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cringe thread itt.

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my life

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> cringe thread itt
> thread in this thread

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I cry evrytiem :(
Oh wait, I don't. You miserable fuck

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lol is that ash from pokemon? is that some hd remake?

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you can make fun of them as much as you want but at least they're doing their thing and are happy, i wish i was ignorant

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hes actually mentally retarded.

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Please be bait

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That fit is on point what are you talking about. Very 80s industrial/P.E. inspired I'm guessing.

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takuun from FLCL

aka: best anime in the multiverse.

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y-yes sorry
thanks for answering not like a dick

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Lol no I really thought you were baiting as part of the cringe thread thing

Seriously, go watch FLCL. It's only 6 episodes but it's my favorite anime to this day and its been almost 10 years.

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what's cringe about this? It just looks like a bad photo of them.

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his name is Naota Nandaba.

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yeah but takuun was his pet name in the dubbed version.

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•Imagine the smell of ree's pussy and ass after a long hot day of window shopping
•Imagine licking every inch of sweat off her body
•Imagine bathing her
•Imagine holding her in your arms all night long

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rate my fit

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am i the only one who thinks ree is kinda hot

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na i rly dig different looking girls if they take good care of their skin and hair and dress well

not saying that ree does any of those things super well but i could maybe see the appeal

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This fit was rated one of the best of 2013 on r/mfa

Along with several other fits by the same guy.

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Here is another fit from mfa that was generally well received

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It's not an awful fit but his weight totally ruins it. Fat people always look awful no matter what imo

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honestly its not that big of a deal,
he actually looks better than most fatties with shit

the only thing really unacceptable is the fit on those fucking jeans

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dont watch it it's lame

watch boku no pico instead

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he dresses ok. Can he do better? That is the question you ask. Not to compare to ryan gosling etc.

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I'll give you a hint: she's popular because we all think she's hot. We just don't want to admit it.

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confirmed faggot, searching for dudes in tinder

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LOOOOOL no it wasnt stfu.

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Name of the boots? ris'd only gave me tumblrs

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This guy looks cool. I could only dream of pulling off a fit like this, but this slanty eyed cat is rocking the orange and green.
>green suede brogues

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>The Love of Pee

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I don't think most of the users on this board have the privilege to say what is or isn't cringe and have that actually mean something objectively, as that is reserved for those of us with names.

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they're not even trying to be fashionable though dude, that's not cringeworthy.

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filtered and sent

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plaid with stripes isnt even the worst part.
gigacringe and lost

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If you can look this confident while wearing that kind of outfit, you have my respect.

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Fucking swag. Looks like shit straight off the runway.

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this is filthy as
>mullet/speed dealers combo
oi oi oi

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>fire extinguisher AND fire blanket
I wonder if any of the trashy junk in that cluttered house ever caught fire to make them prepare or are they just that bad at cooking.

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his cape

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Is that part of a Halloween costume?

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oh no, he's trying so hard ;(

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i unironically fuck with this guy's mask and poses

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are you implying that this doesn't look phat as fuck

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It worries me that there are people like this on /fa/. Only an autist could find that fit appealing.

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this is so fucking sick.

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this is sick though

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who remembers this gaylord ?

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wtc pants

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Captain grimdark here looks like he's on his way to the world's most aesthetically-pleasing school shooting.

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this guy isn't trying. he's that cool

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thats about as good as an obese man can look in clothes. I think it deserves the upvotes just so more fat people can see it and improve themselves somewhat.

>> No.9754387

isn't he a trip?

>> No.9754390

he doesnt post on /fa/ anymore i dont think

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I can tell by the way you walk you're a woman's man, with no time to talk

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do you guys ever think about what youd wear during a school shooting? I don't actually want to kill people or anything, but you could make a pretty sick fashion statement with your fit plastered all over the news. I think I'd dress like the Driver just for kicks.

