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old one 3hunna
> i fucked up my life being incredibly sheltered and can't do anything with getting approval
> i think I dress better than most people
> i'm a skinnyfat cunt leaning on the fat side and I'm not committed enough to work out or throw up

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>> i fucked up my life being incredibly sheltered and can't do anything with getting approval
are you me

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>20 years old
>attending uni in beach city in CA
>broke up with 8/10 blonde gf last week because she said she didn't like giving me anal
>been getting texts from her for the last 3 days saying she's sorry and "will do anything to save us [the relationship]"
>gonna let her beg for another couple days before I begrudgingly invite her to my house
>gonna get anal

Life's good. Just been shitposting on here and /pol/ to pass the time.

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>broke up with 8/10 blonde gf last week because she said she didn't like giving me anal
Gtfo slutty cuck lmao

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>she doesn't like pegging/fingering her beta boyfriend

hmmmm.... well thats just logical honestly

if my girlfriend had a fetish with fucking ass with strap-ons i would not let her fuck my ass because i am not into that

same deal... not that far fetched you fag

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Are you shitposting urself

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Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, or Long Beach? Or some other CSU?

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you sound like a real piece of work m8. but then you're a 20 yo whitey so i guess that's par for the course

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UCSB sophomore

Sorry to have triggered you guys, I didn't know /fa/ was as full of jelly virgins as /b/

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Probably. Do you believe that your parents were narcissists who fucked up your self esteem and social life?

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UCSB sophomore

Sorry to have triggered you guys, I didn't know /fa/ was as full of jelly virgins as /b/

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kissless virgin

i don't connect with anyone. i haven't met a single person in my life i can call a best friend and not a single girl i could honestly see myself spending a lot of time with unless we talked about trivial shit all day
i am destined to be alone

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Harry styles and Hedi are my inspiration.

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Don't worry, I'm sure you'll eventually find a nice hambeast of a wife who'll cuck you like you deserve

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I've pressured 3 different girls into getting abortions.

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my father yes, he was a drug dealer
dunno about my mum
my social life has always been garbage
my self esteem is low in most areas but extremely high in areas i know im good at (which is very limited)

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Meant Barbara
Lol,I still don't know if you're b8ing but the ones that get trggered are /r9k/ cross posting faggots that can't seem to stay in their containment board

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Nice, bro. I did that with my ex. She cried the whole fucking month afterward and I would always console her and manipulate her into vulnerable sex

Then the cunt told me she was molested by her grandfather as a kid, so I started to make her roleplay with me when we'd fuck after getting stoned where she was a little girl and I was her grandpa. She loved it. Bitch was so fucked up, I kind of miss her even though she threatened suicide whenever I'd talk about leaving her

Also, I was poor as fuck (literally zero income) and she was supporting me the entire year and a half of our relationship with her waitressing job

Moral of the story, abuse as many child-molested sluts as you can because they're fucking easy once you stop giving a shit about their feelings

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this is disgusting
you're a terrible person

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>or throw up

wow are people on /fa/ actually bulimic?

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Does it mean I'm a terrible person if I think you're just jealous?

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Can r9k and their reddit-tier revenge fantasies go home?

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h-hey fellow gaucho

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We both that's your jealousy typing but I assure you my post (about the grandpafucking slut) is true and I'm proud of it.

Here's one of my favorite pics of her

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Here's an even better one

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>>9774927yo dude post more

she has nice eyebrows but the acne sucks

you shouldnt treat white women badly as a white man tbh, especially if they're undeserving of it.

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Hey bro, what dorm were you in freshman year? Btw if you say anything besides FT, you're a confirmed cuck.

Did you rush this spring?

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>I'm incredibly unattractive, a combination of big ears and big nose ruined my face.
>I just fake confidence and somehow this works but I'm so detached I don't care for other peoples attempts to go for me because I assume they're either lying/fucking with me or I just don't care for them in general

God damnit

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Not liking this thread :((

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wow man this level of edgy cannot be tamed

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Don't go soft on me, pf, it's weird

Here's her drinking my piss

Also I agree, her acne sucked but it was a good tool to convince her she was worthless. She was 18 and 19 in these pics

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i don't even know what you're trying to say. it's like you disapprove but don't want to look like a lame-o so you post a meme instead

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What the fuck. I'm so depressed and this just made it worse. Why is the world so fucking shitty? What's wrong with you people?

