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Can an attractive male with poverty dark brown eyes exist? Is this even remotely possible?

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This thread again, good

>implying brown eyes can't be subtly gorgeous like an aged book or log cabin

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tbh i like brown eyes the most. I like how they shine in the sun. Blue and grey eyes make me uncomfortable. I like the green eyes with flecks of brown too.

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brown eyes look deep and loving

light eyes look cold and empty

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My eyes are pitch, and the only person who's ever said anything about them had my dick in his vagina by the end of the day.

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>his vagina


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Why do people on 4chan try to be condescending whenever I even vaguely mention a trans person?

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shut the fuck up

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Show some fucking respect.

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stop being a fucking degenerate abomination if you want respect.

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never really got the fascination with eye color its not a feature i ever pay attention to when finding someone attractive

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I actually just had a dream that q_ko was a man, fuck me what a coincidence

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They sometimes dig into my head

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Im tall, white, brown / blonde hair and blue eyes. My girlfriend is short, brown eyes and South East Asian, genetically speaking we're a terrible match but not many people actually look for genetics in a partner, your shitty brown eyes will be fine m8

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your eye colour won't really make you any more or less attractive

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>look mom I posted it again xD

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How are you two a bad match genetically? I am interested.
Sounds like you have completely different fenotypes, so isn't it a good thing that different genes mix?

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It depends who you ask, you're on 4chan, most people are disgusted at race mixing. I have a neutral stance on it, the only reason we got together was because I was using her for sex and fell in love. She is insecure and thinks she's inadequate, thinks I'll cheat on her and thinks I'm going to get sick of her. The attributes I've listed about myself are all considered privileges and people see them as 'better' I dont, but plenty of people do, which is why I said it would be seen as an odd match.

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My eyes are weird, kinda brown and green mixed together but they're not hazel.

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>you're on 4chan, most people are disgusted at race mixing
most dont give a fuck outside /pol/ and like half this site is obsessed with asians

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I can't understand why, well I can, but asian females definitely have the worst personalities, unless you like crazy girls.

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you have brown eyes because of incest in ur family

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most people here dont talk to girls so thats pretty irrelevant

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Oh, so it is more of a social problem. Her view is a bit warped.
Yeah and most people don't care. We have a loud minority.

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brown eyes are goat, they have a haunting deepness to them

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You seem like a massive cunt tbh

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>asian females definitely have the worst personalities, unless you like crazy girls.
In my experience, Asians are some of the nicest, most generous people. They're usually really helpful and open.

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That's more accurate. I don't see it as an 'im better than her' thing, not in a genetics or race sense anyway. Though she's admitted that she seems insecure because she thinks im better looking than, I wish it wasn't like this because it just makes her build walls etc, it's very strange.

Why is that?

In my experience that isn't the case for westernised asians at all.

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His sons will never have a true race
It would look really ugly. Trust me I know

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Asian male here with brown eyes. Sorry op that is not possible.
>TFW I will always be uglee

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>Trust me I know
because you're mixed and ugly?

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Not him, but I'm mixed and I'm about a 6. I have a solid jaw and good features individually but I look fucing weird all put together. I did one of those online things where they face match you and got zero matches except for a couple of like 1% matches with random asians.

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Nope that was pretty weak. My neigbprs has this baby you know what's I'm gonna say next

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I hope if I ever have a child with her they get my genes, the best you could wish for with a part asian part white guy is Elliot Rodger, that's as good looking as they get.

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mixed girls can be gorgeous though

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Yeah, but only girls. My girlfriend is mixed and I think she's beautiful, you have to be VERY lucky to have a really good looking asian and white male.

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Heterochromea blue/brown masterrace right here niggas.

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That is really not what you expect it to be.

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brandon lee

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She is a south east "Asian"

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I know what you're trying to get at m8 and she is from South East Asia so is therefore South East Asian.

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every time i walk past a korean or fiip while walking my dog

i pick her up and stare at them

don't want darth vader in her little deathstar sweater being eaten by some gook

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what happened to pei ? did you guys bully her off effay ?? ;_;

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I'm Irish, Dutch, and German.
I got small percentage matches to only Asians.

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Of course
Except you got it wrong fool only Chinese eat dogs and cats

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are you kidding? they completely change someone's face.
for instance, imagine Emma Watson with blue eyes

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Eh, i don't really care about your memes.
I do have a blonde aryan girlfriend when i'm too, if that makes you happy.
(Damn how it makes me feel bad to call her "aryan")

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>brown eyes

You missed a step somewhere.

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Dude, half asians nearly always look awful. Your kids won't look anything like you either. I'm also tall with golden blond hair and blue eyes and I'd never have kids with someone who isn't also germanic looking. Because being germanic is part of my identity and something I want to share with my kids. I feel bad for mixed people because they have no social home. It's mean to do that to kids. Come junior high when everyone aligns into cliques they have no easy fit and have to join band or something and hang with the misfits.

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You can still be a German even if you do not look like an aryan. African-Americans are Americans even though they are not native Americans. Can you see?
This conversation makes me feel bad.

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Yeah, that doesn't mean that half asian kids fit in. The black kids all hung out together the second jr. high started through high school. So did the asians. And the mexicans. And the mormons. Then the whites which are segregated into their respective cliques. Now you have a half asian kid that doesn't fit in, isn't attractive, and isn't big enough to be athletic. So they are stuck in the bottom rungs of the social ladder. Fuck that. Plus if it's a boy he will have a really hard time dating, over his entire life. That's just setting your kid up for failure. Germany isn't like America. Europe isn't. Germany are actually German. Americans are mutts. I don't agree with immigration into europe. It's destroying them culturally and economically. What they need is some propaganda to have more kids, not immigration.

