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inspo, questions and answers, shitposting, fits all most welcome

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w2c bomber and gradient jumper?

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Gonna dump some of my lunar core folder

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bomber is our legacy
sweater is geller

lurk more

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I want these Mykita's

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I don't remember the actual fit in the anime but goddamn the boots are destroying it.

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yea i cant recall them either

i saw this on yahoo.jp: http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w105193625

kadoya is a big motorcycle gear maker. dont know if this is the same as the bandai licenced thing in:

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which -core is Michael Bien here?

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Hicks is not ded!!!

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First time on here, aw yeah. What does /fa/ think of this? I was going for a more cyberpunk/techwear look anyway (though I realize these aren't really techwear obviously) so I figured I wouldn't waste my time making a new thread.
Never really planned an outfit before but I've been trying to get more into fashion recently so I'd like your advice
I'd probably layer a grey v-neck or something similiar under the sweatshirt btw

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Bump with shirt added

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>grey v-neck

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thats shit

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w2c pants?

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Eh wasn't really sure what to wear under, if you have any ideas though shoot
Lol whats shit about it? I'm not going to buy a $1500 tshirt that would make me look like an idiot in public.

Give me constructive criticism nigga

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it's shit because it looks bad

that pic doesn't look good either

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Give me an example of something you like then.
Maybe you just don't like the style then. Do you like this one? The first picture was obviously just different pieces I put together but this and the last one were actually in fashion shows.

Also that criticism still isn't constructive nigga

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hory shet, fassbender shirt is too good.

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Can no one give me constructive criticism?

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I think that cyberpunk/techwear/lunarcore also depends on your surroundings

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Really digging this future shit.

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I'm the most /fa/ of all

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Is this the space jew?

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looking pretty autistic there, power ranger

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W2C skinny cargos like that?

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Cucks R Us

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Everything does, but it's really difficult to find a good niche for the style. If you bring a friend who dresses in the same style, you'd both look more in place... hopefully.

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Aitor never had a fucking runway show idiot. Everything he put out was in small presentations. Shut the fuck up and stop posting shut you don't know about. Your style is boring and derivative. You lack the actual knowledge to back up what your trying to talk about. And to be honest you shouldn't be posting. Cop some style and lurk more, then come back and try this again.

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Damn I guess I've been out of /fa/ for awhile, who the fuck is this?

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I think unless you're swole you're better off going for a crew cut shirt, a lot more common in most of these inspo pics

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I think the bag kinda ruins this fit

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Low cut shirt + bling gives off too much of a black metal vibe. Tuck your jewellery into your shirt, and wear one with a shallower neck. Hoodie will look presentable once you've abused it enough to fade the designs a bit. Jeans fit well, but make sure to pair them with dark combat boots or sneakers.

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cool new trip

he's been spicing up this shithole with his offbeat charm

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Damascus is tacky overdesigned shit

Vnecks are back out of style for the most part

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I need stuff to wear in the rain.
Pants, mainly.

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I know this outfit doesn't really work. I like the boots and the jacket, but the pants are fucking dreadful with them. Thinking about getting some climbers from Outlier. Any advice/recommendations?

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le wear my patagonia torrentshell with jeans and runners face

fuck off

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I actually hate the pants and boots, but outlier sells super pants.

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>you will never be a blue collar space debris collector

>you will never mechanically augment your limbs

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2c jacket. Gotta know

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Best tripfag ever. Hes probably some normie with charisma for days, because he always calls out tryhard fags on here that dress like shit and calls them cucks. Its wonderful

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pretty sure it's reee to be honest. i can always tell its him when he changes his name because his shitposting is consistent.

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hey bro it's ok. It will look fine for a young guy walking around town if you live in a decently big city. that's my take on it.

there's a million better options in my opinion but those choices are up to you, not anyone else. from what you've posted it's fine but not great or impressive. but i think it's definitely practical and won't look retarded or anything

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love this pic, havent seen it posted here before, cheers

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i'd go jet black (not washed black) slim cargos and sneaker boots

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My favourite

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Maharishi, those specific ones are sold out but they're all basically like that
G-Star, pretty sure it's sold out everywhere

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I just got this vest with some custom color accents. What would look good with it? If you say "Nothing it looks horrible" or something like that don't respond because I already got it and love it.

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here it is closed

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tank top or long sleeve tee/compression shirt
cargos or shorts and compression tights

dont like the short sleeve sleeve tee in that pic

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Any ideas on Eyewear to have with it? That's a big token for most future fashions.

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Come back poet PLS ;_;

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shield style sunglasses, not aviators or wayfarer style that most people wear

>> No.9788651

How about some sleek frameless matrix-esque shades?

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that actually looks better than the stock images from earlier of the pieces on their own

i agree with >>9787612
boots or smth might be better than running shoes, dont know how i feel about the hoodie, the backpack and the jewelry

no v-necks

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Get basics first. Don't buy only v necks, buy basic items that fit your wanted color scheme. Also if you want to look good, you must be ready to pay somewhat.