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I'd probably wear an adidas jogging suit and Nike air force ones

>> No.9754546

I would wear only Vinyard Vines so that the brand's image would forever be associated with adolescent corpses

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techninjacore would be perfect
and since every person who wears this kind of fit is autist, you'd just have to run like naruto while shooting people

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gum being seen while smiling is the worst kind of smile jsus fucking lord

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I don't know man that's kinda neat in a ugly sorta way, he does't give a fuck.
>those glasses
>vest and shirt with shorts
>color matching shoes and tie

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i hate reddit so fucking much

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she'd get it

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Straight up ballin' steez

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>That shoe size compared to the rest of his little body
Yea, if you're above 5' your feet won't be larger than your entire forearm.
This is a manlet and he should be treated as such.

>> No.9755554

That's a pretty good fit. Doesn't stand out and overall good proportions.

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this is acc sick in its own right 8/10 would buy coke from

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I loved FLCL

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that kid is probably so confused

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There is literally noting wrong with that fit

>> No.9757098

Except his skin colour of course, but besides that.

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is that a fucking planet

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This picture makes me genuinely angry

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I really have cringed in this thread ITT.

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Is that Kevin Smith

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dope glasses

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fuck this shit, im offing myself

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> he's a "professional stylist / shopping adviser"

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how does this even happen

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Anything can happen to you in Russia.

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Haha. He looks like a pregnant liquorice stick.

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/fa in mostly about "cringe threads".

And very little fashion.

>> No.9760733

I think most people on /fa are like this.

And they actually think those clothes are otherwordly "stylish".

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>I'll never forget having fun with my friends
good for them
allow you

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>The real cringe here is that caption.

Fuck. Do the subjects within cringeworthy material know they're cringeworthy?

>> No.9760777

the shoes throw this off but otherwise looks pretttty rad

>> No.9760781


why do fat people try to be /fa/

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no idea why no one ever posted this.

>> No.9760788


my fucking sides. underrated post of /fa/'s SS 2015 line.

>> No.9760791


Is that the Chinese /fa/ meet?

>> No.9760792

It just blends with things that people post on supposedly non-cringe threads;

>> No.9760795

> house md cosplay
it's almost like an anime cosplay, you know.

>> No.9760796

what's wrong with this?

>> No.9760798

See >>9760796 what I >>9760792 meant?

>> No.9760810

>implying any of them could beat daigo
these niggas trippin

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it's churkas' red moccasin mafia meetup somewhere in russia.

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>> No.9761047

Those have to be chechen

>> No.9761050

>Filipino Aquaman

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Zigtechs are the height of 6th grade core fashion.

>> No.9761100

the ginger kid's got dope as fuck pants.
the kid with the supreme hat has ok shoes.
the guy in the grey tshirt has really nice hair.

>> No.9761451

>ok shoes
pls don't actually believs this

>> No.9761514

Real talk I need the ginger guy's shorts rn

>> No.9761665

This is exactly something chief keef would wear

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Looking spiffy there Dan

>> No.9763171

Not bad for nerds

>> No.9763197

That is impressive as hell. Clothes that look decent on a fat person are rare.

Whereas almost anything looks good on a scarecrow.

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>> No.9763209

shit grammar is not effay OP

>> No.9763220

asian mcgrayshirt actually looks presentable with different shoes

>> No.9763702


>dr house cosplay

>> No.9763841


If he had a mustache and changed the tie I'd hang with him, I'd coincidentally also call him "commissioner".

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Jesus Christ

>> No.9764122

mad just bc you aren't this italian.

>> No.9764148


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>> No.9764169

We're not on /a/ right now so the subs only meme doesn't apply.

>> No.9764181

This. It's even worse when they obviously spent thousands of dollars on a single outfit. It's pathetic.

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>> No.9764221


must be a rental unit lol

>> No.9764222

post of the year right here boys

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these two are dating

>> No.9764271

Dude would be really attractive if he wore his hair down

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Are we /fa/

>> No.9764303

holy shit w2c that bomber on the far right.