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these threads are worthless

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lmao, you made pigcuck say you should treat women nicely

what is the world coming to

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none has changed

except me

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>bad teeth and jaw problems
>at least i have my clothing

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meant to link >>9774930

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you and me, anon

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i don't see an issue with urinating on a woman or triggering her memories of molestation at the hands of her grandparents

you're not getting married to her

who cares

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therapy will help you see what you're repressing

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my paternal grandfather died before i was born, maternal grandfather is not a pedo

your sickness has begun to fester

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im being sarcastic, and how he automatically assumed everyone was jealous reminded me of reeee meme

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i hate whores/promiscuity as much as the next dude but she doesnt sound like a whore as much as vulnerable victim of abuse suffered at a young age that obviously had a tremendous effect on her psyche.

had she done anything as an adult to make you dislike her so much? was she a whore before you got together or just a shy girl with the baggage that abuse brings with it?

i mean if she was some used up whore who dealt with her abuse by fucking anything that moved i can understand your pov. if she was a just a girl so desperate for someone to care for her that she was willing to do anything to please you then i cant condone that sort of betrayal/manipulation.

im not a mgtow or r/redpill type duder, we need to save as many white women as possible.

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why don't you shine that high powered perception at yourself?


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>if she was a just a girl so desperate for someone to care for her that she was willing to do anything to please you

if he starts to care for her she will seek validation else where

you can fuck around with 18-19 year old women they don't get serious until around 31-32 to spit kids out at 35ish

until then who cares about disposable friends/relationships

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and you save them by abusing them?

jew piece of shit.

see you in hell.

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yeah agreed, why would you fuck up someone who went through trauma even more just because you know you had the advantage of making them your tool

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and his loyal number oney///

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you literally have autism

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umm what? reading comprehension?

its just a waste of what looks like a moderately attractive 7/10(although the tits look problematic as fuck)

when you have that level of control over a woman you can turn her into anything you want, now shes probably fucking for money.

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don't try to weasel out of this jew

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hey man, i don't get your joke. I just sort of ignore your shit because i assume everyone else finds your whole final fantasy gimmick hilarious or insightful or w/e

but i honestly don't know what they fuck you're trying to accomplish

you seem to know who i am somehow, are you trying to be just a dumbass version of ree or casemods or something?

because i honestly don't fucking get it dude

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betray the pig

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you must be pretty fucking slow if you in anyway interpreted my post as encouraging abuse as a means of saving white women.

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you're hurting people, not saving them retard
break the cycle of abuse

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you know there's something wrong with you when even pigfuck tells you you're fucked up

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fite me irl

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i just see it as a teen looking for various means of sexual gratification and a college frat boy playing the typical games teens play in "relationships"

there isn't really any hard abuse going on, just various deviant sexual behavior

i mean if there was true emotional or physical abuse you have a point

but at this level

a blow job and some urine is nothing

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yeah, and it always starts with trauma, thats what enables them to be easily accessible. How unfortunate

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sexual abuse is reprehensible

you will be reported if you try that on a non consenting party

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The word "waste" is subjective. You think she would have ended up better without that guy, but that's very hard to know for sure. It's probably been inside her all along. Sometimes I think you think too highly of people.

ps what are your favorite bands, just out of curiosity. i'm trying to stop listening to rap but i don't like music with guys whining about women.

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your self delusion will not absolve you

this is why men cannot be trusted

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then it isnt really a relationship just some sort of llike a play date

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strip away at the indoctrination

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>don't like music with guys whining about women

not going to get very far with that one

country, pop, rock, R&B or w/e just cop out to that with a catch riff because that's what sells

that or depression

mad world; sail etc

>> No.9775060

im infatuated with a girl at word

i dont know her name
i have never spoken to her

but shes like a 10/10, the nicest person you would ever meet and a total qt

>> No.9775061

monogamous, spend time together, she clearly stays in his home for some amount of time.

what defines a relationship if that isn't considered one?

how they feel about one another? then there are very few relationships in the world

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stop repeating history loser

what did your mother do to you?

