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Fresh thread for fresh fits

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"cool guy who can hack Pentagon" -core

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get cancer

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looking good Dan

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I wanna be young again... sigh...

How do i look? I am 38 *doing a high kick*

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myron dat oriental rug

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nice kilim do want

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How do i look? I am 38 years old!
*doing a high kick*

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huge faggot where is your beard

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Fuck your H&M hat, dinosaur

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looking dapper, dan

glad to have you back

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Reposting from last thread

had a dark blue bomber and black sneakers to go with it

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You shop at H&M? HA HA HA
Look at this pleb and laugh.

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What jeans are those?

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you look like shit, all over the place, cuffs too thick, ugly hat, socks are wrong, colors not matching

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Best pair I've ever owned.

My cuffs were fucked up, didn't see before
>colors not matching
>socks are wrong

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This >>9861958

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nikes ruin it

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ace ventura?

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its never been more obvious that a person doesnt listen to burzum

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>mfw reverse image search returns no results
Every thread...

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wtc pants?

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Are you people fuckin serious?

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wtc pants?

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They're just N&F "Elephant denim" weirdguys.

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>meme smiths

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really nice tbh

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For a better 4chan expirience.

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nice summer fit

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Oh wow just kill yourself

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first good fit in thread

doop you're retarded but your fits are okay

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im being sarcastic u cunt

ur "pants" looks like shit

stop samefagging ur post and drop trip

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might as well

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same fit. stupid filesize limit.

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bad shoes and pants...
Looks incredibly awkward

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the pf flyers look dope.

i know you where going for wide leg opening but it kinda looks awkward. also the gray shirt seems waaay to fuckin short fam.

colors arent bad

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shut your fucking mouth you crass bimbo

everything you do and say is an absolute fucking affront to intelligence

why can't you find something vaguely productive to take part in instead of voraciously chasing after negative attention from teenage boys on a fashion forum

drop dead foul cunt, you know nothing

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r8 or h8

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nice ronald mcdonald shoes

and middle school bathroom

and why the fuck is there a foot sticking out to the right of your head?

the fit is total trash

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thanks yeah I love the flyers.

you're definitely right, both shirts are short but this is what I had to work with.

I see what you mean by awkwardness in the lack of taper there but idk I think it contributes to the direction of the fit. I don't think it would be the same with a taper if you feel.

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ily hyp3 :))) nice fits and nice double dubs :)))

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>no shiny chrome
would not carry to valhalla/10

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ignorant trash



pls die

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stop samefagging. "denim dan"

ur a disgrace to the internet fashion community

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>ur a disgrace to the internet fasion community

>> No.9862330

>ur a disgrace to the internet fashion community
congrats, you just managed to describe yourself

fuck off and don't come back this time

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I think they're congruent with the fit. Maybe it's supposed to be awkward.

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>pls die

why are you such a mean faggot?
post your fit

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dump your wife and be mine

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no pls don't ban no

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i have no idea what look to go for when it comes to my wardrobe. heavy criticism appreciated.

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you're fits are trash and you're personality is horrid

not to mention you're a poo-pushing, bug-chasing fagget

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No more joggers or baseball shirts pls
Just find one of those dressed by the internet posts

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I don't samefag my posts. I don't need to. I've been away from the computer since this morning and just got back.

If you took some time to learn board culture, you'd know that for better or worse, it's pretty typical to respond to DENIM DAN with 'lookin good dan'. If you had any clue at all you'd know that this phrase originated as a taunt.

Everything that I've seen from you has been flaming. I suggest you find something better to do with your time. I also suggest that you presume less and observe more.

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w2c outfittttttt

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are you a god-tier 10/10 qt3.14?

Hat & Chinos are both thrifted. Just get a black snapback with a bent brim. Chinos are a skinny fit, rolled a bit up

Shirt is by COS
Jacket by Junk De Luxe

Shoes are Nike Kaishi

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dan bringing the fire

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thank u maaaaan, what material are the chinos tho? can u hook me up, ur fit is jus 2 dope

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shit. boring and stupid. also:
why bother posting this?
fuck off, meme
change the sweater for something better and it'd be nice. not bad tho
everything looks like shit
not working
meh, so boring
potato quality
high-school-core. really awful, dude.
looking like a real homeless
why bother posting this?

