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>tfw your paternal side of the family is entirely pale blue eyed, but your mudblood Germanic ancestry gave you meh-tier hazel eyes

>tfw there isn't a single set of striking hazel eyes

calling blue the fedora of eye colors is ridiculous. deep blues are easily the most /fa/ and always will be

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>>tfw there isn't a single set of striking hazel eyes

but not untrue.

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super gay post OP.

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>complaining about hazel eyes

Everything that isn't brown practically gets the instant effay pass. I ended up getting my father's brown eyes over my mother's beautiful hazel eyes. Nothing wrong with wanting blue, but I'd say you are pretty lucky to have hazel.

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but it is man

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>calling blue the fedora of eye colors is ridiculous.
it is unless you're a nonwhite person with blue eyes

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let me guess your black?

only a minority would make claims this delusional

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>there are more black people in the world than there are whites
>black people still considered minorities by white people
that's a very white thing to say

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>>tfw there isn't a single set of striking hazel eyes

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how are my eyes?

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gdi suffy

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soof thread

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>he doesnt live in a 1st world country (code for white country)

just keeps getting better and better with you doesnt it shitskin

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Not him, but why not go live with a tribe in Papua New Guinea and see how long you survive with all your tools of racial superiority. This is coming from a fellow pale fellow.

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>racist cucks browse /fa/

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>go live with shit skins to prove you're tough

nice try shit skin

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please leave

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lel the point of whites being superior is that we invented shit so we didn't need to live like that

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all me btw

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fucking dumb niggers

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>I'm white
>white people invented stuff
>therefore, I must be good enough to invent stuff
Topkek /pol/, congratulating yourself over something a distant relative did seems to be more of a nigger thing to do.

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honey hazel is good too

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whites invented farming

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kek no, that was Mesopotamians

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hahahahahahhhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa everytime

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but it's true. Whites took a lot of ideas from the fertile crescent and china. They did do great things during the industrial revolution

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>if I just laugh like I know more it'll look like In winning

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mfw shit skins have pride

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>im proud of this rock i found
>yeah you see that shit white people
>we did that ourselves

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mfw someone posting on 4chan has pride

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Black people are pretty smart, thats why they enslaved them selves. because even niggers know that niggers are shit

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>discussing this on a FASHION board

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I saw Sufjan Stevens in concert in Nawlins, and he is a fucking manlet.

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blacks were kings man. white people dont know shit we were pharoahs.....

we invented farming and peanut butter

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>dad is 6'1
>mfw 5'8
fuck off mom

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>paying money to see Sufjan Stevens
Tickets were almost $50 here. How much were yours?

I always imagined that if I ever had a son he would react this way

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>sister has pale blue eyes
>I have dark blue/grey
Literally kill me

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Ya'll ding dongs need to get some education, read guns, germs, and steel or something. It wasn't about race it was about geography and resources.

How tall did he look? I never got the manlet vibe, not that it would stop him in looking good or any other life endeavors

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They were 110 in Sydney... fuck... even if it's at the opera house

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Dude, slate eyes is master race. Cool and brooding, yet lighter than brown. I've got slate with a bolt of yellow at the centre

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>dad 6'3
>mom 5'9
>mfw 5'8

just fukin kill me

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>>tfw there isn't a single set of striking hazel eyes

What are you talking about, OP?

>calling blue the fedora of eye colors is ridiculous. deep blues are easily the most /fa/ and always will be

Calling anything the anything of eye colors is ridiculous. Inherent genetic traits can't inherently be /fa/ - like, take height, what's apparently one of the most fashion-tied core genetic trait. Yeah, height is Karlie Kloss, it's also the towering ungainly awkward beanstalk schmuck.

Fashion, desirability, charisma, all of it, they're cultural systems, and you are what you *do with the material facts of your existence* within them. Your way of being in the world.

Basically, stop lurking around /pol/ and go live in the world. Stop lurking around self-pitying dipshits lacking in the vitality and self-respect to own and use all that they are in the world as it exists.

And quit with the discourse of "master races." Besides that it has zero correspondence at all to anything in biology, mastery over others is not something to aspire to and to buy into it will twist and rot you in all kinds of ways.

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Forgot pic.

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Can we all just agree that green is the most attractive colour?

>tfw you're just a white nigger with dark brown eyes.

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My abstract, meaningless-in-real-life preference is for grey or hazel eyes, personally.

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>dad is 5'2"
>mom is 5'7"
>i'm 5'9"

being a pseudo-manlet feels better if you know that you overcame the odds

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