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at work*

>> No.9775065

sieg i didn't ask your opinion.
and yea that's why its hard for me to get into those other genres again.

>> No.9775069

listen to dub step

i can't stop.....listening to this ear fuckery for some reason

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the original post >>9774825
alludes to more damaging mental/emotional abuse, you have to magnify this as well given that the girl was a victim of molestation.

she sounds like a typical abuse victim, craving protection/guidance/stability/nurturing. these types suffer from extreme self-loathing and shame as a result of their abuse, they have so little self respect they view any form of external attraction/affection as unwarranted so they'll do anything in order to please their SO. they perpetually believe they are undeserving of love, this manifests in them being extremely devoted/malleable. you could literally(literally) turn her into anything you wanted.

i just have a love for my people and a desire to save as many as i can, the way white people treat their women has historically been one of the things that sets us apart from everyone else.

fav bands is guns n roses, but that transcends their music, i listen pretty much everything besides niggers.

>guns n roses
>new order
>joy division
>billy joe shaver
>rolling stones
>hank williams
>crowded house
>david allen coe
>jeffrey jeff walker
>the proclaimers
>happy mondays
>classical stuff

i have been listening to a lot of turn of the century pop punk lately lol, like blink 182 and sum 41 :)

>> No.9775077

>not listening to cold chisel

Fuck of wog cunt

>> No.9775083 [DELETED] 

those are just the bands i have full discographies of, i have a lot of bands with only a handful of songs, cold chisel being one of them. paul kelly and nick cave are superior australian artists though, slim dusty and john williamson too.

been listening to this angry anderson song a lot after watching this vid


>> No.9775086

feel that he is embellishing the level of "abuse"

>I started to make her roleplay with me when we'd fuck after getting stoned where she was a little girl and I was her grandpa. She loved it.

just non-vanilla sexual roleplay

>, I kind of miss her even though she threatened suicide whenever I'd talk about leaving her

most teen girls just say this to illicit a response red-herring to insecurity normal in an 18 year old

>Also, I was poor as fuck (literally zero income) and she was supporting me the entire year and a half of our relationship with her waitressing job

young adults in various stages of developing their careers in and out of work

not uncommon for a boyfriend/girlfriend to pay for movies/dinner what have you not like these kids have an real expenses at that age other than their bag of pot.

IDK man, the training i was taught as an understudy way back when mostly taught us to look for true signs of abuse and how to spot the "oh im so crazy look at me" type of nonsense

otherwise anyone who came in for counseling who wanted drugs would just make up something that sounds crazy in order to obtain the prescript.

which is not what the oath was

then again i was an understudy to a PHD candidate not a true major

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shit forgot my pic :PPPP

>> No.9775090 [DELETED] 

yeh the dude could be exaggerating for effect, i wouldnt give a shit if it were some nonwhite girl but in this case i just see wasted potential. better to turn her into a devoted doting fuckbuddy who you can later use as part of your polygamous white breeding harem.

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what happened to you to make you so heartless?

>> No.9775158

>In and out of depression
>things going pretty well right now
>met a girl

She is Asian and won't stop talking about how scary her manlet father is and how he is protective / will probably hate me.

Why is this? I'm 6'3, white, blue eyes, good looking, he should be thankful her daughter got somebody who is well to do.

>> No.9775164

this is not group therapy bruv

take that elsewhere

>> No.9775172

m8 I already go to therapy I just thought my good friend piggy might explain the dad thing

>> No.9775177 [DELETED] 

pump and dump

only beta white males settle for asians.

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>> No.9775197

>she sounds like a typical abuse victim, craving protection/guidance/stability/nurturing. these types suffer from extreme self-loathing and shame as a result of their abuse, they have so little self respect they view any form of external attraction/affection as unwarranted so they'll do anything in order to please their SO. they perpetually believe they are undeserving of love, this manifests in them being extremely devoted/malleable. you could literally(literally) turn her into anything you wanted.

Sounds like you have experience in this matter.... You're sick to take advantage of that in a girl if you are.

>> No.9775228

OP is absolutely me, it's unreal.

