
>anything but liberal cuck

>one of the investment properties he owns
disappointed daddy owns

>Don't call me "nigga". Seriously, I don't play to that fake AAVE bullshit. It's disrespectful to yourself, your experience in Hip Hop, and everyone else on this board who is working to keep this culture alive with respect to its roots.

>Didn't you start this thread as a way to bolster acceptance among the community for constructive and conscientious criticism? you meant well, but if you're going to write a nebulous four-paragraph essay on issues with the board but then write off mine of the same length, need I even say it?

>You got shit you have to improve on, just like me, just like everyone else. Don't preclude yourself from self-improvement because you don't want to accept the open hand of a "corny mofucka" to help you up.

this little number is great for cuck hybrid-wear, whether your SO is getting fucked or you're ready to take the bull by the horns and go for a ride yourself, this is great cuck wear.

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take up a trip man, im looking for some new trips to bully and you seem like the right type of cuck for me

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more cuck literature coming, you guys have to understand that its not just a style of dress, its a lifestyle, you have to be a proud cuck in every facet of your life, write about cuck subjects, discuss cuck topics, watch cuck movies. here is some inspirational cuck writing.

>I help more of you lost little toys than I can count. Never seen you do shit, tho, save for get a hard on in my direction when I said JAY Z IS AMORAL.

>Prove your dopeness and I will acquiesce happily, btw. Otherwise, I'm still fresher than you. You'll probably quit in a few years anyway, and you'll have your fake plastic turntable interface for sale in your driveway.

>You just want a piece of me. You hate me because you can't touch me or do what I do. I can teach you how, but that's me being an asshole, right?

>you just piss me off with ignorant assumptions, you know? I've snuffed people for less. And after a while, how much can a guy take? You don't see the options before you. You don't see what I do for whoever asks. You don't see what I can do for you. I WOULD HAVE GLADLY BEEN YOUR FRIEND AND WORKED WITH YOU.

>but I'm just a shithead to you, nothing can be done. Get over me. PS - I'm laughing at your Shitty sampling, overloud drums, cheap transitions and uneven levels, RIGHT NOW. Doper than me, pfffffft

>sampling is illegal because of people like you, who steal entire 8 bar loops.

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gentlemen, i now present to you:
the grandaddy of them all

gaze upon this living twig's gangly appendages, positively begging for a brash and powerful chocolate god to crush them as he ceremoniously pounds his significant other's genitalia into jelly

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now i know this look is from the last thread but it is an important piece of cuck canon, i can not stress enough how cuck cheap clothes, af1s and knock knees are - its quintessential cuckoldry and i think if you're a burgeoning cuck its a great look to emulate to get you started.

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now i know this look is from the last thread but it is an important piece of cuck canon, i can not stress enough how cuck cheap clothes, af1s and knock knees are - its quintessential cuckoldry and i think if you're a burgeoning cuck its a great look to emulate to get you started.

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not seeing much cuck here, not seeing much cuck here at all, if you're new to cuckwear refrain from making suggestions, its kind of a bleeding edge look and unqualified opinions are going to get us no where.

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Yeah? Why the fuck not; I've been here long enough.

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yaaaaaaaasssss love this hunty, IMPORTANT THIS IS IMPORTANT for all potential cucks out there, ill-fitting designer pieces thrown together for no reason, with no aesthetic synergy is a fantastic cuck staple, bonus points if you can accompany it with gaudy designer sneakers that coons like to wear.

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hey pigfuck what's your tumblr

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what we know so far, essential cuck facts, put these in the cuck dictionary for later generations.

cuck staples include any nigger brands like supreme, hba, fear of god etc.

rick owens is huge in the cuck community as well

cps and stan smiths are essential cuckwear

anyone who cuffs their pants is most assuredly a cuck

any androgynous looks are pro cuck as well

also check out the replica threads, people who buy and wear fakes are guaranteed to be deep into the cuckolding subculture.

red wings, sweaters, indigo jeans, chinos
see: reddit

palewave is certified cuck imo

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Hell yeah! About time we have another cuckwear general!

Look at this cuck, the spindly arms and the goofy bandanna. Classic cuck apparel.
He's still young so maybe he'll grow out of it.

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i mostly focus on gay interracial porn and taking massive scat loads but anything goes really

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i mean, this might be a big call, a huge call in fact, but im going to come right out and say, SLP is cuckcore.

look at the fat, bloated, ugly losers it appeals to, it requires the wearer to be thin and impotent, constricting blood flow to the penis ensuring it easily slides into a tightly fitted chastity cage.

any objections?

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Alas, unfortunately not! there is no saving this one!

Just look into his beady jewish eyes. You can see he just can't wait for his significant other to be fucked right in front of him!

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can confirm this

sorry guys, take this to the inspo thread.

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here is another pic so u can see how to not be an enormous cuck

(he's watching cuckold porn in this pic btw)

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i mean, was there really any doubt? SLP is ESSENTIAL in the cuck universe, its sits on high, nestled meekly on rick owens lap upon the cuck throne.

>> No.9870286

now THIS, this is powerful cuck attire. look at the rug, the smile, the over pronating ankles.the purple color scheme. im honestly super impressed with this effort.

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Posting a few more so that none of you accidentally fall into the cuck trap

It can happen if you're not a strong willed aryan man like myself.

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fantastic addition to the cuck universe.

>> No.9870296

"Why is he looking down like that?"
you may ask
He's is lost in thoughts of his significant others vagina being penetrated by a large black penis.