Not a single decent fit yet.

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Soft wool/ poly blend.
Thanks though

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Embarrassing post.

>> No.9862616

post fit

>> No.9862648

cant find the exact jacket m8

>> No.9862678

can't believe you took the time to write an essay about a MEME, of all things

you're the one whose life needs to be reevaluated

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Interesting. Would look better with better fitting quality pieces.

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yo ;}

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I don't know what you're talking about, but you're filtered now.

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i didnt read what you just wrote because i just filtered you


>> No.9862741

ree said she filtered u

Dan said he filtered u

>> No.9862743

Take a proper picture you faggot.

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ITT: newfag gets butthurt after someone catches him samefagging compliments on his shitty "denim" dad pants

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i wasn't asking you to describe your existence in one word

>> No.9862762

oh just shut the fuck up

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fucking filtered

>> No.9862781

why is it that everywhere you go you ALWAYS have to divert all attention towards you. everything HAS to revolve around you.

trouble at home? getting bullied in the high school washrooms? what is it ashley

>> No.9862788


case in point

your life is pathetic, "denim dan"

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How is this you absolute jagoff? By the way don't bother about the shoes, I know I need a new pair.

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Cum mirror

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This is bad, really bad, dude. Everything looks straight out of Macy's. White pants+brown making me puke a little, and that shirt got an horrendous pattern.

Lurk moar, peace.

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you're pathetic lol

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>filtering the /fa/scist faggot
>filtering denim dan

I think maybe this isn't the right place for you.

>> No.9862839

Shirt doesn't really have any pattern, but I get your point about these shoes. Think white would go well with them? The only other pair I have currently are blue with white bottom and white laces. My other ones, like these brown ones, are just for around the house.

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mad max was fucking awesome
just like your fit dan
sweater is cool
its aight
sweater looks too small m8

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>> No.9862860

>3 lines


>> No.9862865

Looking good, Dan.

>> No.9862870

>filtering the /fa/scist faggot
>filtering denim dan

I think maybe this isn't the right place for you.

>> No.9862891

how was school today kiddo

>> No.9862897

Ree is literally cancer

>> No.9862904


Kill yourself.

>> No.9862974

>Kill yourself.

Kill yourself.

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>> No.9863011

kill em

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What does reeeee actually look like? Has she ever posted a fit?

>> No.9863044

This is the worst thread I've seen in weeks. I don't even want to post right now.

>> No.9863049

extremely drop-dead gorgeous

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put you're trip back on ree

>> No.9863061

tfw reeee will never wrap those soft pink lips around my cock

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>posts that pic
>posts this pic at a later date in a thread
>people point out different handwriting
>'she' has a meltdown and leaves the thread

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>> No.9863070

She looks like that and she's decided to spend her time on /fa/ of all places??? What the fuck is wrong with her?

>> No.9863071

sick cops


>> No.9863072


>> No.9863073

make the thread to a better place, anon

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Too bad you're not even the best looking female trip.

>> No.9863076

solid 6/10 with makeup
no wonder she looks to the internet for her gratification

>> No.9863077

i have autism and i need this online support group to help me stay afloat

>> No.9863080

it doesn't even matter because all of the female trips except tripskank are tangibly mentally ill

>> No.9863084

Curlgurl isn't real. She's a figment of sieg heils imagination that somehow splintered off and crossed over into our reality.

>> No.9863085

>nasty blond hair (probably dyed at home because she couldn't afford to go to a salon)
>non-existent cheekbones
>no chin
>lifeless, empty eyes

i hope that pic is not related to your post

>> No.9863086

Holy hell.

>> No.9863088

>not mentally ill
>not a shitskin
>not having a ricecake pussy

>> No.9863089

I really hope this comment was meant in a negative way. If not, then get some self-respect you fucking loser.

