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How do I know if a pair of jeans look good or not? They arr rook same to me.
What are the differences between the ones in pic related other than that the right one is slightly brighter?

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If all the jeans look the same to you just leave this board and wear Wal-Mart jeans.

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Woah, take it easy there friend, we're not all born fashionable.

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Are chinos effay? I get reddit-vibes from them, but they seem like good alternatives to shorts during summer.

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I think if you get them in the right color they can be nice, go with grey or green. Just don't be a redditor and go with khaki or that gross pink to match your flannel and beard

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Both look like crappy thin denim in a shit fit

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Navy chinos are god-tier, you disgusting pleb.

You are not worthy.

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The quality and fit are the most important aspects. Otherwise you'll look like a walmart employee

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What does /fa/ say about chinos from PT05, Incotex and Entre Amis?

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Yah but you can't even tell jeans apart. Most people aren't retarded and can see a difference. Why are you so retarded? We're you dropped on your head? Are you on dope? Are you autistic?

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No one is born fashionable.

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Lol elf mode motherfucker

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sick palewave outfit bro but what is that dadcore fuccboi doing beside you

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