>> No.9775252

Buying all these pieces of clothing won't really make me happy.
I have many pieces of clothing, but I rarely go outside to use them.
The only clothes I use are the ones I use for work.
I don't know why I purchase clothing. I'm perfectly fine watching anime and playing videya with amigos.

>> No.9775267

>Close friends with a girl
>Get on really well, best friends
>Start to drift
>Realise I really like her
>She barely speaks to me now
I always end up chasing people who I never get to see, I'm convinced there's something fucked up in my brain that makes me chase unobtainable girls

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i have a big zit that popped up on my nose during the night

this shit is destroying my soul

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pigfuck in a nutshelll

>> No.9775638

are you some kind of nazi faggot?

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>losing interest in most daily activities
>might wind up having to take prozasin for ptsd
>afraid it'll make me complacent and indifferent to everything and I won't be able to dream anymore because I have pretty interesting dreams
>gerbil died
>missing third day of work into my second week of employment and been vomiting bile since Monday afternoon

fuck this

fuck everything

Rick Owens reminds me of a smushed Hapsburg napkin and that half finished clone from The Sixth Day.

>> No.9775685

i've had a strange itch & redness on my groin for about a year now, i bought cream for it but always forget to put it on

plus itching it feels like pure bliss, better than an orgasm sometimes

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get better my friend. i wish the best for you in life.

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Wasn't expecting the friendliness. Thanks, anon.

>> No.9775699

and you aren't?

>> No.9775759

>tfw my girlfriend is dead serious about relationship
>tfw I don't
>Don't want to leave her cuz she's the perfect wife and if I ever decide that I want a wife and kids I'll regret it the rest of my life

I don't want to marry or have kids tho, but who knows in 15 years?

>> No.9775817

I keep Levi's 501s in rotation, as well as a pair of Clark's Wallabees and a few wrinkled OBDCs. I am anti/fa/.

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> tfw 2012 is over but you still love it when a song drops the bass

>> No.9776308

> you'll never be friends with these people

>> No.9776324

In the same boat, kind of.
>Tfw a girl is really into me
>Tfw I had sex with her
>Tfw I realized she's the perfect girl for me in the sense of not being a basic bitch like everyone else
>Tfw I realize I don't really want a girlfriend bc too much work

>> No.9776496

What work? Seeing her 3-4 times a week? This is why no one likes us as millenials.

>> No.9776521


because we don't want to waist our time with grills? i had enough of that in high school and at uni.

>> No.9776583

>can't get OG gats because then i'll have to explain to people hat margiela didn't design them, and they'll still think that it's a chinese knockoff

>> No.9776590

Always wanted to be /fa/ but I can't afford it unless I have my high-paying government job in which I am only really allowed to dress like Conservative scum.

If I go out after work, I don't have time to go home and change. On weekends I'm so exhausted that all I care to wear are t-shirts.

So basically, I spent my entire young adult life and all my disposable income curating a wardrobe that makes me look like a Model UN participant or a neo-fascist (not the good kind either.)

>> No.9776851

>I'm so detached I don't care for other peoples attempts to go for me because I assume they're either lying/fucking with me or I just don't care for them in general

this so hard

>> No.9776955

>"giving me anal"

was she fucking you with a strap on or what? Cuck go home

>> No.9776966

where u work ?

>> No.9776967 [DELETED] 
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>> No.9776994


>try to look like some kind of alpha male fucking hot chicks left and right on a anonymous imageboard
>end looking like a beta bitch taking massive black strapons up his ass

Do you realize how fucking stupid you are or do we really need to point that out ?

Drop that fucking trip immediately.

>> No.9777019


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> grew up super fat
> lost a ton of weight and became good looking and /fa/
> move to a new city and start going to school
> Stress from school, work( and me just generally overspending), social anxiety and some weird shit with some girl makes me stress eat
> gained all the weight i lost back and feel like i just dont have the strength to lose it again

>> No.9777037

The only thing more pathetic than the possibility of you enjoying a strap-on in your anus is your incapability of holding a solid relationship if she doesn't want you to put it in her pooper.

Please leave, unfashionable autist.

>> No.9777289

Are you me?