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>> No.9764336

Youte a daggot def shatijng bith fuck yoy

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File: 441 KB, 1377x1167, aussiefa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>that fat dudes legs

holy shit

here's some not-sure-if-dope-or-cringe

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>> No.9764358

Welcome to the south

>> No.9764609

they are "J shoes" i use to have a different pair but i wouldn't recommend the soles are so thin that they wear out kinda quickly.

>> No.9764613

that dude on the far right cracks me up every time i see this pic

what a fucking clown, literally

>> No.9764694

She's just a baby stop perving out guys

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>> No.9764904

lol @ community college & seatbelt bag

>> No.9764926


>> No.9764937

what a big guy

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>> No.9765097

Hot Topic/10

>Wood berry tho

>> No.9765156

For this, the FGC weeps.

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>> No.9765209

My friend's dad tried to give me that same exact shirt about 7 years ago. where are these shirts coming from?
>I want to see her asshole

>> No.9765214

Still amazing still want

>> No.9765219


>> No.9765233

I don't know what this is for but you should pull an all nighter

>> No.9765237

is this legit? i remember talking to qko on skype and in plugdj back before that shit got blown out.

>> No.9765268

more of this sort of thing

>> No.9765338


>unique independent original

>> No.9765343


she looks like a model

that outfit must be ironic

>> No.9765350

lol what do u think? is photographic evidence not enough?

>> No.9765352
File: 494 KB, 600x338, anon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

heres that webm if any1 wnts

>> No.9765368


>> No.9765370

just a surprise to me. pretty wild

>> No.9765373

this is so weird
no real girl would do something as weird as this

>> No.9765375

the three on the right look great to me for their age. Greyshirt's shirt is too small, purple sweater's jeans are too baggy, and fat guy is fat and his shoes suck, but other than that they look better than 95% of kids out there.

>> No.9765384

exactly, i came to the same conclusion after thinking about it when i first sawit

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saw this ugly fucking neckbeard hambeast making out with this qt grill at the subway yesterday. i died inside that day

>tfw no gf

>> No.9765466

>/fa/ the post
at least /fit/ end up with a hard bod that is actually useful in life instead of looking like shit yuppies a year away after having dropped hundreds and still not getting any girls

>> No.9765487
File: 58 KB, 640x640, fa in a nutshell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw this posted on here a while ago. I'm pretty sure it was a serious post on a waywt

>> No.9765644

Are those raf stan smiths?

>> No.9765741

all blue superstars

>> No.9765754

they're all probably named mikey

>> No.9765834

>ugly fucking neckbeard hambeast
dude he looks strong as fuck

>> No.9766282

It's for them blazing hot fits

>> No.9766416

tall dude in the back is doing it right

stay mad 99%ers

>> No.9766475

Would still go on her clam at a squat rave

>> No.9766523


>> No.9766530

tom donovan

>> No.9766541

>the only thing really unacceptable is the fit on those fucking jeans
uh what's wrong with his jeans

>> No.9766585

nigger you can see his sugartits from the back

>> No.9766615

>nearly may 2015
>this many people still think ree is real and not some guy (or pigfuck)
>now questioning if these are all really just samefag

there's a reason why there is only a single timestamp picture of ree despite the fact that "she's" always active on the board: because you're really talking to an extremely pathetic dude

>> No.9766673
File: 93 KB, 959x960, tom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9766709

He doesn't look that bad for an old guy. At least he cares about his clothing instead of going out in greasy sweatpants and beaten up reeboks from 20 years ago like most older people

>> No.9767703

>let me hold your tits

>not now susan please

>> No.9768051


>> No.9768053

the reflection

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>> No.9768518


>> No.9768546


i dont get why everyone hates mfa? i went there once and didnt see anything like the shit you guys pretend they post

i wouldn't go there again cus i dont reddit and it is pretty circlejerky but they arent all autistic

>> No.9768701


>> No.9769102

ayy lmao

>> No.9769112

what exactly is so terrible about their fits

unless it's because they look so similar, in which case, mild kek

>> No.9769148

Looks like my GTA online char.

