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What are you fiends that actually have friends wearing to weddings this summer?

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I'm going to my friends brothers wedding and a bunch of guys from our childhood neighborhood will be there. I am determined to literally be the best dressed male there.

It will be outdoors in mid july so it will be rather hot. The ceremony outside is only an hour but I plan on dancing my face off so I need something light weight. For that reason I am probably not going to wear a suit jacket or blazer, the only one I have is wool and I would spend way too much if I copped a linen blazer.

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The main thing I need to figure out is if I am going to wear a tie. Now obviously I would usually wear one, but at this wedding the groom is not going to wear a tie himself, just a dress shirt and pants. In that regard it won't be super traditional. On the other hand his groomsmen will be wearing suits or tuxes, he's making those suckers suit up.

The main reason I don't want to wear a tie is because then I have to tuck my fucking shirt in. If I don't wear a tie, I'm going untucked for both aesthetic and heat control reasons. It seems as though most shirts are completely fucked when they are tucked in, an issue that seems more prevalent when you don't a jacket to wear over. Yes I wear slim cuts and have my shirts tailored, but still, I fucking hate that look.

If I do wear a tie, it will most def be a sick black knit tie. To tie or not to tie?

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The tie I have in mind is this slim black silk tie with a subtle multi color fabric.

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So no suit... Shirting is where I win or loose. I really would like to wear all black, but I am not sure if I can pull it off without looking like a waiter. Also it's mid summer so not really summery themed. I would really like to wear this black ACR lightweight shirt, so I'm going to order it and see how the fabric looks in person.

The only way to wear all black effectively, with a shirt and no suit, is to have fabrics that have a rich sheen and that don't look pleb & also to wear a pair of killer black leather shoes.

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Getting into grey, my choice would be an Outlier shirt of sorts. Pic related is merino wool cotton, while being a dope material, may be too heavy wear dancing and to the ceremony. I would really prefer to wear my shirt while I dance. I'll roll my sleeves up when I'm full dance fever.

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>fa is all children or friendless lurkers
>this will probably be the only post not from OP

Keep it going man.

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This is probably a more realistic shirt from Outlier, it's cotton and lighter colored. I like the pattern it, I think plebs would find it nice as well. The only thing I don't care for is the button down collar, I wish that shit would die.

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Detailed photo. I like the middle one, I don't really do blue and the grey is a bit dark for midsummer.

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My choice for a white shirt would have to be this cotton one from Patrik Ervell, I really like his collar cuts and I find them very refreshing. The only downside is I'm probably going to be drinking quite a bit [the engagement part had free drinks] and I'll probably spill and potentially vomit on myself if I can't cop a bridesmaid. That's why I would prefer ACR, it's coated and doesn't show stains. But more Ervell always seems to work out, too.

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Keeping with the Outlier them, I think these pants could keep me cool, appear formal enough, definitely good for dancing and my balls won't get too sweaty incase I pull them out later. Also good for spills.

FYI I'm not cumbersome and I very rarely spill on myself, I would say 4 out of 5 spills that hit me are from other people knocking a drink over or bumping into me. One must be careful of the plans. For that reason I am seriously considering wearing the same light boots pictured in this photo, in place of a pair that costs $500 or $700. Then I risk looking waitercore, so I'm considering wearing my dope leather to the ceremony and my Clarks to the reception for dancing. It would be too much to change my shirt between to the two, I'm not the damn bride.

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Forgot to mention those are charcoal, I just copped black.

If it's cool that day I may say fuck it and wear my black waxed denim with stacks and chelsea boots. Probably not but IDK what else to consider. I could consider a pair of lightweight grey denim I have, but they're long selvedge and I usually roll them and would have to do so and it would likely force me into a white shirt. It actually may be a good option.

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This is said grey denim. They are very light. It doesn't look like most grey denim so I hope people would be unaware I'm wearing jeans. Chelseas wouldn't fly it if I roll these up

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Hey friend. I don't think black should really be a part of any formal event besides a funeral and charcoal gray would be a little too hot. I'd say your best bet with color is probably like a camel sort of color with maybe a navy or light blue shirt,or more likely that white ervell you picked. Though the groom isn't wearing a jacket, it is a wedding after all so i don't think you'd stick out too much with a jacket, plus the camel would complement the summery vibe. Also, the more techwear brands like acronym won't really be good and gathered sleeves don't really look good on anyone besides models. though you said blue isn't really your thing i believe a contrast collar might be a good option for a shirt as well. What I think you should wear personally is a blazer, shirt (no tie), pants, and oxfords as opposed to just matching the groom. Consider more pale tones so you don't overheat, you seem to be trying to stick to the memechrome fa hivemind laws.

I wish the best of luck to you finding what to wear and your friends brother getting married!

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply!