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I'm currently taking a degree so it's very very hard for me to save up money for stuff like this. I've always wanted a nice veilance or acronym shell but it'd take me a whole year of saving up for it. I'm thinking about buying one of these shit TAD rep hardshells off ebay and then maybe making a little dyi project out of one (patches, sling, double sleeves, w/e).

Should I go for it? What do you guys think?
They look like they fit very baggy so I'm gonna size down to make it a bit more form fitting.

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Where can i buy this?

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Read the fucking filename or even look at the picture

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That posture looks painful

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It's just being slim and leaning back

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what are some techy/cyberbunk-esque haircuts?

i like pic related, however, male here

>> No.9792559 [DELETED] 

doesn't help fucker. Brings up the magazine but no where to order it.

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the boots are not like this in the anime/manga

fucking bad execution

needs hessian/riding boots but w/e

see: >https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/7a/1c/b6/7a1cb66e11761592976f0ca3397a6663.jpg

for a good pair

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I'd kill to have Knoch's wardrobe, sincerely.

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hello 2008

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Anyone got any experience with maharishi? Pretty much all their shit looks so nice. Right now im looking at some pants and jackets. Is it worth saving up for?

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you can just buy the stuff he makes

>> No.9792819


w2c things knoch makes?

>> No.9792898

in his for sale tag on his tumblr

>> No.9792926

w2c pants on the guy

>> No.9794117

where can I buy this jacket?
Is it something he made?

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I always thought this guy had a sick fit.

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how can i rock my future techy look when the sun isn't blocked out yet and its 95 fucking degrees here

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Get tank tops or t-shirts with ribbed or interesting textures. Get some well fitting cargo/utility pants/shorts maybe with some compression leggings. Get some lunarcore or cyberpunk shoes and get a really unique backpack or bag that adds to the futuristic appeal. Maybe add some astronaut patches in a few places or on the straps to said bag. To complete the look get some interesting sunglasses since it's obviously pretty bright where you are. Pic related, it's an excellent bag I just purchased. It's beautiful. I put some authentic gemini-6 patches on the straps for it.

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soooo worth it. i've got two pairs of pants from them, and i'm looking at getting a pair of shorts b/c summer is happening and i don't have any. seriously though shit's sturdy for how nice it looks. also unno if this will apply to you but i'm ~5'9 130 and had to size down (according to their size charts i should be a small, but they only had xs because i copped them both on clearance) on both of my pants. was anxious during delivery but they both fit pretty much perfectly, definitely better than they would have had i bought small. tldr i fucking love this brand but they need to post pictures of their products on models like fucking seriously it's 2015

pic unrelated but techy so yeah

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Literally squad goal.

>> No.9796153

For you.

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those stupid shoes

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What are some cheap cargo / utility joggers?
I'm unsure if I should cop a pair of maharishi ones, the isaora joggers, levi's commuters, publish brand legacy joggers or if I should just go on ebay and get some milsurp stuff.
Any suggestions?

Also, suggestions of a pair of combat boots? army surp? Corcoran jump boots? Nike sfb?

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levi commuters are a must if you also cycle

probably against this idea, my head shape isn't suited for it, i think

>> No.9797691

I got some black 7126's and I love them. Worth it. The pull cords on some of the pockets are perf.

>> No.9797720

the struggle is real

>> No.9797748

Thats a cool backpack.

>> No.9797752

Meant to ask how comfortable it is.

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Does anyone know what pants are in the pic related? Been looking forever.

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w2c jacket

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>this vest


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Am I /fa/ yet?

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>> No.9800971


UEG, I think.

Tyvek jackets are interesting but highly impractical. Very noisy, very fragile, texture of paper. For the price of a UEG jacket you can buy an actual functioning jacket... Ignore this criticism if you want it for modeling / photos etc.

>> No.9800981

is this in sweden? recognize this tunnel

>> No.9800997

if you dont like shield sunglasses you could go for round with reflective lenses

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What are some good cyber/techwear boots/high tops? Something like pic related but preferably in a tan or grey

>> No.9801268


I think a lot of Plokhov stuff is decent. And there's a sale on MyHabit right now.

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>picture has a nigger in it

>> No.9803865

Ja, det är Stockholm

>> No.9803868

You lost, its a black l/s

>> No.9803871


Are these 60/30 chinos?

Seriously GOAT pants. Wearing them right now.

>> No.9803903


>> No.9803931

Nah new public prototype using workcloth.

I'm still waiting on that 60/30 restock.

>> No.9803959


visa målningen istället bby

>> No.9803977

Du har säkert bilden

>> No.9803991

the iron throne 10/10 would worship

>> No.9804151

rör mig i norrland, men mycket möjligt att jag sett den i en rulle

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