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>wanna cop a CDGplay hoodie
>sometimes imagine myself dressed in blackmeans and sk8 hi's & generally being a nonce
>shopping on jap sites is too much a hassle nowadays and the weeb text literally hurts to look at
>haven't had a crush or feelings for girls in 3-4 years
eh life is shitty tbh

>> No.9777596

Havent liked a girl since the 8th grade.
now i just get them to love me fuck them once cum on their back and then tell them were over.

What is wrong with me ;_;

>> No.9778487

> decide I don't want to live a miserable life
> still don't know how to let go of binge eating

>> No.9778811

You're a bad actor.

>> No.9779339

w/e nigga

>> No.9779347

Are both of you guys me?

>> No.9779561

I wish I just had one best friend, but it's hard. I'm always fucking up or letting someone down or something.
> tfw no socially awkward /fa/ friend who would actually like to see me more than once a week

>> No.9779590
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i feel you. i just don't connect with my ideals or interests to anyone i know. It's like i can hang out with people and just make small talk and be funny or whatever, but there isn't a single person i could think of that i currently know that i'd want to, say live with as a roommate or something you know? nobody i could tell my real thoughts to. like i just have to fake being boring to have friends, and even then they don't want to hang out ever.

>seeing "friends" post pictures of things theyre always doing without you

>> No.9779611

don't make it worse by not going to work

not trying to nag here, but catch yourself before you get to that point of having no job.

>> No.9779672


Last night's match or whether not to put mayonaisse on your sandwich are more important subjects than art or (god forbid) books.

Fucking normies

>> No.9779708

>kissless virgin
>I now seem to just avoid girls
>It's become a habit
> given up

>> No.9779760

>steady relationship
>teaching job
>small circle of friends
>many aquaintances
>nice hobbies
>massive superiority complex though
>happy and content

thanks /fa/?

>> No.9779771
File: 55 KB, 960x539, 1401611830732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm skinny fat and hideous
>I browse /fa/ because I like fashion but don't care about how I dress myself because no matter what I wear I'll still look ugly.
>Extremely lonely and horrible socially so I can't make new friends
I wish I would die but it would be too hard on my parents to bare since I'm an only child.

>> No.9780075
File: 136 KB, 640x960, urlaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tried doing something about it?

>> No.9780085

Where is the plastic surgery anon

>> No.9780502

I always read posts like this as if a really fat, balding white dude posts this as he takes a drag from his vape

>> No.9780520

please leave and take your autism with you

>> No.9780984


>> No.9781011

i judge people by their footwear.

>> No.9781074
File: 846 KB, 1280x800, TORONTO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Ree. I get really sad when she's not around.

>> No.9781130

I think rubber shoes are cute and look durable as fuck.

I fucking hate drinking, but no one will like me if I say that. It's so fucking nasty I want to vom after 2 shots. Just give me food.

>> No.9781635

> falling in love with a man
uhh /lgbt/ is <- that way

>> No.9781664

Who said I was a man?

>> No.9781749

> gf left me after two years
> thought I'd be alone forever
> decided to travel
> ended up 20km away from ISIS
> spent a week doing crazy shit in one of the most dangerous countries on earth
> still don't feel I have a purpose in life
> feel insignificant
> planning a trip to the dark continent in July
> only dress in workwear and travel core shit now

>> No.9781936

>has gf
>left the country
>has hobbies
>still miserable
Honestly, this is how r9k must feel about normies because you're a faggot.

>> No.9781998

>find website called trunkclub online
>"we'll send you clothes via mail, no cost to you unless you want to buy anything in the trunk otherwise return everything"
>they call me and invite me to a fitting
>6/10 blondie helps me try shit on
>done choosing ready to go
>"that'll be one thousand dollars"
>try and back out of paying one thousand dollars after spending 2 hours wearing clothes
>spend 100usd on gray chinos cause they "marked" it's hem

>> No.9782302

i don't understand

>> No.9782310
File: 28 KB, 1116x572, hwLDJ[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9782311

Same here man :(
it started as me just fucking around but I started liking her. She's really fucking cool man.

>> No.9782315

I had a complete nervous breakdown last year and the antidepressants they put on caused me to gain about 35 pounds, now I'm a certified fatass and none of my clothes fits.