>> No.9870298

>wears helmut lang
>calls other people cucks

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ugh, i love this, too busy thinking about cuckoldry to bother putting on clothes that fit, and by doing so cementing his status as a cuck legend, honestly fantastic.

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this is the picture that started it all.
his hands are red from finishing jamal off after he was done penetrating his girl.

>> No.9870311


is this the perfect cuck fit? fat, pasty, ugly, asymmetrical zip rick owens 'cuck my shit up' hoodie, geocucks - the cucks shoes of choice for over 10 years, blurry grainy iphone photo taken from a room in the parents house. oh how wonderful this is, i am so thankful that you found this gem, one of the greatest cuck fits to date.

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Final pic for the night boys.

Ripped jeans from being fucked from behind.

No belt for easier access, if necessary
if not there is a hole in back as well

I might have more in the future, this sad goober is still posting.

Stay alert and don't become another cuck

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double dubs confirm, again our beloved cuck thread has been blessed by the dubs god. ill be putting that fit into my catalog of cuckfits, and ranking it accordingly.

thoughts on this little cuck effort?

>> No.9870328

you're trying too hard imo

>> No.9870329

Truly a great cuck thread. I'm done posting pics for now, keep up the good work!

>> No.9870334

Cuck detected
fuck off cuck

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ugly wog

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i love that, the awkward smoking has always been a cuck staple, doc martens are also huge in the cuck scene.

do you think the green bench is significant? what does green mean at a gay traffic light orgy? receiving? poz or neg?

>> No.9870345

Hey man, you missed these dubs.

>> No.9870350

*ugly cuck

>> No.9870353

everything looks ill fitting in the body of this cuck
if i catch him in the streets im taking all his raf, throwing it in the gabbage and cumming in his forehead so he doesnt commit suicide
this shit embarrassing fam l o l

>> No.9870361

Haha, I know! to top it all off he's balding! being cucked takes years off your life I hear, it's probably premature

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yeh green means hes good to go, hes ready to cuck.

posting more from cuck-con 2014, what a great event it was.

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wow i had no idea there was a con event for cucks? thats really great, im noticing the neck on one of those young cucks seem abnormally long? is this a cuck attribute? perhaps for easier service of the bull?

none of these are cuckwear anon, this is a thread about sharing and disseminating cuck ideas, not for engaging in personal board vendettas, please respect the rules of the thread.

has a rough guide line.

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I said I wasn't going to post anymore but seeing these goobers got me all fired up again!!!

This hood works like blinders for a racehorse ( a small weak one, lol!) He can only look directly forward at cuckoldry!

keep it up my man, you're doing gods work.

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oh you betcha, this was one of the first though, a lot of the boys who attended went on to become famous cucks themselves, these three are HUGE in the cuck scene right now. the middle boy, known only as the 'felching neck', is one of australia's top cucks.

>> No.9870397

Hey, don't worry dude. It's a common misconception that those are not cuck fits. Trust me, they are. I am an except on cucks, I have studied them frequently in the field, doing some of the cucking myself.

That boy is most certainly a cuck, maybe even the cuck king!

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File: 129 KB, 268x600, Pigcuck7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha, great one!

Heres another for you.

He probably put these filters on himself, lol!

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File: 562 KB, 1532x1692, 1431866817263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jaw too strong to be a cuck, whoever you are you are fucking up the thread man, you dont have any idea what a cuck is.

is a cuck


thanks for the info, i think i may have attended a cuck talk that was chaired by one of the cucks in that pic.

>> No.9870409


Overplayed, dissed by Barbara Kruger and so lost a lot, still quite often good or at least interesting pieces, I respect the way James Jebbia does business.

Kith is the new Supreme, FWIW.

>Hood by Air

Can't write it up well right now, but fucking genius, some of the most interesting, powerful, and developmental clothes around right now.

>Fear of God

West coast Oak, i.e. sometimes some good pieces but mostly boring and derivative.

>Rick Owens

Again can't do prose justice to it, but Rick Owens is one of the greatest designers ever, and probably better than anyone living at translating his attitudes and spirit into garments.

>Common Projects

Hit and miss, but when they get it they get it *perfect*. Achilles Lows are literally the ultimate, perfectly refined incarnation of the basic classic sneaker.

>Stan Smiths

Not meritless, but kind of ugly lines and there's having a moment right now just because Adidas is and people wanted not-played-out white sneakers.

Also Adidas was founded by a Nazi, so why are you putting them on our team?

>red wings, sweaters, indigo jeans, chinos

Again, you're putting this shit on *us*? Also, the list is p. fucking generic aside from Red Wings.

Palewave isn't a thing, cuffing pants is awesome, and I'm glad gender expression is being more variegated.

SLP is just Hedi Slimane's extended luxe, rock-aristocrat daydream. Nothing to see for most people there.

And tbh I'm greatly amused pigfuck's bile being poured back on him.

FWIW, a good crosssection of the new cuck trip's taste would be: Undercover (duh), Prada, Errolson Hugh, Aitor Throup, Issey Miyake, Rick Owens, Devoa, Sruli Recht, Eckhaus Latta, Cristobal Balenciaga, Elsa Schiaparelli, pre-Galliano Margiela, pre-sale Helmut.

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File: 288 KB, 477x236, 3 muskateers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep, thatd be him in the pic, these three are some of the most well known, innovative cucks there is, they've formed a famous 'cuck stable' thats been a wild success, they're known as the three musketeers.

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