I have similar feelings about black, that's what holding me back more than anything. Everything I posted is something I already have or something I was going to cop already, I'm using this an excuse to knock some stuff off my list. I was going to cop the Acronym anyway, but I see what you mean about the sleeves.

I really would like to wear a blazer, but I only have a heavier wool one that is very nice, but much too heavy. Unfortunately everything I buy these days is rather high end and if I cop a blazer it's going to cost me quite a bit. Maybe I can track down a lightly used Ervell unstructured blazer in navy for cheap. Otherwise next week is rather open for me and I haven't thrifted lately, I will hit up 10 or 12 thrift stores next week and see what I can find to bring in to my tailor. The blazer would come off while dancing, so IDK if it's worth copping for the ceremony. If I'm going to wear a blazer I will tuck my shirt in, at which point I might as well wear a tie. Also I'm germanic and have a bit warmer blood so it doesn't take a lot to overheat.

If they were currently selling this denim shirt I would go full pale, they only have cotton right now.

And yes, I dress full memechrome, mainly because I keep the most minimal wardrobe possible and it makes my life easier. I don't own anything brown or tan. I'm more likely to donate or give away a piece of clothing than I am to cop something on any given day. I try and stay around 30 or 40 pieces including formal, casual & workout clothing.

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>at this wedding the groom is not going to wear a tie himself, just a dress shirt and pants. In that regard it won't be super traditional. On the other hand his groomsmen will be wearing suits or tuxes, he's making those suckers suit up.
the fuck is up with that
that's so odd

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>this shirt

Also fuck me repeating words sentence to sentence. I'm watching hockey and drinking while I contemplate a proper attire. I have 6 weeks to eat as little as possible and assemble the /fa/est fit.

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So OP, are you gonna cuck the groom on his wedding day?

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They're from Colorado, they're not hippies but def a little boho, but yeah I'm surprised about the groomsmen myself. I'm not 100% they're wearing ties, but he [or the bride] probably don't trust them picking fits, and the bridesmaids have matching dresses I'm sure, I guess it's probably easier.

If I ever get tricked into a marriage, I'll wear whatever the fuck I want.
>pic related

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Not my life goal Baby Breeder. She's a QT but I'm hoping her bridesmaids have a few hotties in the ranks. Most of the Groomsmen have GFs pretty sure.

I will def be wearing my Apple Watch. It hasn't arrived yet though.

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I'll have one in november (Just about to come into summer here in Aus) so it'll be warm, but i'll still go with a jacket.

Probably navy. Keeping everything simple and clean - but most of all well fitted.

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Shit friend, wearing that Apple Watch might make cucking your groombro unavoidable

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My uncle is having his wedding up in NYC in a few weeks.
Black tie means tuxedo, doesn't it? Fuck.
Do any of you guys own tuxedos? If I buy one, it will probably never see any real use, and I keep hearing that rented ones always fit like shit.

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Is wearing rolled pants totally fucked or what? I really like those grey N&F, but I'm sure if that's totally inappropriate or what. It also cuts my footwear options in half and forces me to consider what socks I'll wear. Otherwise I'll have to hem them and chop them down permanently. I would consider it I guess, the selvedge tab is yellow and kind of pisses off on an autistic level.

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It does, I think you're fucked, what you said is true. One day I'm just going invest in a kickass one to wear at concerts when I visit Vienna.

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>Is wearing rolled pants totally fucked or what?
completely, unless the dress code is total casual
but is it really worth permanently altering something you really like for one event?

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Then again a bridesmaid may really enjoy it when I'm fisting her asshole.

>life choices

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If you're buying a tuxedo don't buy just one if you're going to black tie events a lot. The first time they'll like it, the second time they'll like it...again, and the third time nobody is going to want to talk to you

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Like I said, that fucking yellow tab bother me, the only reason I didn't already do it is because I felt like it was a waist of the selvedge, but I can always roll them still, a lot of people roll them several times to get the high water look. I don't wear a lot of cuffed denim, it's not really my style tbh. Also it's been had, passé status nearly these days. I feel like a only need one pair of selvedge, this pair is redundant.

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How many black tie events do you go to a month with the same people?
What else are you supposed to wear to black tie?

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I don't know if I would ever attend them a lot, even if I'm very successful [it's starting to happen]. I just want one to wear for those special black tie occasions. Do you really think people could tell that I'm wearing the same tux? Also IDGAF, mine will probably be more expensive than most of theirs anyway.

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Normally people who attend black tie events attend more than one, it's more likely than you think if you actually speak to the attendants

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That's the Same mentality of people wearing tricky ricky in populated areas outside of soho. Also, Normally people who own more than one tuxedo own tuxedos of different types (colors, lapels, etc)

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What mentality is that?

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The mentality that you're superior to everyone else simply because your items cost more (though to everyone you look ridiculous in that drapey tank top or tuxedo you wore to the last 5 events)

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god forbid you look like some filthy pleb that has only one set of post-6pm clothing

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