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But you can't insult that nigga because you don't even know what he is lol

You should do a study about this tho, you sound like you have the mindset for it. It's the only way you're gonna find out if the stuff that you're spouting is true.

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Also, sounds like young want more hereditary diseases in europe. Having kids with similar genes causes that.

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Umm, mongoloid? That's the standard one. How about just ugly? You're telling me that kids can't come up with an insult for the weird kid? Are you joking me? They're kids, that's something kids excel at.

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I meant to say you.

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Ehhhhh, the problem is in the insultive kids, not in the weird kid.

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At least the world will still be diverse. I don't really care about some genetic diseases in comparison.

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they all look like scum to me

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Let's change the nature of children then. The thing that is cross culturally homogeneous around the globe about our kids. We'll just change that. Or, maybe, the smart ones of us who know that won't happen will plan for our kids so that they're set up to succeed by ensuring that they're attractive.

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Well, if it shall be possible, we should develop our schools that not so many people get discriminated.
The good thing is that you can get over bullies. Getting called mongoloid is a little bit better than not being born a human that does not have any hereditary diseases.
(r8 my english i'm from finland)

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I don't have any hereditary diseases. I'm a yuro mutt. It just so happened that I came out looking like an Austrian national. I enjoy that and I'd like some family resemblance. Blonds are naturally attracted to one another, I've found. Almost every girl I've ever gone out with was blonde and I didn't plan that. In fact one dyed it black and I only found out a while in that she was naturally blonde. Probably an Oedipus thing more than anything, lmao.

I know a Finn, he's 6'5" and homosexual.

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Also I should mention that I believe in bullying. Children may not understand it at the time and some may be too emotionally weak for it. But bullying is only hammering the nail that sticks out. And in childhood that may yet be a good thing. Like the kid who still peed with his pants around his ankles in 3rd grade- he needed to be made fun of to fix his behavior. There are many times in childhood where things like that are needed to improve kids. Children simply aren't subtle enough, emotionally intelligent enough, to not be crude about it.

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Nice thought. The bullying is to make the kid fit in, for him/her to learn about social "rules".

Blonde girls here fantasize about darker men tho. I guess it's exotic and exciting but my gf is blonde and she hasn't confessed yet lol

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How people can tolerate brown eyes is beyond me.

Like the thought of a romantic moment with a girl where you look into her eyes just isn't possible.

I have had a girlfriend with brown eyes before and whenever I looked into her eyes I just always had to hold back the urge to laugh. Truly, is there any more peasant eye color? So common and its the color of dirt and crap. I wanted to like her but every time I looked in her eyes I felt like I was looking into the eyes of a woman from some pastoral community in a Soviet satellite state.

Have either blue or green eyes. Just not brown.

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if you take ANYONE with blue eyes and give him/her dark brown eyes instead, they'll drop AT LEAST 3 points


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Yeah, I live in Phoenix. The only desert filled with white people. And of course Mexicans haha. Being blond here is somewhat rare if you aren't a mormon. All the white girls I know wouldn't date anyone who isn't white. And the few that do just go for black guys. It's usually a statement against their fathers though. The one girl I know personally who did that's dad was cheating on her mom and they were going through a divorce.

Anyway, blonde girls love me. My last gf looked like Reece Witherspoon and gave me her number without me even asking.

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Brown eyes here. And I agree. I struggle to look at myself in the mirror these days.

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My girlfriend is asian and she always talks about her Manlet father being this big, tough, possesive guy who will hate me. It's just ridiculous, im 6'3, white, slim, well spoken, and I have a good (promising) career. Her parents wouldn't ever want her to have an Indian or nigger boyfriend yet they don't say anything about whites because they WANT her to have a white boyfriend, obviously.

Seriously though if my daughter even considered a nigger for a boyfriend he wouldn't be welcome in my house and she would be grounded for life.

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Lmao, yeah she wouldn't be my daughter anymore. It's weird because I really like hanging out with black people but something inside is beyond anger when a white girl is with a black guy- unless she's gross and fat.

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Me too. Honestly I MIGHT be able to make a temporary exception for one of those very white acting blacks, or one that was some sort of super genius, but apart from that, fuck no.

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world's best male model


i have blue eyes and blonde hair btw

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and yet he'd be a lot more attractive if he had blue/green eyes

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Yeah, like if it were Neal DeGrasse Tyson.

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>there are plebs that believe this

dark brown is understated and far classier

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*tips sunglasses*

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how pathetic, your ugly not tall and dont have a gf faggot

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>being this delusional
>"b-but everyone is b-beautiful!!!"

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>delusional subhumans

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>projecting this hard

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Lmfao, I love posting my stats here because you uggo manlets get so mad. Not even him, I wouldn't date an asian chick.

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Brown eyes look dead and unperceptive. Light eyes look intelligent and knowing. Blue eyes even seem to see through you when they are angry.

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I could completely see her (The model) having brown/hazel eyes.

Hell the blue eyes just add unneeded contrast, she'd look better in that shot aesthetically with blue eyes.

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light brown/hazel eyes are pretty nice

it's dark brown/almost black that looks awful

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>look professor I defended trannies again xD

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