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How do you hide your face in public if you're ugly, for those who can't grow beards? Is it possible to be /fa/ and ugly too?

>tfw jealous of hip hop artists who can wear buckets and sunglasses and beards to effectively hide themselves even if they aren't ugly
>tfw you're really, really banking on masks making a comeback after all these hundreds of years sometime this century

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just taking care of your face and looking presentable helps alot, so have a nice haircut, be clean shaven and take care of your skin

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are you a male? if so, who gives a fuck? do you think benedict cumberbatch or whatever hid his face in public?

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I do what I can with makeup and hair. youtube tutorials are stupid af but can be very helpful to that end.

if it's sunny outside I wear those xbox huge aviators. they're really great because they hide half of my ugly face.

I've also learned how to be confident without being obnoxious. since I'm well-liked it tricks people into thinking I'm more attractive than I really am.

it's why people have celebrity crushes on seth rogen and that girl who plays aria stark. they're objectively not very attractive but they're likeable, so people start to view them as being attractive anyway.

so I guess be likeable/confident and wear the biggest sunglasses you can get away with. also you could get /fit/ and be weird hot.

if benefactor cobblestone can drown in the pussy you can too big dawg.

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ask any female and they will swiftly disagree.

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>xbox huge aviators
uh idk what you're referencing can i get a pic of your shades or link or something

i guess i'll just have to trust you because i'm too insecure to talk to females.

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>i'm too insecure to talk to females
you'll love it there

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really? i just wanted tips on how to hide my ugliness in public.

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listen to me. girls aren't like us, they actually like you for stuff like personality and that other bullshit. looks can be a perk but they don't matter, trust me they make you look good with everything else you have to offer.

just have something to offer. they only need to have a vagina, equal that.

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Lmao nah, most girls find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive. I've actually talked to girls about this, and you clearly haven't.

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you probably live in a small town where everyone looks like him. girls liken him to an alien, stop. you could bring steve buscemi up for an argument but not this guy, no girl actually finds -his features- attractive.

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>steve buscemi
come on now there's no way benedunct is uglier than buscemi. that guy has bug eyes and fucked up teeth and no chin at all

but it's all irrelevant because they're both more attractive than me.

more tips on how to hide the shame of your ugliness? so far it's sunglasses and a haircut, my skin is naturally passable (no acne)

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They are on the same level. buscemi was decent in high school, looked like angelia jolie. girls feel bad for him and it works well.

Oh and >>>/r9k/ like that other anon said!

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>Oh and >>>/r9k/ like that other anon said!
>implying that "other anon" wasn't you

there are only 5 people who have posted in this thread anon. pls

also there's no way i'm the only ugly person on /fa/ who could use these tips.

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oh hey, this is me
these aren't

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>can't grow beards

this shit is hilarious

I remember when I started growing my beard I thought I couldn't, I thought it was too patchy, too thin, just a failure all round

but I kept at it and now people all the time tell me

"I wish I could grow a beard like that. when I do it's all patchy"

the secret is to just let it keep growing for a bit and it WILL fill out eventually

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How long? It's been a month and its shitty af

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