>> No.9863090

and we're so glad we can help

>> No.9863097

ree I'm sorry but you're one of those mentally ill girls that you act like you like then you fuck and chuck them and hope they don't scream rape. Curlgurl is a fucking QT. Would wife.

>> No.9863100

>lifeless, empty eyes

are you two related or something?

>> No.9863102

looking good, dan

glad you're here

>> No.9863107

I'm literally a new trip beginning my journey in this thread, I hope you all don't mind.

>> No.9863109

You forgot your trip bitch

Try to make it less obvious next time and stop riding your own dick?

>> No.9863116

Hahaha. Ree. I'm not gonna lie I would probably fuck you and you're semi attractive but you've got one hell of a mental illness. I prefer blondes most of the time anyways.

>> No.9863119

Dan please shut the fuck up, thanks. Stick to the discussion of the thread.

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Of course you would, you thirsty ass lonely virgin. Why are you even on this forum? Go outside and find some equally ugly 0/10 guy to fuck you.

>> No.9863125


>> No.9863131

Of course you would, VIRGIN scum.

>> No.9863134

who the fuck are you?


>> No.9863135

I don't think these are real. The timestamp is easy enough to fake on a pic like that. My guess is, some old trip that ants to flame everyone and start a ruckus without sacrificing existing cred.

Timestamp now or fake. Write on body so we know it's real.

>> No.9863136


>> No.9863139

You're on my shit list, pal.

Anyways, can someone please post a dank fit so we can get back on track?

>> No.9863141

is it ok if i write on my tits??

i'll also upload a sharpie in butt pic to prove i'm not a dirty slut???

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I don't think I'm the lonely one in this conversation reee.

>> No.9863145

I'm newly tripping but I've actually lurked fay since it's inception, thanks.

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>> No.9863150

Yes. Exactly that, please and thank you.

>> No.9863153

post a fit or fuck off.

>> No.9863156

I already have, hbu?

>> No.9863164

Which one is yours? And I post weekly but definitely not in this fucking shit of a thread.

>> No.9863168

I'm in this thread somewhere. Maybe you should start tripping so we can chat and become buds?

>> No.9863174

Which one is yours m8? Why'd you take your trip off to post it?

>> No.9863175
File: 397 KB, 1087x603, proof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Curlgirl" exposed

>> No.9863183

You are trying so hard to be pigfuck and it's just not working.

Sorry, you're utterly irrelevant. Find something better to do.

>> No.9863184

Goddammit, itsyouisnt it sieg? Reeeee is another on of your imaginary internet girlfriends, isn't she?

>> No.9863190
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im late!

>> No.9863191

You'd literally have to be gay to find that THING attractive

>> No.9863193

okay ashley

>> No.9863194

fuck off

>> No.9863200

i think that's just her reflection in the mirror regarding her leg.

>> No.9863204

HAHAH why does that bitch even trip? does she think she's pretty????

>> No.9863211

walking meme

>> No.9863221

ashley just fucking stop you're not funny

>> No.9863231

why do you even bother posting?

do you even own a SINGLE designer item?

>> No.9863238

hey ashley i guess forever 21 and h&m qualifies as designer then doesn't it haha

>> No.9863242

As if this thread wasn't bad enough already.

>> No.9863246
File: 777 KB, 1080x1776, Snapchat-3179148554770628504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm poor :)

>> No.9863247

are you stupid? take your ugly ass alien face back to >>>/soc/

you'll find even more gay boys to jerk off to your disfigured visage

>> No.9863252


lmao your fits always look awkward as fuck

you also have a really ugly droopy face but i'm sure you've heard that before

>> No.9863253

and as far as i know, you can't even afford h&m??

the 3 different pieces of clothing you own all look like they cost you less than the price of a happy meal

>> No.9863259


Get bullied off the internet again, loser

>> No.9863265

not until i manage to cleanse this forum of ugly unfashionables like you

>> No.9863271
File: 53 KB, 480x480, dino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9863273


keep em coming ash-pee burman

your meltdowns never fail to entertain

>> No.9863281

what a mature joke

>> No.9863291
File: 2.63 MB, 3700x2848, wiwt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ro, handmade, _7, _7

>> No.9863297


>> No.9863303

i hear all of that
theres a couple people who like it though

>> No.9863305

Genuinely interesting. I like it. Not my style whatsoever, but cool. I will note that I think most seeing this will find the outfit very strange, but it's still interesting.

