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I'm doing research on cuck fashion, what are some examples and staple items of this trend?

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chastity cages

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Any inspo for this?

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cuck staples include any nigger brands like supreme, hba, fear of god etc.

rick owens is huge in the cuck community as well

cps and stan smiths are essential cuckwear

anyone who cuffs their pants is most assuredly a cuck

any androgynous looks are pro cuck as well

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Thanks, this is v helpful. ✌

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Completely black cages usually send a statement. It is the most prevalent colour of choice among the most avant garde of cucks. "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don’t bother you - don’t bother me." -Yohji Yamamoto. A black cage is alluding to the greater picture of just cuck my shit up, and the connotations associated with the colour black.

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also check out the replica threads, people who buy and wear fakes are guaranteed to be deep into the cuckolding subculture.

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red wings, sweaters, indigo jeans, chinos
see: reddit

I'll post some /fa/ cuck inspo

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don't get cocky, it's gonna get rocky

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look at that big fucking head

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this one is textbook cuckcore

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>these doubles

don't bother refuting

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of course, this is great cuckwear, classic quintessential cuckwear; af1s, zara/H&m jeans and tee accompanied by a serious case of knock knees, great cuckspo!

will post some of my own.

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patrician coming through

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yes, hani really championed the cuck look, he was cuckwear pioneer, i think this his seminal cuck fit.

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Great cuck info so far.

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palewave is certified cuck imo
nothing screams fag like light blue jeans

>obese manchild plays asian dressup

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big time cuck coming through, this bitch was the cuckqueen of her day, no one cuckolds like this.

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Drop trip

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l o l

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yeh palewave and any other /fa/ coined fashion subculture is definitely 100% cuck, think vaporware, jewelwave and whatever else the cucks are into these days, its totally cuck.

more cuckwear inspo coming through.

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Damn, now I'm questioning myself because I think I would just fuck that cuck up.

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Has pigfuck ever posted a fit?

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Raf Simons and Helmut Lang. Lang basically created the bondage trend and Raf coattailed on it 1995-2008. Best part is all Helmut come equipped with straps, Jamal doesn't even need to bring rope to tie up the cuck.

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this guy is HUGE in the cuck community right now. few can match his cuckdom, hes on FIRE, the da vinci of cuckoldry, and he doesnt look like hes going to make a misstep any time soon.

cop this look ASAP

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more fits from this mastermind of cuck, a true auteur of cuck.

there is no brakes on the cucktrain, its the hot new trend of 2015

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Drop trip

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as you can see, rick owens should form the foundation of any burgeoning cucks wardrobe.

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I've been browsing this board for about 2 weeks now, I normally hang out in replica generals and black hair generals - occasionally I'll visit the waywt threads for inspiration now and then but yeah..
this is my go at "cuckwave" or "cuckcore" or "Effay"

Constructive criticism appreciated

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I've seen amateur cuck vids from the 90s

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pasta from trunks RIP sweet angel

u should leave this board if

-u like any of the following brands
>fag shit like slp
>odeur, all saints, ovate, any other knockoff brands
>apc, acne, geller, ervell, norse projects, any other "minimalist" garbage
>hypebeast nig shit

-u want to dress like:
>kanye west
>harry styles
>mc ride
>yung lean
>ryan gosling
>that other shitty producer that samefags on here all the time

-ur a:
>bug chaser

-u post in tumblr threads

-u post cara/"modelfu" threads

-u post "muh muscles cant fit jeanz XD" threads

-u post those shitty ass hair threads that are just badly disguised /soc/ rate threads

-u let internet strangers dictate ur 1000$ purchases in cop or not threads

-u post "effay music" "effay rooms" or "effay cars" threads that clearly belong on other boards and are complete garbage because ur all tastless 14 year olds, go post ur "Γ«ffay battlestation" on /v/ u autistic fucks

-u want generic "style" advice because ur some loser from /r9k/ on gf quest and have no real interest in fashion - go to reddit mfa and read the sidebar losers

-u post unfunny played out internet memes (baneposting exluded) such as "is x /fa/" or


-u follow or care about trends trends either on or off the internet

-u categorize urself as x-core or use the words core or wave at all (there are seriously people in our year of 2015 who pay real life money for clothing in order to fit into internet microtrend cliques such as "sad boys" or "pale wave"

-ur some sjw cuck who thinks getting banned for using the word nigger on 4chan.org is -acceptable


if u havent been lurking at least 3 months or dont work in the industry, dont post, this is basic 4chan etiquette, cuck redditors namefagging and shitting up every thread the first time they visit the board is just disgusting

only after the garbage is purged will /fa/ be a good board once again

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nothing says cuck like wide hips, knock knees and expensive clothing, this is cuck canon as far as im concerned.

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a cuckold is any man who is cheated on by his spouse, the porn connotation is obviously a deliberate arrangement on behalf of the male - the cuck.

however, what we're discussing right now however is cuck fashion, a totally new subculture.

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this is how a certified G O D looks


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What the fuck is knock knees? Is this a new meme?

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I think this is the most cuck fit so far.

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Haha so funny good meme xd

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see >>9866588

you're very wrong on that I'm afraid

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up and coming cuck with his own cuck gang, known as the onani-cuck gang, definitely one to watch.

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classic cuck post
still in the damage control humor phase

it's all over

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nice trips dude

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genu valgum or knock knees is condition that means the sufferers legs point out and away from the body as opposed to straight down, see >>9866588

50% of /fa/ suffers from it, pic related, even visible in loose pants, its a fit killer.

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Damage control xd these memes are out of control XDDDDD

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gj champ

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I've never seen legs that don't do that.

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the first ever cuckwear thread, christened and blessed by the dubs god.


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Holy shit what is that on the left

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nothing says cuck like 10k worth of brand new clothes that fit like your older sisters hand-me-downs, love this classic cuck fit.

famous allstar cuck meetup of 2014, not since the may-day 'black lives matter' protests have so many prominent cucks converged on one place

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