>> No.9782322

so did the 1k come from actually going to a fitting or do they charge that price online?

>> No.9782341

they dont charge you online
if they just send you clothes online, you keep the clothes for 10 days, either return or buy whatever you like
at the fitting, you just try on and buy, no take home

>> No.9782342
File: 63 KB, 587x657, 1428860212296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my life is going nowhere

best thing that happened to me in the last couple months was some girls telling me i look nice

i dont even know anymore
might read a book

where did you travel and how did you end up there?

i would like to travel somewhere and stay for an extended period of time, the part im struggling with is what exactly i would be doing all day

>> No.9782347

bet that girl was pissed she got a $100 sale instead of $1000

>> No.9782352


>> No.9782353

where you at

>> No.9782364

kill yourself you spastic twat

>> No.9782529

I don't focus on my studies and worry more about what I'm wearing to uni
I have an math exam in 3 hours and I haven't studied for it once how fucked am I?

>> No.9782555

it could probably be worse

im just past a bunch of exams that were probably the most important thing i did in my life so far and i was just as much of a lazy cunt as you were

maths is shit anyways

>> No.9782598

I have no friends but don't want anybody to know so act aloof and dress like I have a big ego even though I feel like shit when I see something as simple as a group of friends walking down the street together.

>> No.9782650

>maths is shit anyways
spoken like a true pleb

>> No.9782656

good work being a dick for no reason anon

he probably just tried to make non-study guy feel better

real nice

>> No.9782659

ok stem guy

>> No.9782665

There's a reason why 4chan is full of math majors.

>> No.9782666

honestly, try to embrace the fact that you don't exactly know what you'd do while traveling. plans are nice, but half the fun is just going wherever the fuck you feel on the spot. if ur anxious about stuff like that i get it, so am i, but it feels so good to just lie down after a long day of doing completely new things in a completely new environment

>> No.9782667

math is not /fa/

>> No.9782675

thanks anon, that's nice advice.
nice trips, too

ill browse /out/ and /trav/ a little to find some interesting destinations

>> No.9782678

pleb overload

>> No.9782692

np. you can start out small too ya know. you don't have to immediately travel halfway across the world, unless you want to, then fuckin do it. take a bus or train to place that you've never been. you dont have to commit to staying there for a long period, but who knows where you'll end up if you keep on going

>> No.9782700

>muh numbers
>muh calculators
>muh autism
get out

>> No.9782865
File: 1.79 MB, 384x216, 1430380034992.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm an emo pleb at Chad University. Everyone here is basic as fuck.
> track shorts
> tank top
> running shoes
Men and women of every race. I'll never get a kawaii alternative bf. I was hot shit at my old university but these guys are swimming in track and field pussy so they don't look at me. I'm thinking about wear P I N K and fucking New Balance and a shit ponytail with the headband because these guys don't want to fugg.

>> No.9782920

>tfw you arrive after posts have deleted
I'll never get to read the shit posts

>> No.9782945

this is the worst thread

didn't know so many trips on here are misogynists

didnt know so many people on here are misogynists

what can i expect this place sucks

>> No.9782972

I know right

>> No.9782977


I spent time with the Zapatistas in Chiapas for a little while, passed through Istanbul and ended up in Erbil, Iraq. I'm planning on visiting Senegal and Brazzaville. For day to day things, do what you want. Touristy things or whatever. I rode motorcycles, toured the city with refugee Syrians, looked at the weapons market, chilled in the bazaar, drank tea and smoked cigarettes and chilled the fuck out in Iraq.

It's all up to you.

>> No.9782981

it really does suck

i wish it didn't because it seems like it could potentially be a super sweet place for like minded ppl to share images and talk and stuff


>> No.9782992

:/ sorry you feel like that

>> No.9782999

who are u....................... feeling triggered

>> No.9783000


>> No.9783002 [DELETED] 


fake reee

>> No.9783038 [DELETED] 


lmao the mods deleted his pictures, the dude was legit

>> No.9783064

You realize that you're the minority and most of us are misogynists. We are like minded. After a few girlfriends everybody is a misogynist. No one is vocal about it irl, because it's social suicide. But here we're actually free to speak our minds.