>> No.9769151


videogames are for losers lmbo

>> No.9769164


forgot my reply

this >>9751035

>> No.9769543

>implying your respect is worth anything

>> No.9769645

fica de olho nesse seu cu

>> No.9769654
File: 442 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-28-13-58-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pleeeeease be bait yes

>> No.9769656

>unzips pants
Oh boy, here we go again.

>> No.9769672
File: 119 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-28-14-04-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9769674

>there are so many newfags that no one even remembers this
What a sad day to be alive

>> No.9770183


he's the fuccboi that /fa/ wishes that they could be, I think he knows that he is too

>> No.9770212

>censor the face and change the color of the clothes to all black
>sick yohji fit brah

>> No.9770234

teenage kenny powers.

>> No.9770507

ikno her lol

>> No.9770622

is that lenny cravitz?
sail wedges u gon fly away xD

>> No.9770656

It is **HOХЧO**?

>> No.9770739

They fits look ok, in a ordinary way.

But somehow by this picture I get the feeling that they think too highly and carefully of such uninspired clothes.


>> No.9770746


>> No.9770761

I hate white jeans because they're hard to keep clean, but god damn that shoe pant combo looks good.

>> No.9770774

They have enough T to make this work.

>> No.9770785

They call me the pussy man
They call me the pussy maaan
Oh pussy man, where you gonna run to?
They call me the pussy man

>> No.9770790

She's beautiful. The ugliness of the outfit only makes her more beautiful. Except it's now mysterious and based. Would fall in love with.

>> No.9770872
File: 272 KB, 500x750, руслан.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is that Ruslan Mitrofanov? If that is he, why did you cut his amazing head?

>> No.9770928

It's pretty ridiculous but it undeniably works.

>> No.9770931

All jokes aside though this is fucking vile. Not his fault, but vile.

>> No.9770979

oh god nooooooooooooooo

>> No.9771159

he scares the shit out of me

>> No.9771525


The whole board is a cringe board

>> No.9771553


Looks like a child molester lmao

>> No.9771585


>> No.9771623
File: 47 KB, 400x633, MfynSVK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bottom post is downright fucking scary.

>> No.9771683
File: 60 KB, 600x800, BzozTROCcAAARzy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to be an extra rich asian manlet with an overcompensating urge.

Uh… Wait.

>> No.9771690

I would totally chill with the one in the bucket hat

>> No.9772745

hel-looks, damn i love em

>> No.9772873

>inb4 bait
>inb4 i dont realize this
tbh, he's probably got the ugliest mug of all of them too. and asymmetrical face. kek. enjoy your freak 6'5 height, weirdo

>> No.9773182


>> No.9773195
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ronnel is my fashion hero

>> No.9773418
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>> No.9773507


>> No.9773530

LOL Ron used to be my nigga.
he looks liek a bitch now.

>> No.9773610

taking pics of people kissing is the weirdest thing. jesus.

>> No.9774008

Goddamn that was a funny thread

>> No.9774305

>the Driver

>> No.9774317

is this shooped? I recognize the image, but I don't remember the proportions being so weird.

>> No.9774318


Why is he wearing an overcoat?

>> No.9774759


I might be new but goddamn

>> No.9774878

riff raff?

>> No.9774898

10/10 would wear to street fight

>> No.9774904


>> No.9774907

They look about the same 5/10. Problem witht he dude's cut is that it emphasises on his hair loss. The woman looks about mid 40s but meyb she is.

>> No.9774923


>> No.9774958

no bruh, not shopped
that guy had some weird bone disease, gave him fucked proportions :/ he's dead now
and people still poke at him about it

>> No.9775373
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>> No.9775397

laughing so hard

>> No.9775419

I actually saw a webm of a girl that looks 99.99% like ree, it was scary. Apparently she's a model or something, i really regret saving it

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