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Are you guys hopping onto the wetcore trend? Post wet fits. Like literally fits with water on them.

It's picking up here pretty fast, and I like it.

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does this count? if so, i've been rocking this look for nearly all my life...

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this is serious ass

you just don't get wetwave

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>the comments

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look at these sick #wet fits

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How do i keep my clothes wet all day? especially in summer, do i re-wet them in bathroom or what?

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buy a spray mist bottle

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bathroom, squirt water bottle

pour that shit onto your pants, shirts, shoes, over your head

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why aren't you nubs posting fits yet?
none of you repping wetwave yet?

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sik wet-core mang

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waiting 4 the rain, you need to pull of that hobo-wet-core

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it's not gonna rain in a lot of hot places right now
gotta get that artificial look that proves that you're wealthy and can afford to waste water by pouring it on your expensive fits
it's the ultimate sign of conspicuous consumption, like breathing

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>Do you fidget (bounce your knee, fan your legs, adjust in your chair when sitting and/or pace around? If so, could you video that?

ahahahaha i don't know if i want to bring children into this world

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I carry two bottles of Fiji with me at all times and refill whenever I'm nearby a faucet/pool/lake/whatever.

Watch out for thirsty hoes tho.

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>bottles of Fiji


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Lol wet ore nigga I thought I woulda seen ya made on this ting cuz wet ayyyy what uppp

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i thank you for giving me this man to search

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not wet fits

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Do you fidget (bounce your knee, fan your legs, adjust in your chair when sitting and/or pace around? If so, could you video that?

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i got u op

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trash trend

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This thread is gold. just sayin'
Also is Tom enough wet to be wetcore?

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Why being wet ?

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thinking about creating a pastebin FAQ for wetcore. can I contact mods to get a wetcore post stickied? anyone want to help with the pastebin?

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No, but this will be addressed in the FAQ. Sweat does not count towards wetcore.

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>I take care of my babies
>Nice wetting!

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Is he effay?? Swimming outfits are about to change forever.

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You think this is some kind of fucking joke?

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Nah, man. He just seems to be way ahead of the curve. This picture was a couple years ago. I'm impressed by his originality.