>> No.9783077

oh fuck you

>> No.9783160

Being low IQ is not /fa/ sorry.

>> No.9783186 [DELETED] 
File: 15 KB, 500x500, 1430316571389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


so many jelly betas

being mad at me for being universally superior to you isn't going to improve your sad virginal existence

>> No.9783205

IQ doesn't mean shit man

david sedaris has a awful iq and hes a really smart guy overall

>> No.9783469

Anal virginity doesn't count if you're het.

>> No.9783477
File: 488 KB, 499x367, that doesn't make sense yo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9783517


>> No.9783552

I wanna give those girls real love now.

>> No.9783556 [DELETED] 


>being this upset over the thought of 4channers getting laid

sorry not everyone sucks as bad you, brah

>> No.9783563 [DELETED] 


I don't think so bro. That slut's a guaranteed fucking basket case after everything she's been through.

I know you're a lonely 4chan virgin but eventually you'll realize there's a kind of crazy you don't wanna touch. It sounds like the bro you quoted caught one at her prime, tho, but she's unfixable now

>> No.9783586
File: 20 KB, 195x173, yue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kik me psychotic rapist sieg/pigfuck/patrician

you're better than nothing

>> No.9783593 [DELETED] 


I don't know what you said. Are you some kind of minority or something?

>> No.9783604
File: 544 KB, 1030x548, deformed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're psychotic, pigfuck

but i don't have anyone else to talk to so I'll take what i can get

>> No.9783622 [DELETED] 


I'm not pigcuck. He's a balding lanky cuck king who hates blacks.

I'm a genetically superior and intellectually gifted Aryan attending uni at a Top 10 party school on the beach. I probably have gotten more action than every cuck on this board put together

>> No.9783875


>> No.9784168 [DELETED] 

Lol assumptions. Not a virgin. In fact I had a similar experience with a crazy girl myself. Ironically I left her for the same reason you stated in your post - unfixable, ultimately. The lonely assumption was correct tho!

>> No.9784244

>abuse as many child-molested sluts as you can

w2c? Seriously, is there any way to tell/know beforehand?

>> No.9784343

You can't change shit genes. I workout and do my best but even a great body can't save a shit face. And I try to make friends but end up humiliating myself so I just stopped.

>> No.9785785

I want r9k to leave. None of you are attractive enough for this fantasy to be real.

>> No.9785978

I have really mild gyno, so I can never wear 'just a t-shirt' or anything too thin and clingy. Shit drives me up the wall in summer.

>> No.9786026

i like how all skinnyfat people have "gyno" nowadays

>i-im not f-fat
>it's a-an illness!!1

>> No.9786028


I'm not fat. Puffy nips. Gonna get surgery when I have the money.

>> No.9786332

No you didn't. Zapata wouldn't just let some white kid hangout with them.

>> No.9786342


i know that feel mane

>> No.9786344


It's called fat. Anything bigger is called obese.

>> No.9787203

in love w lamy

>> No.9787853
File: 3.83 MB, 346x325, 1420330347374.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/fit/ here lurking and shit because it's a lazy friday night. Don't worry, you guys are just as damaged as everyone else on 4chan.

>> No.9787869

Seriously, wtf is a gaucho? Why can't all the UC schools have bears as mascots. Bears are cool

>> No.9787887
File: 46 KB, 600x600, newhere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9787971


> implying the zapatistas aren't basically a tourist trap at this point
> implying Zapata gives a fuck since he got perforated in an ambush like a hundred years ago

Anyone can walk into a Zapatista
community. I only know of one that's gated and even then you just need to ask to come in and you show them your passport and answer some questions about yourself. Aren't you just a little retarded fellow. Run on home now

>> No.9788395

tity boi

>> No.9788429

my friend is away for the week on a business trip so his wife asked me if I could come over and see if i could fix the garbage disposal. we ended up fucking in the kitchen (their daughter nearly walked in on us when she got home from school)

>> No.9788629

oh cmon man, you don't use the fuckin meme text, shit's pathetic, any retard will understand the reference and if not you get to point and laugh at them for asking, this is basic shit

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