>> No.9863308

Get another haircut, but the fit is decent

>> No.9863309

like koishi, except her opinion is irrelevant because she's a legitimate -1/10 physically and mentally

>> No.9863316
File: 2.65 MB, 3700x2848, wiwt2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



here's a photo of me turned around

>> No.9863319

>a legitimate -1/10 physically and mentally
describing yourself again?

>> No.9863340

hey i wasnt responding to you

>> No.9863342

congrats, you interpreted the fit correctly. it obviously had an intent to be juvenile, dipshit.

>> No.9863343

fuck off

>> No.9863346

Hahaha oh wow

>> No.9863356

interesting normcore

concept is cool but boots throw me off due to their kinda archaic vibe. not sure how to articulate it properly but top half looks too futuristic and forward for them.

>> No.9863363


>> No.9863379
File: 420 KB, 1530x2652, mer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9863396
File: 2.45 MB, 2448x3264, hands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuckin shite camera my jeans dont look that fucked

yes i have big hands

>> No.9863402

Love it. Genuinely no complaints.

Sleeves are a bit weird and the pants are a bit too tight, but not bad overall.

>> No.9863403


>> No.9863407

Beautiful, btw are you a girl?

>> No.9863434

foken cool dude

>> No.9863453

Thanks Dan

>> No.9863469

>modern women
What the hell happened?

>> No.9863473

I like this one.

>> No.9863478

why bother posting this?

>> No.9863483


>> No.9863484
File: 63 KB, 565x848, my reaction when your fit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9863490
File: 71 KB, 541x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

inb4 nigger

>> No.9863491 [DELETED] 
File: 1.33 MB, 640x1136, image2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9863496

are you the one that posted in that w2c jacket jake gyllenhal thread that spends like 1100 a month on your horse?

>> No.9863497

Yikes, my friend, that user name is almost as offensive as your outfit!

>> No.9863505

i never thought i'd say this
but ur literally an internet fashion victim

you chose the lamest, plainest, cheapest clothes from brands that garner respect on online fashion communities

everything you're wearing goes on sale end of season for 75% off because nobody with any taste will even touch it


>> No.9863515

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this

>> No.9863522

why do you call it _7 instead of julius
i hath been a witness to dan
u always dress like shit but have a really good body + face

>> No.9863524

suck his dick already lmao

>> No.9863526

u say this but, still like james

>> No.9863550


amazing i love you

>> No.9863557
File: 247 KB, 494x814, 20150518_171430-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does /fa/ think of my new patch?
(Yes, I know, decentered as fuck, I haven't sewn it on all the way yet)

>> No.9863564

height, size of feet, and size of shoes?
also weight?
those are low top ramones right?

>> No.9863567


>> No.9863569

looks like a girls jacket

>> No.9863582


>> No.9863585

looking good dan

>> No.9863604

what pants Hucky

>> No.9863609


>> No.9863631
File: 1.60 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20150518_145526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 me /fa/

>> No.9863641

lookin' good, not too fond of the shoes. w2c tee

>> No.9863650

Why do people put cereal on top of their fridge? Lots of people do this, but why? I asked someone once and he said it keeps ants of out the cereal but I'm pretty sure ants can climb. Do you know why? Do you have very small cupboards?

>> No.9863652

Asos interests me.


>> No.9863657
File: 155 KB, 1024x484, tumblr_n9lesbLNBx1rckw3lo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9863664

It's a basic summer outfit, and the fit is alright. I'm not him, but your reasoning?

>> No.9863667

your hair ruins the fit imo

>> No.9863682

Any suggestions? ?? :9

>> No.9863712
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cool cool better or at least more interesting than most everything posted in the last 4/5 threads, imo though i think it'd be better if you hadn't tucked into the boots like that given their height; with the length of the top it makes the pants section look disproportionately small

<-- i drew a highly technical representation of what would look better proportionately

that said i mostly have no idea what im talking about.

theres some really sick details there btw that i didnt notice 1st time like on the back of the jeans overall 8.5/10 would aspire to wear.

>> No.9863723
File: 45 KB, 480x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use more conditioner and a less shampoo? your hair looks kind of damaged.

all the asian girls i know are going for the straight bang cut, it might actually suit you.

>> No.9863831

yes huck back to your roots

>> No.9863844

cereal boxes are larger than most containers

people's drawers and things might already be full with lots of smaller stuff

fridges tend to have a lot of room on top, they're right in the middle of the kitchen, and there's less chance of knocking the box over compared to putting it on a table

come on honey this is obvious

>> No.9863846

probably starts with people not having much space then it develops into inescapable culture

his parents probably taught him that

>> No.9863849

for starters, you could be less ugly :9

>> No.9863853

you just look like a normie
not bad, but not very good either

>> No.9863857

dan you're looking good

>> No.9863878

stop trying to lower people to your standard

also why do you get so catty whenever another female starts posting, it's honestly hilarious

>> No.9863886

best ITT

>> No.9863892

>another female
reeee is not a girl when will people realise this

>> No.9863962

is it me or are the fits especially bad today?

>> No.9863979

just you

>> No.9863986

you're not alone

more than usual

>> No.9864011

they're shit mate.

>> No.9864016

Naturally there will be fluctuation in the quality of fits assuming there's an average.

>> No.9864018

the worst are "denim dan" and the ugly asian bitch

>> No.9864021

wow this is the best thread in a while

>> No.9864023

the worst are 'denim dan' and the ugly asian bitch

>> No.9864027

agreed, plenty of excellent fits today

denim dan and that one asian chick are killing it

>> No.9864033

You look like a middle aged pussy

Bald and unappealing

>> No.9864040

sounds like you two will get along well

>> No.9864047

cute :>

>> No.9864049

okk :999

>> No.9864069


>> No.9864086

tryhard af
just take a pic in the mirror
you too. ur not a model. this looks staged af

>> No.9864090

Dark Blue Leaf patterned shirt, bright red flower lace skirt, multi colour striped flats and various bangles and necklaces, Brown pin striped fedora and large gold hoop earrings

>> No.9864108

normie detected

>> No.9864115

just put a fuckin trip on already so i can filter ur shit

>> No.9864157


>> No.9864196

nice proportions fag

>> No.9864259

lol so staged and tryhard
/rolls eyes

>> No.9864267

your face is so beautiful

>> No.9864295

1 for 3. try again shitskin

>> No.9864308

Every post I see from you is whining

>> No.9864349

I'm a huge faggot and I samefag as both reee and curl

>> No.9864356

Also I'm a fat neet that eats five guys burger twice a day

>> No.9864366

and I'm also a half Japanese weeb with a tiny penis and a shitty California I legal ar15.

>> No.9864372

Thx sir, tee from Zara. Also check gap website they have a similar hombre one teehee raf ripoffs ftw

I wanted to go sockless and boat shoes were my only option so yeah

>> No.9864385

yes, now you're telling the truth

>> No.9864392

you dumb bitch, your life really so sad you gotta post shit like this on an anonymous internet forum to make yourself feel better? god damn, id tell you you come off as a huge fuckin loser but im sure youve heard that before

>> No.9864407


samefag uggo trying to falsify his own approval on the internet

>> No.9864415


No need to samefag, droopy, we already know you're offended.

>> No.9864419

you sad bitch do you type that shit out and think to yourself, "oh hell yeah what a smart cool effay af insult fuck this kid i'm gonna tear him down lmao ya bitch this anonymous 4chan board is my turf i know fashion i dont even give a fuck!!!" honestly the secondhand embarrassment that comes out of reading the annoying turd comments that dump out of your asshole is overwhelming. dumb bitch thinking youre such hot shit you got no friends and nothing better to do than annoy the fuck out of people on a stupidass internet forum, thats why you bother posting here so you remember that before you go asking other people why they post here.

>> No.9864596

everyone calling me samefag

>> No.9864623

what are you going on about
i'm not that guy lmaoo

>> No.9864629

dumbass you think the lazy eyed shits gonna stand up for himself? stupid kid just puts smileys when people make fun of him, tired of seeing that bullshit. whats your deal why are you defending assholes who call other people ugly

>> No.9864655

so whats not tryhard?
taking a selfie in ur bathroom mirror?
god forbid people put some effort in their pics

this poster is tryhard though
100+ posts an hour. get a life dude

>> No.9864672
File: 1.05 MB, 587x1073, Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.49.59 am.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9864677
File: 12 KB, 395x184, uglysamefagguy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol how embarrassing

>"lazy eyed shit"
>that self-deprecation

good show, samefag, at least you know you're ugly

P.S. i know you're eager to samefag, you awkward droopy-faced faggot, but auto-posting as soon as your minute runs up makes it really obvious

>> No.9864685

lmao are you melting down??? finally exposed, huh???

>> No.9864699

who the fuck do u think u r u faggot cunt. i will literally track your ip and come to your house and take a shit on your dog

>> No.9864711


Kinda like your meltdown?

I hope you find a girlfriend or something, dude, because your schtick of pretending to be a chick and shitposting all day must not do much to ease your emptiness.

Also, sieg is an angry loser whose pathetic life is reduced to the dull pleasure he gets from actively contributing to the shittiness of this board.

>> No.9864716

ur face makes me want to piss blood

>> No.9864733

if anything youre the one having yet another meltdown ree. you talk so much shit yet you have never posted a single fit on /fa/ afaik.

>> No.9864734

dude i literally dont know what samefag is and i dont know how to make it any clearer that im not that dude but im getting a good laugh so sure youre right you got it you figured it out congrats man

>> No.9864740

what aout yours lmao

your life is a joke, pigfuck

i remember when you kept saying i was a pigfuck alt, until you finally got banned?.

>> No.9864746

i did three fucking lines of cocaine before shooting my dog in the face put your fucking fist in my ass already

>> No.9864747

u fake poser i bet ur ass is too poor to buy jason wu from target

>> No.9864755

Stfu you cunt I'll fucking box ur nan out and still have time for an ol' nandos sesh ya knob I'll beat ya to a bloody pulp I will

>> No.9864761


>getting a good laugh

Easy to type that, isn't it? But you know it isn't true. You know you're an ugly samefag who would rather defend his pride on an anonymous imageboard than admit he's hideous and that nobody actually likes him.

>> No.9864769

fuck off you fucking bitch my grandma died last week and i fucking put her in the ground today, do not mess with me, i will cut u

>> No.9864772


You screencapped a picture of Pigfuck's post and used it to argue Strawtengu


>> No.9864792


Pathetic self-hating sociopath.goes on the offensive when called out.

C'mon loser, is this all your life is? Why don't you go outside? I know you aren't a girl, but surely there's something for you out there. At least something more substantive than this hollow existence you're leading now where you post on /fa/ all day so you can impulsively (but unsatisfyingly, I'm sure) vent your mood swings and pretend to be a girl.

>> No.9864800

i will send you my fucking tits as soon as you learn how to start buying your own clothes fuckass. time to bury mommy's credit card in a pile of your own bullshit

>> No.9864823

>wearing your clothes while bathing

>> No.9864842

more like reee's insecurity exposed

>> No.9864949

heh only decent sized mirror in the house

>> No.9865011

whyd u stop smiling

>> No.9865167


>> No.9865770

jacket is shit, bro

>> No.9866249

>doesn't post fit
>filters those that do
You are the cancer that is killing this board

>> No.9866821


>> No.9866832

can you just fuck off?

nobody likes you

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